This week we went on a walk to look for our shadows! We had a lot of fun moving around and noticing how our shadows change. As we explored, we wondered: What happens when we move in different directions? Can we step on our shadows? How can we make our shadows longer or shorter? What happens to our shadows when the clouds cover up the sun?


After exploring our shadows outside, students shared their theories and observations:

Hannah: Our shadows are black.
Jalen: I see the shadows on the ground, too many, it’s too longer.
Raphael: Our shadows are very long.
Aidan: You can move your shadows like making a shape or letter.
Aurora: We can make shadows with our hands, with kind of different shapes.
Abeer: We run and the shadow can run!
Edison: When we climb, the shadow follows us.
Andrew: Shadows are made by the sun.
Gabriel: We don’t see shadows when the clouds are blocking the sun.
Edison: The shadows disappear! Because the sun get blocked with the clouds.
Aidan: When the clouds unblock the sun, the sun just comes back, but when we put our hands to our chest, our hands will turn invisible!
Jalen: The night it don’t have sunny, so the shadows can’t coming.
Abeer: When it’s night, when the light is open, we can see a shadow.
Jalen: Yes, lights we can see the shadow, we don’t have lights, we can’t see the shadow.
Raphael: In the morning, we can see our shadows.
Aurora: Also when we go camping, and we bring a light, we go outside too in the night, we turn the camper light, we can see the marshmallow and our shadows.
Mary: Shadows can follow you!
Raphael: We can see shadows outside and inside, we can see shadows both.
Sarah: It disappear and I can’t see my shadow anymore; when it is afternoon, now I can see my shadow. I can’t see my shadow in the morning, it disappear!
Abeer: When my daddy pick up me from school and then after I sit in the car, I see my shadow!

We are continuing our shadow exploration inside:


Families, you can have fun exploring shadows at home too!
You can look for shadows around your house and explore light and shadows by using flashlights, lamps, and fabrics. Experiment with casting shadows onto different surfaces like a wall, floor, or table. Do any shadows wake up a story in your mind? Leave us a comment and share what you discover!

3 thoughts on “Shadows!

  1. Sarah performed hand shadows for us.She turned her hand in different ways to see how the shape of the shadow changes.She played around with changing the way she holds her hand and the arrangement of her fingers and found out how tiny tweaks can make her hands look like different animals and shapes.It was fun and also a wonderful way to practice her fine motor skills.

    1. It’s wonderful that Sarah was so engaged exploring shadows with her fingers and hands! Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

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