Happy Friendship Day!

We have been spending a lot of time talking about friendship and practicing ways we can be welcoming and kind. Valentine’s day gave us another opportunity to celebrate friendship today! In preparation, we made friendship cards! Each student took time to make a card with a special message on it knowing it would go to a mystery friend in our class. Today, each child got to take a card made by one of their classmates home! It was lovely to see how much pride the children took in making their cards and how happy they were to receive one.

Friendship Recipe 

We had a busy day, and as part of our fun, we had popcorn as a treat! The students made up a recipe for what makes a good friend and added some special ingredients to our popcorn:
• helping x 2
• playing together x3
• be welcoming
• be a leader
• be safe
• sharing x2
• caring
• love (lots and lots of love!)

Yummy! You can try this recipe at home too or make a new one with your family!


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