Two-Perspective Art by Division 2

Students recently learned how to use perspective to create a picture that has dimensions to it. Well done class, they look amazing! Check them all out, each one is so unique!

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Happy Holidays!

Wow, I can’t believe that December is almost over! It feels like the last few months just flew by!

 I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the students for being such a wonderful class. You continue to amaze me and inspire me daily, and are an absolute joy to see five days a week. I am a lucky teacher. To the parents and families, thank you for all your support. Whether it’s helping drive to events, helping with homework, or even just coming to say hello, you help make my job easier, and your children really do make this classroom special. 

A special thanks for all of the holiday greetings and gifts, you are all too kind!

See you in 2018!

Ms. W

Secret Santa in Division 2!


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Soap Stone Carving

On Thursday, Division 2 had the exciting opportunity to take part in a soap stone carving workshop. Students used tools to chisel and sand a block of soap stone into an animal that is traditional to the First Nations. Once finished they were baked in a small oven and came out shiny and smooth. The students had fun and said it was one of their favourite things they did so far! 

  • Soap Stone Carving
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Favourite Camp Memory

Hey Division 2, let’s try this again! I want to know what your favourite memory from Camp Elphinstone is?!? Leave a reply in the comment section, and let us know!

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Our Students Are Our Future

Last week Division 1 and 2 launched Genius Hour. Genius Hour is a block each week where students can pursue passion projects, explore new ideas, and find answers to their burning questions. Genius Hour will be facilitated by the classroom teachers, but students will be the driving power behind their projects. I am excited to see what curiosities emerge, and how our students take on this challenge.

Check out this video to get inspired!

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What’s up in Div. 2!

With the school year well underway, I wanted to take the time to give a quick update on some things that Division 2 has been working on. As a class we have been working hard to create the ideal classroom community that is welcoming to everyone. Students took part in a discussion about what a positive learning environment looks, feels, and sounds like, and then used those ideas to come up with a class contract made up of three agreements that we will all abide by. I was thoroughly pleased to see how thoughtful, caring, and intelligent the conversations between peers were when the class undertook this task, and it just goes to show what a wonderful group of students we have here at Buckingham Elementary. 

As we are a new team this year, students completed a two piece introductory assignment titled “All About My #Selfie”, and “My Life in Apps”. These were so creative and it was fun to get to know the students through their app icons! We definitely have some artists in the room!

Division 2 has also been taking part in outdoor PE classes since the weather has been so wonderful, working on various team games and defensive and offensive strategies. We have seen lots of smiles and sweat under the blue skies 🙂 

We have kicked off our Art unit on sketching and shading techniques, and students were encouraged to look closely at the details of an object and include everything they see in a sketch to make it more realistic. We took the time to go outside to choose something found in nature to draw, and the students were determined to sketch every detail that they possibly could. 

In Language Arts, students were invited to create brainstorms of personal writing topics. Using technology, they then transformed their webs into various designs and images to create visually appealing pieces that they can refer to when they need an idea/topic to write about.

Grade 6 students from Divisions 1 and 2 have been learning about the process of creating Stop Motion Videos, and in small groups have begun to produce one of their own using school supplies and an iPad . This process has been extremely fun, although we have had a lot of learning moments along the way! It is definitely not as easy as it looks. I can’t wait to see the students’ finished products, and it has been a joy to watch them have fun and smile all throughout their learning.


Check back for more in the next coming weeks! Thanks for checking in with us! 🙂 


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Camp Packing List

Camp is soon approaching for Division 1 and 2 as we leave on Wednesday October 11th. We are asking that students be at the school in their classrooms by 7:30am on Wednesday as we leave at 7:45am. We will return on Friday October 13th around 2:15pm. Attached is a packing list so that students can start getting prepared for next week. I am looking forward to this exciting adventure with the students and fellow staff and parent volunteers! Fingers crossed for good weather! Please email me if you have any questions about camp.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

PackingList for camp

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Welcome to a new school year!

Hi everyone,

  I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Kristen Wilschek and I am so excited to have a grade 6/7 class again this year at Buckingham. This will be my third year teaching at Buckingham, and I adore the school and the surrounding community. I have a background in Learning Support and Physical Education, and more recently have enjoyed teaching in the intermediate classroom. I am passionate about creating a positive learning environment for my students, as well as fostering positive social interactions, building student leadership, and building students’ self-confidence. I like to offer students a variety of types of projects and assignments as learning opportunities so that they get the chance to demonstrate their understanding in different ways. This year I am looking forward to working with the new curriculum again to make learning fun and interesting for my students.

  Feel free to check out this site to get the latest updates on what we have been learning and doing in the classroom, as well as for updates on our homework and assignment due dates. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at Thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting everyone soon! 

      Ms. Wilschek    

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