What is Peace?

As our school prepared for Remembrance Day, each class was asked to make a wreath with a message of peace. After sharing ideas, we came to an agreement of what peace means to our class: Peace is being kind and being a leader. Peace is love. 

Peace means different things to different people. Our class has been reading books and engaging in discussions to gain a better understanding of peace. What does peace look like and feel like in our world, in our class, and in our hearts?

What peace means to us:


Todd Parr’s book gave us more ideas:

Families, what does peace mean to YOU? Please share your ideas in the comments so we can read them together!

4 thoughts on “What is Peace?

  1. Peace is knowing my kid doesn’t want to miss school even it’s raining cats and dogs…because ‘school is more fun than home!’
    Thanks Ms Thiessen for your hard work.

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