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Save the date!

Kindergarten Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Brentwood Park community in September!

We will be hosting a “Welcome to Brentwood Park School” event on September 7, 2022. We will be sending you an email in June with more details about the welcome event and the gradual entry schedule for the month of September. Please take time to look through this blog with your child as you prepare for Kindergarten together. If you have any questions, please send them to


Your Brentwood Park Kindergarten Teachers


Kindergarten Registration at Brentwood Park!

It’s registration time at Brentwood Park! Click on the link below to find out more information on how to register for Kindergarten at Burnaby schools!

Kindergarten Registration

Upon receiving your child’s registration, you will receive a confirmation email after it has been processed. Processing may take a few days.

In late Spring, you will receive an email with more information about our Welcome to Brentwood Park event, and gradual entry schedules for our 2022/23 school year.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Brentwood Park community!


Happy Summer!

Dear Families,

We would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable summer. We have been busy getting ready to welcome you to Kindergarten in September. Please click on the link below to watch a story read by the BP Kindergarten Teachers.

Be You!

Exploring Feelings Through Story

Books are magic. They let us explore new ideas and spark important conversations with our kids.

“Exploring picture books with adults gives children opportunities to identify feelings they may not have yet identified in themselves. Children may learn to identify emotions from the facial and body language cues of the characters in stories and also learn how those characters manage their different emotions. This process can help children begin to recognize these emotions in themselves when they surface in real life situations, as well as normalize their feelings.” (The Dalai Lama Center Heart-Mind Online)

Below is a link for parents to a short video showing how sharing picture books with your child can help to build their emotional literacy.

Storytime: Exploring our Feelings

Parents often ask us what they can do to help get their child ready for school. Spending some time sharing picture books this summer is a wonderful place to begin. Re-visit favourite stories again and again. Talk about what you are reading and what you see in the pictures. It will help to develop your child’s heart and mind. Storytime superhero cape optional.

The Brentwood Park Kindergarten Teachers

Advice About Coming to Kindergarten From Some Experts

We talk a lot about emotions and building a vocabulary of feeling words at school. Recently, we have been looking back over our whole year in Kindergarten with our current kids and noticing how our feelings might have changed from the first days that we started together back in September. So many of our kids reported that they remembered feeling nervous, scared, and a little bit excited when they started school. Now that they are Kindergarten experts, excited has stuck, but feelings of nervousness faded long ago. As they get ready to move on to Grade One, we thought that they might have some words of advice for our new Kindergarten students, so that they will feel excited about coming to Brentwood Park in September. Here is what they said:

“You will practice not being scared when you come to Kindergarten. You won’t be scared anymore because you will have so many friends! You should know that you need to try something, and then, if it doesn’t work, you don’t have to try it again. Like the monkey bars. I tried it. I learned that you can’t do the monkey bars with sunscreen on your hands!”

  • Abbie

“I have a picture in my brain about the start of Kindergarten. I’ve locked it up. I am going to roll my eyes back. My eyeballs have tiny hands to unlock them. Okay, I found it! I felt great and positive in September! It’s okay to feel nervous, but you are going to be friends here. You are going to have a great time. You will never want to go home, because you will have so much fun here!”

  • Ava

“I was feeling scared at the beginning. I got my friends from playing with them. I just copied what they were doing and then we played. And then I find new friends!”

  • Bomin

“Don’t feel nervous. It is kind of hard to say why, but it will be fun!”

  • Filip

“I was feeling nervous, scared and afraid at the beginning of Kindergarten. But it gets better and better until I wasn’t scared anymore. Kindergarten is so much fun! Don’t feel nervous, because when you come here, it will get better and better for you, too.”

  • Hanna

“If the new kids are feeling nervous, I think I can be one of their friends. It will make them feel good and then maybe they will play with me every day!”

  • Isaac

“At first I am nervous, but then I am not shy anymore when I met my friends.”

  • Ishaal

“Just tell them, it’s okay. Just try it out. Try to be brave. Just go and play. Once the first day just ends, they will feel better.”

  • Jasper

“If they are feeling nervous, we should just tell them about all the things that are at Kindergarten, like the big blocks and making stuff. The first time they are at school, they will be nervous, but don’t worry. They won’t be nervous the second time. They just need to introduce themselves.”

  • Karden

“Something surprising about Kindergarten was I was doing art for my first time in my whole life. But here’s the thing, when I tried it, I was loving art! The new Kindergarten kids should just try something new. They might love it!”

  • Kayden

“I was feeling nervous, but excited, too. Because it was a long time for Kindergarten to start. I met new friends. If the new kids are feeling nervous, we will be friends with them and help them. They won’t be new for very long.”

  • Kelia

“I felt happy to go to school. It’s not scary at all. You will be playing at Kindergarten and meeting new friends. If you are scared right now, you should know that it will be okay. You will feel better when you get to school.”

  • Madelyn

What can we do to help the new Kindergarten kids, if they are feeling a little bit nervous about starting school?


  • Marcus

“They should know that it’s okay if people don’t like you at first, because maybe other people will like you. You will meet lots of new friends.”

  • Noya

“I was feeling kinda nervous and a little scared, because I didn’t know if the teachers were going to be bad or if they would be nice. They are nice! If the new Kindergarten students are feeling a little scared, I would tell them, ‘Do you want to sit beside me and eat snack and lunch?’ Now I’m feeling sad that Kindergarten is almost done.”

  • Olivia

“If you don’t know about Kindergarten, you can look on the Kindergarten blog. You’ll make new friends.”

  • Omar

“I was feeling nervous and excited. But there was already kids that I knew. They should know that it is going to be okay. When you get used to it, I think you’ll like it – when you know everybody. But also, boys are hard, because they like to play soccer.”

  • Paige

“I was feeling excited and a little bit nervous at the beginning of Kindergarten. If they are feeling scared, I will play with them and I will be their friend. I want them to feel happy at school!”

  • Sofia




Every year, teachers also feel a little bit nervous and excited to meet all of you. Really! It’s true. It is okay to feel a little bit scared about starting something new. We know that it just takes a little bit of time and being a little bit brave. We will dive in together, and soon, the worry will get smaller and smaller until it just disappears. We can’t wait to get started.

The Brentwood Park Kindergarten Teachers


Welcome to the Brentwood Park Kindergarten Blog

We have created this space to connect with you, our new Kindergarten families. It is our hope that you will be able to find all of the information you need here for a smooth transition for your child into school. This blog will provide a virtual tour of our school and allow us to share with you the Kindergarten classrooms and other places at Brentwood Park that will become a part of your child’s school life. We also want you to meet the people who will teach and support your child. To begin with, we invite you to find a quiet moment to snuggle up with your child and listen to a story and welcoming message from our principal, Mrs. Kimmie. You can also enjoy a story from our Teacher Librarian, Ms. Brown and a song performed especially for our newest Brentwood students from one of our talented music teachers, Mr. Maroney.  

We hope that you will visit this blog often. We invite you to subscribe to the blog to receive an email alert when the blog is updated. 

Our Kindergarten Teachers can be reached at:

We would love to get to know you better as well! Please take some time to fill out the document found under the “Welcoming Conversation Form” tab at the top. Please  email the completed form to at your earliest convenience. 

We are so excited to begin this journey into Kindergarten with all of you!

The Brentwood Park Kindergarten Teachers