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Hello families of Division 14!

This is a test blog entry.

Please email me to confirm if you received this message. You can simply reply to the email alert of this blog entry.

Looking forward to being able to communicate using this blog,

Take care



We made it! Have a wonderful summer!

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Wow! We have officially made it to the end of the school year! What a year it has been.
Your children have truly touched our hearts this school year. The compassion that they exhibit for one another and the curiosity they have for learning has been a true blessing to witness. This stems from the love, support, and genuine appreciation for learning that you inspire in your homes with your children. We could not have been more fortunate to have worked with such an amazing group of students and families this school year. The memories and relationships we have made with the students and the families this year will always have a special place in our hearts. We want to extend our sincere appreciation to all for your ongoing support, kindness and flexibility this school year.
Thank you!
Take care and have a wonderful summer!
xo Ms. C. and Ms. Mah
Summer time vector banner design with white circle for text and colorful beach elements in white background. Vector illustration.

Learning from Home Activities for June 22-25

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Learning at home for the week of June 22-25 (our last week) 

Special announcements:  Happy Birthday to the following friends: 

Mylar Balloon - Winnipeg Florist Dragonfly Flowers

Alejandro – June 23 

 Isaac and Eden  June 25 

Amanda – July 18  

Hridaan – July 22 

Hazel – August 14 

Uk – August 16  

A separate email will be sent including the zoom links for the following class zoom sessions: 

  • Monday 1:15 – 1:45 – Zoom Music with Ms. Gaspar 
  • Wednesday 1:00 – 2:00 – Whole Class Zoom – To celebrate our last get-together of Grade One we are going to have a “beach party” themed meeting. We will be visiting the Monteray Bay Aquarium (featured in Finding Dory). Come prepared to share what your favourite sea creature is. 
  • There are no small group sessions with Ms. Mah this week as Thursday is our last official day of school. 

Please have a look at your scheduled “Report Card” pick up time on Thursday June 25 posted on our blog.  

Also, a reminder for the “in class” learners that Monday will be our last day of in person instruction at school. There will not be any class for Div. 14 students on Tuesday June 23. 

Here are some activity suggestions to try this week. Families can choose how to best to fit these into your week.  Do one or do some!  




WRITER’S WORKSHOP– Watch the story “Stick and Stone” .  After you finish reading the book, in your Writing Workshop book, write about a time when you had to show empathy and draw a picture. When we empathize with other people we start to understand each other better and this creates more harmony between people.  


STORY- Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1bDLm1NhbI to listen to “Happy Right Now”.  This story encourages us to turn our wishes or unhappy thoughts into happier thoughts.  My example is I’ll be happy when it stops raining, but I’m happy right now because the flowers need water to grow.” Complete the worksheet found here or make your own.

MAD LIBS – Try out some mad libs online. Just fill in the blanks with the appropriate words and they will be used to make a silly story: 



Noun: a person, place, or thing (eg. dog, New York, pencil) 

Adjective: a describing word (eg. cute, tall) 

Verb: an action word (eg. jump, run) 


SUMMER READING CLUB ONLINE – click here to find out how to join 



SUMMER JOURNAL– When you pick up your report card on Thursday, you will also get a “summer journal”. Inside you will find a list of different topics to write about during the summer. 



SUMMER MATH – All summer long, we encourage you to find math in nature, at the beach, in the park, or in your backyard. Can you find patterns in nature? Can you find a counting collection at the beach? Can you write math equations in the dirt or sand? Can you create a story problem using seashells or pinecones? Can you keep a tally of the birds that fly by your house? Can you measure the length of items that you find outside? Can you put different sticks in order from shortest to longest?  

Here are some pictures for inspiration: 

Math Patterns in Nature | Coffee Cups and CrayonsNature Find and Count Math Activity • Little Pine Learners

Seashells Math Activity Order Of Size with scallop shellsRock Balancing: Stone Stacking Art | Rhythms of Play


BOAT BUILDING CONTEST – Invite family members to design and build a boat out of things you have at home! Then have a contest to see which boat can float the longest or hold the most nickels before sinking! 



MAKE ICE CREAM to celebrate the last day of school!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNdu-0SZCLk 



Get outside as much as possible this summer to enjoy the beautiful weather! 



SUMMER WISH LIST– Take the time to sit down with your family and make a list of realistic things you would like to do this summer. Some examples may include: walk around Deer Lake, visit the Burnaby Nature House, visit Burnaby Village Museum (if it reopens), visit a splash pad, have a family game night, make homemade pizza, try to cook a new recipe together as a family. Put your list in a visible place and try to choose dates on your calendar to do these things. Of course, not all of them will happen but the fun is in making the list and planning for them! 



Sharing our Learning from Home: June 19

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It’s hard to believe that this is our final “Sharing our Learning from Home” blog entry. Ms. Mah and I were just saying that we are especially emotional this week as we see all of the growth in your work. We are incredibly proud of every one of you as you have risen to the challenges of learning at home and have always done your best.



Schedule for Last Week of School

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Hopefully, you have all received an email from Ms. Aujla outlining the plans for next week.

  • Monday -The students who have been attending school will attend on Monday, June 22 ONLY next week.
  • Tuesday – There will not be school for students attending Div. 14. You may continue with online lessons from home.
  • Wednesday – We will have a “beach party” themed zoom meeting on Wednesday to celebrate our last time together from 1:00 to 2:00.
  • Thursday – Each student has been assigned a time to come to school to pick up their report card, say goodbye, and pose for a socially distanced photo. Please see schedule below. If the assigned time does not work for you, we can arrange an alternate time. This is the last official day of school. Have a wonderful summer!


Report Card Pick up / Good bye Schedule

Thursday June 25, 2020 

9:00  Daniel 
9:05  Mikayla 
9:15  Kian 
9:20  Amanda 
9:25  Autumn 
9:35  Doha 
9:40  Hazel 
9:45  Isaac 
9:55   Nil
10:00  Angelika 
10:05  Jessica 
10:15  Jayden 
10:25  Anthea 
10:30  Damian 
10:40  Eden 
10:55  Gavin 
11:00  Alejandro 
11:15  Perry 
11:20  Roman 
11:25  Hridaan 
11:35  Eric 
11:40  Uk 


Learning at home: Week of June 15-19

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Learning at home for the week of June 15 – 19 

Special announcementsHappy Father’s Day on Sunday! Check out the link in “Get Creative” to make something special. 

In case you missed it last week, here is the link for a “Memory Book”. 

A separate email will be sent including the zoom links for the following class zoom sessions: 

  • Monday 1:15 – 1:45 – Zoom Music with Ms. Gaspar 
  • Wednesday 1:00 – 2:00 – Whole Class Zoom – This week is “Animal week”. You are invited to wear a costume (maybe your Halloween costume or dress up like an animal)! We will be visiting the San Diego Zoo to check out the live-camera feeds. If you want to share an animal joke that would be GRRREAT (have it prepared and ready to read)! 
  • Thursday/Friday – small group sessions with Ms. Mah 

 The highlighted activities will be covered in class.

Here are some activity suggestions to try this week. Families can choose how to best to fit these into your week.  Do one or do some!  



STORY-THE COLOUR MONSTER – Listen to this story here.  When you think of a feeling do you sometimes feel colours? Like red for angry? Lots of people have made connections to feelings and colours.  Choose a colour and think about how it makes you feel.  Draw and write about it. Pick a few more colours and do the same. 

The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions: Llenas, Anna ...

– WRITER’S WORKSHOP: -Watch this video on Howe Sound. https://youtu.be/XTLTltIzMUo 

 Write in your Writer’s Workshop book about how you connect with the video (Have you been camping? Have you seen Orcas in the wild? Do you love the water? etc.) Can you create a story that has a setting on or by the ocean? Make sure you describe what the area looks like for your story so the ready can create an image in their mind. 

REFLECTION JOURNAL -Complete pages 18-21 in your Reflection Journal. 

JOURNAL– Write a journal entry telling your dad (or another special family member) all of the reasons that you think they are special (What are your favourite things to do together? What do you like most about them? What is your favourite memory with them?). 

READING FOCUS- when reading, look for “contractions”.  These are 2 words joined together by taking out a letter and inserting an apostrophe. For example, is not = isn’t, you have = you’ve. Make a list of the ones you find. 



-PLACE VALUE BOOKLET: If you have the place value booklet at home, you can complete 3 more pages. 


-CANDY MATH: Help these monsters buy candy at the candy shop. How many monsters can you help? https://www.mathplayground.com/candy_cashier.html Once you have gotten into the game scroll down to see the instructions. 


-MATH GAMES – check out BoxCars and One Eyed Jacks webpage for wonderful math game ideas. https://www.boxcarsandoneeyedjacks.com/covid-19-resource-page/ 




STORY: THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING. Click here to watch the video. Are you inspired to add to your creation from last week? Do you have another idea for an invention? Can you make a design for a creation and then build it out of materials from your home? 

FATHER’S DAY CARD – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONEbYSfnyG8 

MUSIC– check out some activities from Ms. Gaspar at the following links 

Activity 1 

Activity 2 



STORY-EVERYBODY NEEDS A ROCKClick here to listen to the story. Then create a list of the 10 criteria in order to find your perfect rock. If you want a worksheet to help you with this lesson click here. Get outside to find your rock! 

Everybody Needs a Rock

Go NoodleAnimal Instincts Video

Sharing our Learning: June 12

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Graphing, goal setting, giraffes, Happy posters, inventions, and crazy hair! We love the way you continue to do your best work and take pride in your assignments!

Reminders: 1)If you have outstanding library books, you would have received an email from me. Please return library books as soon as you can. 2) Please remember to complete the “Self-Assessment of Core Competencies” survey by next Friday.



Learning at Home: June 8-12

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Learning at home for the week of June 8 – 12 

Special announcements:  Happy Birthday to Jayden on June 12! 

BONUS PROJECT: If your child would like to work on a “Memory Book” for this school year, I have attached a link here. If you do not have access to a printer, your child could easily create the pages with the same titles.  

Memory Book Link

I have 2 booklets (Place Value and outdoor learning activities) to provide to families who are continuing with home learning (the same ones that were offered last week). If you would like these booklets (not required), I can leave them outside our classroom door on Monday or Tuesday for you to pick up. 

If you have any library books, RED folder books, or other books from school, please drop them off in a bin that I will leave outside our classroom door between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

A separate email will be sent including the zoom links for the following class zoom sessions: 

  • Monday 1:15 – 1:45 – Zoom Music with Ms. Gaspar 
  • Wednesday 1:00 – 2:00 – Whole Class Zoom – This week is “crazy hair day”. You are invited to attend with some crazy ponytails, spiky hair, or wearing a coloured wig! We will be watching a science lesson from “Telus World of Science” together. 
  • Thursday/Friday – small group sessions with Ms. Mah 


Here are some activity suggestions to try this week. Families can choose how to best to fit these into your week.  The highlighted lessons will be covered in class. Do one or do some!  



STORY- GIRAFFES CAN’T DANCE- click here to listen to the story.  You will learn that Gerald felt he was not good at dancing. Once he found the right type of music, he learned he could dance! Is there something you feel you cannot do well YET but you want to get better at it? Now draw a detailed picture and write 1-3 sentences. Maybe you would like to set a goal for yourself to get better at it.


VERB HUNT: watch this video to learn more about “verbs”.  While reading to yourself for 20 minutes, look for action words. These are called “verbs”.  See if you can act out their meaning. Eg. Jump, talk, wiggle. 

NON-FICTION READING: read a non-fiction book. This is a book that tells you about real things or is “true”. You can find these types of books on Tumblebooks or Epic. Then write down 5 facts that you learned from your book. 

REFLECTION JOURNAL: -Complete pages 13-17 in your Reflection Journal. 

RAZ KIDS READING – keep practicing you reading as many times as you can this week. Can you read for 20 minutes every single day this week?



GRAPHING – Grab a handful of lego, cereal, or toys. Sort them into groups based on shape, size, or colour.  Now create a bar graph (like our weather graph) to share the data. BONUS: Write a sentence to compare the data. 

-GAME – RACE TO 50 TO 100: Use a blank piece of paper and one or two dice. Roll the dice, note the number, now roll again and add to your first number. Keep rolling as you record the numbers as you add to the previous number. Stop when you reach 50 or 100. For example, 1st roll: 5, 2nd roll: 4. so 5+4=9, 3rd roll: 3. so 9 + 3=12. 

-PLACE VALUE BOOKLET: If you have the place value booklet at home, you can complete 3 more pages. 

NAME THAT SHAPE: Now that you’ve had some time to learn the names of the 3D shapes, give this a try and see if you can name all the shapes: https://youtu.be/MYoUQyLNUi4 

-MATHLETICS: keep practicing your math skills online 



BUTTERFLY RELEASE VIDEO – click here in case you missed it! 




STORY: ROSIE REVEERE ENGINEER – click here to listen to the story. Then plan and design a cool invention like Rosie did. Use recycled items or toys in your home to create your invention. 

Rosie Revere, Engineer cover art


DIRECTED DRAWING OF A GIRAFFE LIKE GERALD (from Giraffes can’t Dance). Click here to follow along. 




HAPPY POSTER – make a poster with the word “happy” in the middle of the paper.  Have each person in your family draw things that make them happy during this different time.  Display the poster somewhere in your home! 


Sharing our Learning from Home: June 5

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Thank you for being flexible as our scheduling changed once again this week! It was wonderful to see so many students participate in our class zoom session on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing you again this Wednesday with CRAZY HAIR while we watch a Science lesson from Science World.

Whether you participated at home or at school, the learning continues to happen and we are amazed at the results!

If you are able to drop off your hearts in the pouch on our outside classroom door, I will put them all in our classroom window. Mr. Watts has collected all the hearts from today and placed them inside for safe keeping. The more hearts the better!

Here are some photos from our learning this week:


Butterfly Release, NASA link, and more

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It was wonderful to see so many friends during our zoom lesson today! Thank you so much to Ms. Tataren for visiting with baby Owen and Lauryn! They are so sweet!

As promised, here are the links for the activities that I mentioned during our zoom session:


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