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Sharing our Learning in Division 12

Learning about important events in our community

This week was full of learning about important events in our community!

On Tuesday, we were so thrilled to have Vira and her mom, Rucha to come in and share about Diwali with us! Vira presented a powerpoint, we read a story, and then Rucha showed us how to make rangoli in a few different ways! Thank you so much, Vira and Rucha! Wishing everyone who celebrates a wonderful Diwali this Sunday!

We got to spend some time in the garden this week! We noticed it is time to put our garden to bed. We explored what makes up compost and mulch! We also made special bird feeders for the birds who will be staying this winter, instead of migrating! Where did you hang your bird feeder?

We learned more about our three warblers, who have started their migration down to Mexico! We were joined from Alison at Amigos Alados, who showed us what our warblers sound like, what they eat, and then guided us in drawing them!

We finished our first pen pal letters and took them to the mail box to be sent to California, and then Mexico! It was so much fun! We can’t wait to receive ours!

Finally, we spent time reflecting on Remembrance Day. Thank you to Fatima and Kingston, for bringing our beautiful wreath to the assembly. Ms. Holliday told us she was so proud of our quiet, respectful behaviour in the assembly. We hope you have a beautiful Remembrance Day tomorrow and this long weekend.

A few reminders:

  • No school on Monday for the Remembrance Day holiday observance
  • Home reading book exchanges on Tuesday & Friday – try to read together each day
  • A notice for our new routine of “Chunk Spelling” came home this week, as well as an activity menu. Please take some time to review the notice and practice with your child, if you get a chance!
  • We have a special bird presentation about birds in our neighbourhood on Wednesday, to prepare for our bird walks!
  • Our first community bird walk will be Thursday, Nov. 16th at 1:15-2:15! Please let me know if you can join us! 

Div. 12’s Learning Adventures!

The last two weeks have been so much fun!

We created and noticed repeating patterns outside!

Next, we created so many increasing patterns! Tell your patterns how to describe the pattern rule!

Finally, we have been creating and naming decreasing patterns! We don’t have photos here, but you could make one with your family to show off what you know!

On Oct. 25, we walked over to SFU For a forces and motion field trip! We learned and tested Newton’s Three Laws of motion. What was your favourite experiment?

We had our last few sessions of gymnastics!

In story workshop, we have been creating story maps! It is exciting to see how our stories are getting onto paper!

Our next story workshop step is getting our stories written into sentences!

Ms. Carley brought in some beautiful flowers for us to create still life art with! Div. 12 created the art with such care, focus, and precision.

With our little buddies, we had a very rainy forest exploration! How was the forest different in the rain? One of the groups was on the hunt for mushrooms, and they found so many!

On Halloween, we had buddies where we read together, made crafts, and then had a dance party!

We had an Originz Art Starts presentation about the origins of hip hop! We loved dancing, beat-boxing, and rapping along.

We had a halloween parade! We loved seeing everyone’s costumes!

Home reading came home! Please take some time to read with your child each day!


We are looking forward to our adventures next week!

On Tuesday, Nov. 7th, we have two very special events:

  • A special presentation and activity about Diwali with Vira and her mom, Rucha!
  • Our second garden workshop with Roots2Grow and Pablo! Parents are welcome to join us at 1:15-2:15! Please let me know if you can attend!



Noticing Patterns around us!

Thank you to everyone who could join us for our celebration picnic! We had so much fun gathering with food, exploring with bubbles, chalk drawing, and playing all over the playground and field with Div. 13 and our families!

We started exploring patterns this week! On our first day, we created as many patterns as we could think of using our pattern blocks. What types of patterns do you notice?

With our big buddies, we created Venn Diagrams to learn about each other and notice the things we had in common! Then we loved having our buddies read to us… or showing off our reading to them!

In story workshop, we considered how we could add juicy details to our stories!

In gym, we have been loving exploring gymnastics! Div. 12 members are talented gymnasts! And they are so focused and careful as they move through the space.

Every week, we have been visiting the forest with our little buddies. Each time, a few new children join us and now we have met everyone! How can we find balance in the forest? What is the perfect forest recipe? Where can we find hidden mushrooms? We are looking forward to some more new forest intentions next time!

It was such a pleasure meeting everyone at our Parents as Partners Conferences last week! Thank you so much for sharing with me and visiting our classroom.

We look forward to our SFU Science field trip next week! A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who have offered to join us!

Connections & Community in the Forest

This week was full of connections in our community and in the forest!

We were so happy that Shion has been joining us in class this week! Together, our class community created our #Best Class Ever board thinking about what makes our class special!

On Tuesday, we met our big buddies in grade 5/6 class with Ms. Taylor and Mme. Madeline. We went on a special walk to the forest.

On Thursday, we took our math to the forest to continue creating bar graphs! We loved getting creative with bar graphs this week!

We have also started a special art project that we are excited to show you during “Parents as Partners” night next week!

On Friday, we became the big buddies with our UCC little buddies! We used our imaginations to play and create together!


On Wednesday and Friday, we joined Div. 13 in exploring what we are thankful for, and finished the week by creating a graffiti bulletin board! We hope everyone has a lovely long weekend with their families. We are thankful for you!

I look forward to seeing you next week for family conferences, and hopefully even at our Celebration Picnic on Friday afternoon!

Creating and Exploring in September

The last two weeks have been full of important learning and connecting. We have been growing together as a class family, welcoming new members, and sharing about ourselves.

Today, we wish everyone a beautiful National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This week, we read stories and shared in activities to recognize and honour this day at school.

We had our first Amigos Alados session last week with Alison and learned about the three birds we will be learning about this year! Amigos Alados is an international classroom exchange and migratory bird conservation project that spans across Canada, United States, and Mexico. Through this program, we will have pen pals in Mexico and will be studying different birds that migrate through all three countries following the Pacific Flyway migratory route. Your child has chosen their inquiry bird: the Orange-Crowned Warbler, the Black-Throated Warbler, or the Wilson’s Warbler. We hope you enjoy the beautiful colourings they brought home this weekend! 

We had our first garden workshop day! Even though it was pretty rainy, we had so much fun! We explored and sorted seeds, collected them around the garden and wondered how they spread, and harvested our amazing garden vegetables! We hope you enjoyed the vegetables that came home to you!

Last week, we had our first introduction to story workshop in the library! This week, we returned to building on or creating new stories! We even got a chance to start sharing them with the whole class!

In math, we took our graphing and tallying outside! This week, we started learning about picture graphs (pictographs).

We added a new morning choice of connecting through story boxes with our new table partners during mindful minutes! We continue to learn and build our routines together.

Next week, we will be meeting our big buddies for the first time on Tuesday! And on Friday, we will be meeting our little buddies from the University Child Care! We will be exploring the forest together and building our relationships with one another.

We can’t wait for our adventures of learning and exploring next week!

October events for families to look forward to and join us for:

  • Oct. 2 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – no school
  • Oct. 6 – Little UCC Buddies in the Forest
  • Oct. 11 & 12 – Parents as Partners Conferences (a sign-up will be coming home this week!)
  • Oct. 13 – Picnic Celebration in the Park! (all family members welcome!)
  • Oct. 17 – Little UCC Buddies in the Forest
  • Oct. 24 – Little UCC Buddies in the Forest
  • Oct. 25 – SFU Science Field trip
  • Oct. 31 – Halloween & festivities

Please let me know if you would like to join us for any of these October dates! We would love to have you!

Learning and Growing Together in Div. 12!

We have had an amazing start to the school year! Div. 12 students are so creative, kind, and fun! Here are some ideas for how we want to be this year! We add a few more words each day! We loved writing in our journals about our hopes and promises for our class.

During explorations, we have created so many wonderful structures and stories! Here are just a few examples!

In math, we have been playing games to practice our computational skills, and we started using graphing to learn about each other! What question did you ask your classmates?

Today was Dot Day! On Monday, everyone made dot day art with their temporary homerooms! We might need to make some more as a class because we had so much fun! See if you can spot some Div. 12 artists featured here!

The first week of school was all about having a Growth Mindset! In Ms. Carley’s class, we made a garden to show how we are all growing. Everyone is at a different stage and brings a unique perspective with them! When we learn about each other and ourselves, we can be our best selves!

Then we got a chance to visit our very own UHE garden to explore with our five senses! This helped us be ready for our outdoor scavenger hunt! Tell your family about all the things you found that were rough, smooth, green, smelly, quiet, loud… and more!  We can’t wait to take our learning outside more this year!

Welcome to Div. 12!

Dear Families of Div. 12,

Welcome to our Division 12 community! I am very excited to be a part of your child’s learning journey this year and I am looking forward to getting to know your family.

Our goals for this year are community, collaboration, and creativity. The learning will take place across curricular areas, and is based on inquiry, experience, and exploration. We will be taking our learning outside into the garden, forest, and community spaces quite often, so please ensure your children bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather each day.

We will be using our classroom blog as one of our communication tools this year. Here you can find snapshots of our journey and materials to support learning at home. Please check the blog on a regular basis, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates about our class community. A newsletter came home today – please take a look together 🙂


Ms. Carley

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Dear Div. 11 Families,

I am so honoured to have worked with your families this year! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you all.

Div. 11 had a lovely last week together. We visited our favourite forest spaces with our binoculars and magnifying glasses.

We said goodbye to our big buddies with one last art and science project! We created art featuring our favourite forest treasures on cyanotype paper. We were inspired by the story of Anna Atkins and The Bluest of Blues. We were amazed at the chemical reactions in this project!


I hope you treasure these memories and artifacts as special times from our amazing community. We are excited to bring home our portfolios – please feel to add to them from any of the other special things that came home – maybe some Amigos Alados learning can be put into your binders!

Thank you to all the parents and families who have joined us on our field trips and in our learning this year!  We appreciated your help, care… and photos!

I also want to extend another huge thank you for all your incredibly kind and thoughtful cards and gifts from Div. 11. I will treasure them always!

Wishing you so much fun this summer with your loved ones!


Ms. Carley


A Month of Celebration & Exploration!

On Friday, we had our Div. 11 & 12 Celebration Park Picnic! Thank you to all the students, parents, siblings, and pets who came and made the day so special! I was having too much fun to take many photos! But we especially loved playing with chalk, bubbles, pets, water, and the playground!

On Wednesday, it was National Indigenous Peoples Day! We had Elder Auntie Patti come in to tell us some stories.

We also had a special visit from Ms. Yee on Thursday! She read us a funny book.

We have been exploring forces and motion all around us!

We visited the SFU lab again for a chemistry workshop exploring chemical changes! What were some of the amazing things we saw… and tasted?!

We have finished our amazing poetry and have put it up for everyone to enjoy!

We made some stunning bee art!

We took a photo with our one words from the year before sending them home!

We have been playing with financial literacy by creating our very own shops and buying each other’s amazing products! Here are just a few snapshots!


We always love creating stories and world with our loose parts! Here are a few snaps from the week!


Last week, we had our year end garden celebration! Div. 4 harvested, washed, prepared, cooked, and served amazing dishes from our garden! A special thank you to Pablo, and Niko’s mom and sister for being an integral part of making the day possible!


June is Pride Month and we loved sharing messages of pride inspired by Pride Puppy. Our diversity club put up our inclusive pride flag!

A few more dates to note as the year comes to an end:

  • Mon. June 26th – Special walk to our Aspen forest and beyond at 1:15-2:45
  • Tues. June 27th – Buddies at 9:15-11:15– we will be making a special project and could use some parents to support us! Please let me know if you are free on Tuesday morning to help!
  • Wed. June 28th – Pajama day! Your child can bring their coziest (or coolest) PJs and a stuffy to enjoy our last full day together! You are invited to come in for family mindful minutes at 8:50-9:30 to create something together, see your child’s new stories, or read a book together.
  • Thurs. June 29th – Last day of school for students – early dismissal at 10:00am and report cards are sent home

Celebrating our Learning Community

Div. 11 has such a special community and we have had so much fun learning and celebrating over the last few weeks!

Today, we had sports day and loved playing together with the fun stations created by grade 7s!

This week, we loved reading I have the Right to Be A Child and having a wonderful discussion. Ms. Anna was so impressed with our deep thinking! We also got to watch the grade. 6/7 play! Our big buddies are so talented!

On Monday, we went to Grouse Mountain to visit the Feast House to hear songs and stories with William. We had a thrive and survive workshop, played in the treetop playground, and met Grinder and Coola! We have been learning so much about these two beautiful Grizzly Bears, so it was such a treat to see them in person! Can you spot the salamanders? Tell your family your favourite part!


We have been creating some amazing poetry and we are finding the perfect place to display it! We have also been creating beautiful Picasso-inspired art! We are all so unique!

We had our final gardening session with Pablo and Kana! We loved planting, transplanting, harvesting, exploring the soil and compost, moving soil to our new planters, and searching for amazing native plants around our garden spaces! Please feel welcome to take your families on a scavenger hunt! And we are looking forward to next Wednesday, June 14th’s garden celebration!!

We got a special package in the mail from Alison and we made a new bulletin board to celebrate our thinking! Thank you, Alison and Amigos Alados!!

We had such a wonderful time showing our families around on Student Led Conference Night! Thank you for celebrating our learning with us!

We look forward to the next few weeks together! We hope you can join us:

  • June 20th SFU Science workshop 10:45-11:45 (meeting at 10:15)
  • June 23rd Potluck Picnic Party in the Park! @1-3 (tentatively at upper grassy park or at SFU)
    • Families and siblings are welcome!
  • We will have a few more walks too – stay tuned!
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