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Happy November!

Hello to you all!

Wow -the year been passing so quickly! We have been keeping very busy learning so many new things.

I am posting a class schedule so you all have an idea of what happens day to day in our classroom. I would also like to give you updates on what we are learning to help support at home school work.

Currently on the go in our core subjects:

Science: Water Cycle and Clouds

Math: Numbers to 100, addition and subtraction review to 20

Language Arts: Proper Case use, punctuation, complete sentences, printing skills, spelling

Social Studies: Community and Indigenous Education

Please make use of our blog educational games!

Have a happy November,

Mrs. V

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Hello and WELCOME to Div. 11,

I hope you all enjoyed your Summer! I am so happy to be back to Clinton after being away for one whole year with my new baby boy! I could not be more thrilled with my new class- and I hope students feel the same way ๐Ÿ™‚ We have such a great bunch this year and I am truly amazed at how well everyone is adjusting to being back to school. My goal this year is to make sure students always feel happy and safe coming to school while learning new and sometimes, challenging things! Together, we can do it!

Please note that Mrs. McCarthy will be teaching our class on Mondays and I will be teaching our class the rest of the week, Tuesday-Friday. If parents would ever like to meet with either Mrs. McCarthy or myself please send an email to schedule a meeting.

Cheers to a wonderful school year!

Mrs. Amanda Vieira


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