The Tall Tower Challenge!

Our class loves playing math games and building with different materials, so we have come up with an invitation: The Tall Tower Challenge! 

What materials can you use at home to make a tall tower? How high can you make your tower? What could you do to help stop your tower from falling down? Is your tower shorter or taller than you? Can you find something in your house that is taller than your tower? Can you find something that is shorter than your tower?  What is the same height as your tower? 

We tried this challenge at my home too! Click the image to watch our video:






What did YOU use to make your tower? Write a message in the comments to tell us about it! You can also take a picture and email it to me so I can share it with the class! 🙂

Here’s a story about a young architect who loved to build towers:

Look at the tallest lego tower in the world! 

4 thoughts on “The Tall Tower Challenge!

  1. Thanks for this post Ms Thiessen. I’m glad you brought up the architecture topic to your class. I do not know yet if Raphael will be the next Iggy Peck, but he is definitely fond of architecture and building, which is great at age 5. Last year when we were in France, he was amazed by cathedrals built in 12th-Century and as you might have noticed, he is always enthusiastic about building new constructions. He might have a natural ability for it, let’s see if the future will confirm this predisposition !

    1. It’s wonderful that Raphael is showing a keen interest in architecture! I am so impressed by all the building ideas the kids come up with and collaborate on. I look forward to seeing where Raphael’s interests take him! 🙂

  2. Thank you for doing this.Sarah made a tall tower cup. She learned design thinking strategies to maximize the tower height. Once the tower was taller than her then she found out that if she uses stepping stool she can be taller than the tower cup she made.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Ms. Thiessen.
    Abeer tried to create so many different size towers with things like mega blocks, lego and baby diapers 😊.
    He created a tower with mega blocks which was of same height as his, bigger than our dog and smaller than his dad’s height.
    The one he created with the diapers was of the same height as his baby sister.
    I was impressed that he used his imagination to build a tower with diapers as it is hard to keep them one over the other.

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