Dear families,

We have been measuring things! We find something to measure! We want to find out how wide and how tall it is and how long. You can use shoes to measure how long or blocks. We can use materials to see how long, or how tall or how wide it is.

Division 13

We also want to share some photos with you (ask me to tell you about them):


3 thoughts on “Measuring!

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for doing this Ms Thiessen. Teaching measurement provides a rich and meaningful context for the use of number skills and of spatial concepts. Just out of curiosity if you can tell us what Sarah was measuring or if you can tell us anything about her?

    1. Sarah is measuring a cardboard tube using unifix cubes. Please ask her about it so she can tell you more about it!

  2. I would really like to encourage all families to make sure you are looking at the blog and ePortfolios with your children so they can see the photos and share their learning with you. 🙂 For this post, you can ask your child if they were measuring how long, how wide, or how tall? What did they discover? How could you explore measurement together at home?

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