Science this term…

We are discussing the changes that are caused by the moons orbit and our orbit around the sun. We created sundials and discussed how the concept of time was created. 

We will be talking about how the tides change and the different temperatures that are created front earths rotation and tilt. 

Through our studies we are also learning about North, South, East and West

 “Never Eat Soggy Waffles” -this might help you remember


Social Studies- Term 2

Throughout time, disease has played a role in the lives and deaths of people. During the 1800s, there were a variety of diseases that found their way to this soil. Once here, diseases spread across the lands sparing no one. White settlers were responsible for introducing several diseases to the First Nations population. A disease of particular concern, cholera, wiped out 50% of the population. Cholera is an infectious disease transmitted through contaminated food and water. Cholera is just one of many diseases that we will be studying this term. More importantly, we will discuss how the spread of disease changed the pace at which our country was colonized.

Pages that will be used for research:

First Nations People

All Diseases




Whooping Cough


We went to the theatre!

We went to go see an incredible film called “Wonder” on December 12th, 2017.

Students were treated to a private showing at the Landmark Theatre. VIP seats allowed our kids to put their feet up too.

I highly recommend watching this film with your kids on another occasion. Students can continue to learn about empathy, compassion and kindness. 


The holiday season is approaching! We are currently working on our Winter Concert performance in Gym. We will be doing a French Folk Dance to “Vive le Vent”.

The concert will be taking place on Wednesday, DECEMBER 20th 

Parent (s),
Our schedule has changed for the Winter Concert. Our class will now be performing during the Primary Concert at 4:30pm on Wednesday, Dec. 20th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Students need to arrive at Mrs. Wakeling’s classroom at 4:00pm. Please ensure that students are dressed in Blue, Purple and White. They are also encouraged to wear toques or mittens in the same colour family.
If your child is going to be absent from our concert, please inform Mrs. Wakeling by the 15th of December.
Thank you

Students are expected to be in our classroom at 4:00pm. Please pick them up in the classroom after the concert. 


What should students be wearing?

Please dress students in White, Blue and/or Purple. Students are encouraged to wear mittens and toques. 



Halloween is here!

Students have been buzzing with excitement for a few weeks now and Halloween is finally here! Our entire school participated in Pumpkin Carving on Friday, Oct, 27th.

This Tuesday we will be participating in the Halloween parade, Reading in the Dark and our classroom party. We will have a small party in the last 45minutes of the day. Students are allowed to bring tablets (no phones) with pre-loaded games. There is no Wi-Fi available to them. They are also encouraged to bring board games. Please see newsletter for more details.


Biomes Inquiry Project

Biomes Inquiry Project
Curriculum Big Idea:
How do living things sense, respond, and adapt to stimuli in their environment? ?
Guiding Questions
What grows in you Biome and why?
What animals live in your biome and have they changed over time to adapt to the environment in the biome?
What is the climate of your biome?
We have been exploring a variety of biomes in our class for the past 3 weeks. It is time for each student to dive deeper into one biome.
1. Students are expected to pick a biome (desert, mountains, grassland, tropical rainforest etc.)
2. They may present their biome in a variety of ways. Powerpoint, Poster, Video, Essay, Brochure, diorama
*****Diorama’s are neat and I encourage you to do one! Please keep in mind that written information would also have to be handed in, in order to answer all guiding questions

3. Students must answer the three guiding questions. They should choose 3 different animals to feature and at least 3 different plants.
4. Students will be asked to present their biome in front of the class. This oral presentation will be a part of their oral language mark.

Due: Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

ADST-Building a Bridge

Applied Design Skills and Technology 

Students began by drawing and labelling their own designs. They then shared their design with their group. One design was chosen by each group. Once they drew their design they received limited supplies.

Students were to share supplies and perform different jobs while building their bridge as a group. 

Students were encouraged to make their bridge both functional and aesthetically appealing. We tested their bridges with weights. 

When they were done, they reflected on their level of participation, designs, team work, use of supplies etc.