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April is a wonderful month. There are many more reasons to celebrate.

Today we had a visit from Bryan Gidinski, our district SOGI teacher! Together, we read Jerome by Heart and discussed the characters and qualities of Jerome and Raphael. What was their relationship like? How their families feel? How do we feel? Our conversation went in so many different deep and wonderful ways. What did you take away from our session today?

Tomorrow, we have a visit from Lori Snyder, a Métis herbalist and educator. We so grateful for Lori to share her expertise and understanding with us. Together, we will explore who lives here on our mountain, and how we can build relationships with the living world around us.

April 13th is the first day of Ramadan!

April 14th is International Day of Pink! Please wear pink or something that makes you feel uniquely you! Have you noticed something special about the windows around our school? We are excited to do a scavenger hunt together on Wednesday!

April 20th is our plant delivery day! Soon we will be able to get planting our native species to support biodiversity, climate resilience, and give back to the places we love and learn. Just in time for Earth day!

April 22nd is Earth Day! How can share our appreciation and take action?

Looking forward to our adventures!

Wishing Div. 6 families a restful and wonderful spring break!

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Dear Div. 6 students and families,

Wishing you all a restful break. Thank you for sharing your learning, creativity, and kindness with each other. I am amazed by your ideas every single day.

Enjoy our aspen forest!


Ms. Carley

Exploring Fair Trade & Climate Resilience

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We had our second session with the SFU Fair Trade team on Thursday, March 11th! We explored how fair trade is connected to climate resilience. We considered forest friendly farming, water conservation and biodiversity as important aspects of resilience! We wondered about how our own habitat restoration project connects!

Some of our other wonders are:

  • what causes climate change? When did it start?
  • what can we do to stop climate change?
  • how and when did fair trade start?
  • how do farmers join fair trade?
  • are there instructions to practice forest friendly farming?
  • when it is cold or winter time, does cocoa and other food still grow?

We hope you enjoyed our fair trade banana and chocolate surprises!

A journey in forest restoration

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By exploring our forest space and other forest spaces, we started examining what a happy and healthy forest looks like!

Last week we started exploring light mapping! What light does our space get? How does that influence who lives here?

This week, we learned about the skills of surveying! How can we map our places even more closely? How can we identify who lives here and beginning planning where we want to plant our new native species?

Thank you, Pablo, for helping us understanding these math connections to our forest inquiry!

Planting potatoes!

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Gardening has been such an important part of our year! We carefully observed our potatoes before planting them in the pod! What do our potatoes need to grow? How many potatoes do you estimate will grow from our seed potatoes? Why did we plant them inside?

Celebrating and Sharing our Learning with Wishtree!

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Div. 6 has been so excited to honour their learning and time by creating books in a bag. They chose several special symbols to represent the book using found and created items. Share your book in a bag with your family this spring break! Why did you choose each special item?

Exploring biodiversity up close!

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Div. 6 has been looking closely at specimens from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum Forest Box! We recognized so many of these amazing species, and learned about many new ones! Who knew there were so many different kinds of mosses? We were amazed at the connections we could find between them all. After observing, wondering, learning, and playing, we took our curiosity outside. We wanted to see what plants, animals, and fungi we could find out in the forest of Burnaby Mountain beyond our familiar trails.

With our field guides and and our new field nature journals, we tried to see who we could find living here! It was a long and exhausting hike, but it was worth it to find these new treasures! We wondered, why do these forest spaces look different than the ones near our school?

What makes a forest?


A forest is not just a group of trees! It is so much more! We have been exploring the stories of our forest this year. Recently, we have taken photos and started creating power point projects to express our understanding.

As we get to know our forest, we are realizing our role in protecting these places. Last week, we created vegetation maps of the forest spaces near our garden, and are excited for light mapping next week! Our findings will help us in our next steps of our forest understory restoration project!


Div. 6 has been exploring with cyanotype paper. How can we understand the interplay between light, shadows, and form? We learned the story of Anna Atkins and the first photograph in Bluest of Blues. Then we set out to represent our forest treasures in yet another way. We are excited to create some new experiments by changing some of the variables to see how it changes the outcomes!