This term, students learned about the cultures, people and historical places along the Silk Road which began in Xi’an in China during the Han dynasty, moved east to Constantinople (Istanbul) in the Middle East then eventually on to southern Europe.  They researched some of the most important historic markets along the route including Palmrya, Samarkand and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon – a few of which are some of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  Over the past two weeks, they merged their research with green screen technology, using iPads and iMovie to create amazing films merging the past and present.  In the process, students developed literacy skills in reading non-fiction and creating interesting scripts as well as digital literacy skills in editing and movie-making.  They want to have a film festival and awards ceremony to celebrate their learning.

Here are a few ideas, and questions, for you to connect with your child’s learning:

  • Ask about their favourite part of the process of movie-making, or their favourite historic city
  • Look up some of the ancient sites along the Silk Road to see how they’ve changed: eg, Palmyra, one of the seven wonders of the world, was severely impacted by the civil war in Syria
  • What was the most interesting fact(s) you learned?  
  • If you could travel to _____ , where would you like to go?  Why?  
A production team at work