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This week, we have been had a focus on exploring human rights and taking action in our communities. Here are some of the beautiful books we have been reading.  We are excited to keep learning, reading, listening, and wondering! “It takes one step to start a journey…”

This Friday we are recognizing and participating in Black Shirt Day. How can we start conversations in our communities?

Wishing all our Div. 6 community a happy new year!

As we begin this new year, we are keeping “remember-lutions” – collecting memories of favourite moments, accomplishments, appreciations, and more, in our jar. At the end of each month, we will share out the beautiful moments with each other. We already have many to add! If you are learning at home, please feel welcome to send me yours and I will put them in the jar too!

This week, we have been playing math games and trying math games to strengthen and stretch our mathematical thinking! We are looking forward to delving into concepts of time next week. You can check out our “math” page on the blog to find out a little more about content and curricular competencies for time!

We have been practicing our strategy of visualization as we begin again on our wishtree adventure. By listening and drawing our visualizations, we are able to reflect in new ways. We also learned that the author of wishtree, Katherine Applegate, noticed and appreciated our wishtree on twitter over the break!

Through stories and outdoor explorations and games, we are wondering about the ways in which animals sense, respond, and adapt to their environment! What does the game “camouflage” help us notice about adaptations? How can “Oh deer” help us wonder about what animals need from their environment in order to survive?

What kinds of winter shelters might we find around us? Who lives in this nest? We were so surprised to learn about some amazing nest from all sorts of animals around the world! Friday afternoon, we weaved nests using many diverse materials.

We are looking forward to our learning this year!


Gratitude & Wishes for a Happy Holiday

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Dear Div. 6 Families,

Wishing you all a restful, wonderful winter holiday. My heart is so full with the love, joy, and care in our classroom community. Many thanks for your kind words, and for sharing your family stories, photos, and traditions with us as we learn about and celebrate each other.

On our final Friday before winter break, we shared wishes on our wishtree! It was beautiful to see the wishes from all the classes in our pod tied to each branch. What do you wish for?

See you in a few lovely weeks,

Ms. Carley


P.S. During the break, see if you can give yourself the gift of reading. Please remember you have Epic and Razkids available if you’d like them (let me know if you need support accessing them). You might want to explore the question: Where can you find math this holiday season? In your baking, in your holiday shopping, on your walks? 🙂

How can we share stories with videos?

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We were thrilled to have Noel present his “E Adventure” videos on Friday! Noel presented his seven videos with the class and then shared a how-to tutorial with tips for making great story videos! We had so many questions about how he created them, what he used, how he made choices for the story and dialogue! Ms. Carley followed his instructions to start making one, and we think it might be fun to continue making one as a whole class next week! Noel, thank you for sharing your amazing creations and for teaching us how to make them!

Here is Noel’s script with instructions on how to make your own:

Here are some of the tips he gave Ms. Carley to make her story interesting:

  • you might want to choose an image without a background for your character (or use photo shop)
  • make sure the dialogue is clear, by using multiple frames
  • change the sizes and positions of characters
  • think about creating interesting dialogue that moves the plot forward
  • not all scenes need dialogue! How else can you propel the story?

We will post some more specific directions next week. In the meantime, here is a link to getting free images: https://pixabay.com/. You can also find the link on our technology page!

Next week, Ms. Carley will introduce students to their school district Microsoft accounts, which includes access Powerpoint, if they want to start playing with this medium!

Communicating Student Learning through Blogfolios & Portfolios

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Dear Families,

This weekend, your children published some new blogfolio posts and brought their portfolios home to share with you! I hope you enjoy looking through them together and celebrating the growth and learning from our first term together.

Within these portfolios, you will find a variety of examples of reflections, assignments, and assessments. These examples provide a snapshot of your child’s learning.  In the front of your child’s portfolio, you will find an introduction letter that explains how you might explore the portfolios with your child, as well as an invitation for you to write a parent reflection for your child to read afterwards. You will also find a Communicating Student Learning student and teacher assessment page, and a celebration and goal setting page that your children thoughtfully created. 

Here are some tips for accessing your child’s blogfolio, created by the Burnaby Learning Technologies team. If your password is not working, try pressing the “lost my password” button to reset! Let me know if that doesn’t work!

Thank you for being such amazing partners in your children’s learning!

All the best,

Ms. Carley

Our Hidden Aspen Forest!

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Last week, we found our hidden aspen forest. It is such a magical, place rich with inspiration. The thin, light, and bare trees are in such contrast to the coniferous forests we are familiar with near our school. During our first mindful walk there, we came up with lines for new poems and shared them aloud with the forest and each other. On our next journey, we brought paper and pencils to start writing the lines and drawing the contours of the trees. What other places do you feel inspired to write and create art?

Where can we find Fibonnaci numbers?

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We have been exploring patterns in Div. 6! Where can we find them outside? After learning about fibonnaci numbers, we found them everywhere! Where else can you find patterns around us?

Our Story Box: How can we share the stories of our places?

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This year, our class has connected with the grade 3/4/5 students at East Kensington Outdoor Learning Elementary School in South Surrey! A few weeks ago we sent our very first story box to share some of the stories of our place! We wrote fall poems using various styles and techniques and bound them in our very first class book! We created maps of our favourite places, and designed games to share our learning this year! We packaged seeds and bulbs to share about our process of planting and careful observations. We shared about our math and the ways we use our imaginations to create stories in place. We even took a photo of our rainbow crosswalk to show how much we value being kind, welcoming, and inclusive. Tell you family about what you created for our story box!


We are so excited that the students at East Kensington sent their treasure box to us too! On November 24th we started opening each special item that was carefully wrapped in twine. We have learned so much about the place that our new friends are from! They shared many special items, stories, maps, and photos with us. We were surprised and delighted to see that we have so many learnings and interests in common! Can you tell your family about the special items we received, and the shared interests and activities we have?


We were so inspired by each other! We look forward to building our next story box for winter! What do you want to include?

A Tree is a Community

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We are very excited to be reading the novel Wishtree by Katherine Applegate.

In the novel, we learned how our narrator the Northern Red Oak, “Red,” got their name. We wondered, what are the stories of our names?

Red describes themself a community, with many inhabitants in the hollows of their trunk. As we read outside, we explored our forest looking for some hollows, homes, and inhabitants!

Afterwards we also read the story Wild in the City by Jan Thornhill.

While you are out in the evenings take a moment to be silent and see if you can spot any wildlife near your home. Who do we share our community with? What does “home” mean to you?

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