Our first month together!

Can you believe we have been together for a month? We have been busy getting to know each other, playing together and exploring our interests and ideas! We want to share some of the things we are enjoying at Kindergarten so far:

Mary: “I like to play a lot! I can play with somebody. I always want to play!”

Abeer: “I like to play with legos. I build a big tower and I keep lots of people everywhere so they can work. I like books! I like to play lego, build airplanes. I like to build bus because I go for one day to the bus. I like to play with blocks, I like to build trains.”

Aidan: “I like painting!”

Jalen: “I like car! I like playdough!”

Kendra: “I love lego and painting! I like to make ABCs.”

Raphael: “I like lego and I build a bus, because I love bus! I go everyday to go to the school, I go two buses! I like painting.”

Juliana: “I like big blocks, I like to build tree house and a big tower! I like legos.”

Edison: I like to play with lego. I love art. I love treehouse because it’s my favourite.”

Ebrahim: “I like cars!”

Amelia: “I like babies.”

Hannah: “I like to play with treehouse. I like to play with playdough.”

Gabriel: “I like to play with the connectors, I like to build a tower! I like to play with the trains.”

Olivia: “I like to paint.”

Sarah: “I like animals because I can play with my house. I like ABCs. Sarah play with my friends and play with my toys and go to Windsor YMCA.”

Jean: “I like lego.”

Genesis: “Painting!”

Andrew: “I like that I get to play with cars! I build a station for the ambulance. I get to make some books!”

Aurora: “I love painting and I love lego. I love my friends!”

2 thoughts on “Our first month together!

  1. Thank You Ms. Thiessen!
    The pictures you recently posted of our kiddos drawings and the pumpkin patch photo are so special!
    I love you sharing what the kids love to do 🙂 thank you! 💕
    This is a Wonderful Blog

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