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Suggested Schedule

Hello students!

Being on Spring Break followed by social distancing has made keeping to a schedule very difficult for most of us (adults too!). Here is a schedule for you to follow each day. School is changing, and right now, the responsibility to stay on task is YOURS. Please try to do at least 90 minutes of activities a day. I will continue to post activities for you to do in our assignments folder.

The schedule is posted in the FILES section of our online classroom too. That one has activity ideas.

How Often? How long? Subject
Every Day 15 min Daily Morning Activity
Every Day 15-30 min Independent



Mon, Tues, Thurs 30-45 min Language Arts – Reading
Tues, Wed, Fri 30-45 min Language Arts – Writing
Mon, Thurs, Fri 30-45 min Math & Numeracy
Tues & Thurs 30-45 min Explorations

(Science/Social Studies)

Every Day 30-60 min Daily Physical Activity / PE


Mon & Fri 30-60 min Art
Every Day 10-15 min Clean up

Weekly Class Meetings

Division 6:

We are going to start having a weekly class meeting by video chat. Sometimes you might see some surprise guests! I am scheduling these meetings for Tuesday mornings at 11am. Our first meeting will be on April 14 at 11am. Please try your best to attend! If you do not have a camera on your device, do not worry! You can still participate by chat and by audio.

You can join the meeting by logging in to our online classroom. Look for the purple box announcing the meeting in the posts. Click on “Join Meeting”. If anything changes, I will try to update this post AND our online classroom space.

I am really excited to see you all again!

Note to Parents: If your home computer/tablet/phone does not work for the meeting, the kids will not be missing any actual instruction. This is meant to be more of a connection time to maintain the relationships between myself, other staff that work with your children, and the class.

Class Contract

Here in Div. 6 we do lots of work around kindness and our ideal learning environments. As a group, we thought of everything we want our classroom to be. We decided to make a class contract, as a reminder of how we would like to be and how we want to feel, while we are at school. Please ask your children about their contribution to the contract!

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