Music with Mrs Bourne

“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.” – Claude Debussy


Hello to all of my students and Lakeview families!  Wow, this is a different way of learning.  Most of you know that I prefer a very hands on approach to music, so teaching you online is going to be very… interesting!  I have posted some links to activities that you can check out – at this time I know you are getting used to your regular class work and finding routines, so I will not be requiring you to turn in assignments just yet.  Please poke around the links I’ve put up and reach out to me anytime – I’d love to see videos, do zoom chats, talk on teams, whatever, to see what you’re up to!

Mrs. Bourne

All Music Classes K-7

This is an AMAZING site with sooooo many activities for K-7 that you can scroll through and choose from.  If you’d like some suggestions or help navigating please feel free to email me:


Guitar Students

Ok, so if I could I would drive around and bring guitars to all of you, but the school board didn’t like that idea lol.  For those of you that DO have access to a guitar at home, I often use the site to search chords etc for songs that we do.  Here’s the thing – it’s kind of like wikipedia, in that anyone can post here, so often there are many versions of the song and it can take a bit to get the “right” version.  If there is a song you want, or a chord you want to learn, or anything else, feel free to email me: and we can work it out.  I’m available to chat on teams or zoom or whatever platform you want as well,  just let me know!

Recorder Classes – check this out!

Ok, so I HOPE that some of you are playing your recorders at home still!  You are welcome to move forward in your books yourselves, or, if you would like something to play along with, check out this site.  I’d love to see some short videos of you playing – you can share them with me on teams, or email them to me:

If you want some help, or have questions we can set up a video chat, email, or phone call.