What is Subitizing?

Has your child been talking to you about subitizing? Subitizing is the ability to look at a small set of objects and identify how many there are without counting: you see it, take a picture with your brain, and then say how many. This is an important math skill because it helps develop number sense. Subitizing helps us form pictures of numbers in our minds and see that numbers can be shown in many ways.

We have been practicing to subitize by exploring dot cards and playing dice games. By looking at different dot arrangements, we are also learning to see how numbers can be made up of smaller parts; this is the foundation for addition and subtraction!

The class has asked for these videos to go on our blog to practice subitizing at home too:

5 thoughts on “What is Subitizing?

  1. Thank you. Sarah has been talking to us about subitizing and she loves it. This really helps kids develop mental images of quantities.

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