Welcome to Burnaby South Dance!

Are you a new student in our dance program? Do you want to be in the loop with what’s going on in class? Do you want an easy way to communicate with your teacher? 

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the questions above, please follow the directions below.

  1. Join our FACEBOOK GROUP and get access to class dance videos so you can practice at home or be inspired by dance related posts. Share dance photos and videos safely in this closed group. This means only dance students can see the information being posted. Please read group rules when you join. Don’t have Facebook? It’s easy to set up an account and use it just to join this group.
  2. Join one or more of our REMIND APP groups. Remind is an app used to help the dance teacher to keep in touch with all dancers through texting. Texts may include general announcements to messages directed to individual students. All texts are documented through this app for the safety of both the teacher and students. Find out how to add yourself to a Remind App group once you have joined our Facebook group.
  3. You do not need to get changed into dance clothing for your first day of dance class; however, you should get familiar with CLASSROOM RULES and DRESS CODE before you come to class. 
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“IT HAD TO BE YOU.” Year End Dance Recital 2017



WHAT:  “It Had To Be You.” Year end dance recital and student art show!

WHEN:  Monday, June 5, 2017 at 7pm (art show starts at 6pm doors open at 6:30pm)

WHERE:  Michael J. Fox Theatre



1) IT HAD TO BE YOU               Jazz Dance Company  (Gr. 9-12)                                                                                                                          Choreographed by Christina Wilson 

2) BURN, BREAK, CRASH      Rinka Minagawa (Gr. 12)                                                                                                                                       Choreographed & performed by Student                  

3) PHOTOGRAPH                      BC Provincial School for the Deaf  Dance Company (Gr. 10 – 12)                                                                   Choreographed by Madeline de Shield & Christina Wilson

4) ROCKIN’ ROBIN                  Grade 8/9  Period 6 Class                                                                                                                                        Choreographed by Christina Wilson & Madeline de Shield 

5) SKINNY LOVE                      Bree Hegler (Gr. 12)                                                                                                                                                   Choreographed & performed by Student

6) WE DON’T TALK ANYMORE   Grade 10-12 Period 4 Class                                                                                                                              Choreographed by Madeline de Shield & Christina Wilson

7) TRNDSTTR (Trendsetter)    Matthew Magano & Bien Miranda  (Gr.8/9)                                                                                                        Choreographed by Students & Christina Wilson 

8) MEDICINE                            Modern Class/Club (Gr.9-12)                                                                                                                                     Choreographed by Madeline de Shield 

9) LOSE IT                                  Sarosha Bhardwaj (Gr. 10)                                                                                                                                 Choreographed by Student                   

10) HAOLE HULA                     Hawaiian Class/Club   (BCSD & Gr. 9-12)                                                                                                               Choreographed by Christina Wilson 

11) PERM                                     Breaking Class/Club  (Gr. 9-11)                                                                                                                                  Choreographed by Braden Breen & Christina Wilson



Check out awesome student artwork in the gallery & order a recital DVD for only $10!


12) GOLD MEDLEY               Hip Hop Dance Company (Gr.8-12)                                                                                                                                Choreographed by Uriel Silayen, Mia Torres, Sofia Tumambing                                                                                & Christina Wilson

13) THE SLEEPING BEAUTY    Riko Nakanishi (Grade 12)                                                                                                                                                 Classic ballet choreography

14) LOVE FOR THAT            Charlotte Hamill & Lauren Jung (Grade 9)                                                                                                                     Choreographed by Students

15) THAT MAN                        Grade 10-12 Period 8 Class                                                                                                                                         Choreographed by Christina Wilson & Madeline de Shield 

16) DRIP DROP                       Ky Kim (Gr. 11)                                                                                                                                                                      Choreographed by Student

17) KA ‘IWA                              Hawaiian Class/Club (Gr. 9-12)                                                                                                                                         Choreographed by Christina Wilson 

18) THROWBACK                Mia Torres, Uriel Silayen & Sofia Tumambing (Grade 9, 10, 12)                                                                             Choreographed by Students                                                                                                                        

19) UNSTEADY                      Sunny Shee (Gr. 11)                                                                                                                                                                Choreographed by Students

20) MINIONS                         Grade 8/9 Period 2 Class                                                                                                                                              Choreographed by Christina Wilson & Madeline de Shield

21) WHY I THINK THIS WORLD SHOULD END  Dance Company (Gr.8-12)                                                                                                                                          Choreographed by Students & Christina Wilson 



The Burnaby South Dance Program would like to acknowledge the Coast Salish Nations of Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish on whose traditional territories we teach, learn, and live.

A very special thank you to Sonica Gujral-Hoonan of Dancin’ Stars School of the Performing Arts for providing five $100 dance scholarships!

This show would not be a success without the help of theatre technician Ray Morgan, stage manager Jenny Shee, choreographers Madeline de Shield & Braden Breen, Vania Alexieva and her media students, The Michael J Fox Theatre staff, backstage helper Phedran Silke, interpreters Brook Oviedo & Larissa Peters, and our lovely hosts Om Arora & Alyeius Maia!

I would like to acknowledge all the people who work in and out of the dance studio who work directly with our program students but often get little fanfare such as our educational assistants, interpreters, counsellors, office staff, and custodians. Without the support of these individuals, I would not be able to do my job effectively and I truly appreciate their hard work!

Thanks to Principal Victoria Lee & the admin team, VPA Department Head Bernie Robinson and the wonderful staff of Burnaby South & the BC Provincial School for the Deaf for your ongoing support!

Of course the biggest thanks goes out to all the dancers. You continually amaze me with your talent, passion, and dedication! Congratulations on another successful year!


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Dance Recital Information for Performers



1) If you are only performing one dance, please come dressed in your costume, make-up, and hair by 5:30 pm. This will allow you to set up, stretch, and mentally prepare. You can also quickly check out the stage and take a look at the student art show.

2) If you are performing in more than one dance, you must be prepared by 5:00pm but it’s recommended you be at school from right after school to find a space in the green room or offstage as it gets crowded pretty quickly closer to the start of the show. You may also want to set up offstage left where the portable changing room is and practice changing from one costume to another. Ask for helpers too.

3) Dancers must meet in the Green Room by 6:30pm for a general meeting with Ms. Wilson and all students.

4) Parents and friends are not permitted to visit you in the Green Room as there is no room and it will be a security issue.

5) Do not leave your regular clothes and personal belongings in your locker as the school will be locked after 4:30pm.

6) Do not leave costume pieces you have borrowed from the teacher at the theatre/green room.  They must be washed and brought back to your next dance class for marks.

7) Remember to be backstage at least 3 dances before your number.

8) Students can stay mark dances onstage from 3:30pm until 6:25pm.  Remember to bring something to eat or money to buy your dinner, don’t leave valuables behind, and understand the school locks up by 4:30pm.

9) Don’t forget your performer ticket. You will not get in without one and they will not be replaced.

10)  Please help the teacher clean up at the end of the night! It would be nice to get some help so I can go home before it’s midnight!

11)  The show is expected to end at 9pm.  Make sure you have a ride home!

12)  What’s the number 1 rule onstage? SMILE!… and have fun:)

Please email Ms. Wilson at christina.wilson@sd41.bc.ca if you have any further questions or concerns.

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New Dance Scholarship!

Burnaby South Secondary is now offering a new dance scholarship! Check out the info below!


VALUE: $400


To be eligible, a student must:

  • Be registered at Burnaby South Secondary & the B.C. Provincial School for the Deaf; living in British Columbia.
  • Be a student graduating from the Burnaby South Dance Program at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Be a student who has completed dance courses in grade 11 and 12
  • Show significant merit in the field of dance by achieving a minimum average of 86% in grades 11 and 12 dance courses.
  • Have applied and then be accepted into a post-secondary educational institution within Canada in the following school year.


Your application package must include the following information:

  • Confirmation that you are currently enrolled in a dance course at Burnaby South Secondary or the BC Provincial School for the Deaf.
  • Documentation that you have completed (or currently taking) dance courses at Burnaby South Secondary in grades 11 and 12 with a minimum of 86%. Official documentation from a current school counsellor will be accepted.
  • A history of your school and/or community involvement related to dance. (ex. Extra dance courses/clubs taken after school, shows you’ve performed in, volunteer work or mentoring in dance at lunch or after school, examples of dance leadership)
  • A copy of any acceptance letter to a post-secondary educational institution or a letter of intent to attend a post-secondary educational institution immediately following graduation from grade 12. Alternatively, a copy of your secondary school transcript from your counsellor to demonstrate that your grades are high enough for acceptance to the post-secondary educational institution will also be accepted.
  • Completed Application Package to Ms. Wilson by March 10, 2017
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Burnaby Festival of Dance



  • Burnaby Mountain Secondary:  8800 Eastlake Drive, Burnaby (p)604-664-8552 
  • If you are lost or running late text Ms.Wilson through the Remind App asap.
  • Meet Ms. Wilson in the large gym located on the bottom floor of the school.
  • Try to be at Mountain by 4:30pm but no later than 5pm for last minute stage placement unless you have made arrangements with the teacher. Try to be there as soon as possible.
  • If you are intending on leaving early, please tell Ms. Wilson before the day of the show.  Leaving early is disrespectful to other dancers who have worked so hard on their pieces for the festival.
  • The gym doors open to the public at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:00.  It is expected that the show will end at approximately 8:30pm.  Depending on the amount of dances.
  • HAVE ARRANGEMENTS FOR A RIDE HOME! Your teacher is not an Uber driver!
    1. Take Lougheed Hwy eastbound.
    2. Turn left at Production Way.  You’ll see the skytrain station and a Mac’s corner store on the right hand side.
    3. Turn right on Eastlake Drive and go through the first set of lights.
    4. Take the first right up to the parking area just before the next lights at the crosswalk or you can park on the street.
  • Be ready in costume, hair and make-up.  There is no room in the washrooms and there is no changing room.  Please keep all valuables at home. 
  • Make sure that Ms. Wilson has checked your costume to evaluate appropriateness and professionalism.
  • All groups must sit together on the mats where the “South” sign is.  Family and friends must sit in the audience.
  • Lead by example by taking off your shoes when sitting on the mats.
  • Please behave in an appropriate manner.  Show your appreciation as an audience by clapping only.  No shouting or whistles. 


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FAQ: Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

Really? You haven’t handed in your DPA sheet yet?  This is a common occurrence amongst not only dance students, but all students who are looking to fulfill the government’s Grad Transitions Daily Physical Activity or DPA.  If you think you can get by with almost enough minutes completed, or hand in your DPA sheets almost on time, don’t be surprised if you end up getting an “I” report stating that you haven’t met graduation requirements at the end of the school year.  To help you stay on track, here are a few facts to note…
1) DPA is marked with a complete or fail.  No letter grade is given.

2) Students receive a G or N on their report card.

3) DPA is a requirement for graduation.

4) Dance & PE students can hand in the DPA sheet at the end of each term.

5) If a student isn’t enrolled in any of the above classes, he/she will need to hand in the DPA sheet at the end of each month.

Need a copy of the DPA sheet?
Click here, scroll down to Physical Activity Log (for PE Students) and click to download the latest template.3) If a student doesn’t hand in the DPA sheet, they will get an Incomplete for Grad Transitions.  Note that the Grad Transitions credit is a graduation requirement. 4) Dance, PE, and Weight Training students can hand in the form 3 times a year at the end of each term.

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Warm Up Exercises

Floor Work

The Center Floor Ballet Warm-up All Levels – Finis Jhung 

Center Work for Beginners

Center Work for Advanced Beginners

Barre Warm Ups

Ballet Legs with Nikol Klein

Beginning Ballet Steps: How to do Ballet Stretches

Barre Work for Beginners

Ballet Barre Exercises

Stretch & Strength

Ballet Exercises at Home (split stretch, core strength, leg and feet with band)

Quick Hip Opening Stretches

Side Straddle Stretch

Butterfly Stretch

Jazz Stretch Routine

How to Do the Splits Quick

Ballet Lessons: How to Stretch for Leg Splits

Learn How to do the Splits

How to do a Split

Learn How to Do the Splits

Feet & Turnout
Feet Exercises

Pilates Foot Exercises

Foot and Ankle Exercises


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Dance Technique: Chaines

This is a common abbreviation for tours chaînés déboulés, which is a series of quick turns on alternating feet with progression, or chain, along a straight line or circle. The turns are done with the feet in a small, tight first position releve. “Spotting” of the head is used to avoid dizziness in this and all turning exercises in ballet. They are also known as chaînés tournes. In classical ballet it is done on the pointes or demi-pointes (on the balls of the feet).
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Dance Technique: Partnering

Please click on the following links to find out more about partnering in dance.

Partnering Secrets by Dmitri Roudnev

BAISTEP Dance Tutorial: How to do lifts

Lifts & Partnering

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Dance Technique: Uehi

‘Uehe – The dancer lifts one foot and moves her weight to the opposite hip when stepping down. She then raises both heels to push the knees forward and repeats these movements on the opposite side.
`Uwehe (oo weh’ heh) – one foot lifts, then as it is lowered, the weight is shifted to the opposite hip. Then the heels are raised and both knees pushed forward while the hips sway.
`uwehe means to open, reveal or uncover

Hawaiian Dance: Uehi Plie Steps

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