Weekly update

Jan 15-19

Our second time at the ice rink was an exciting time for some of the new skaters to try and skate without the cones! These students were able to step out of their comfort zone and went straight to trying to skate with their friends!

Having learned so much about the fundamentals and elements of a story, we decided to prepare a show! For our very first show, we will be reading the scripts from the Readers Theatre. If this show is a success, we will be writing our very own script in the foreseeable future 🙂

The students were having so much fun learning how to read, with the help of the grade 2s, learning where to position themselves on stage, how to move their bodies, etc. Next week we will need to rehearse a bit more to try and remember our lines, and we will need to start making our own props soon.

Grade 1s are able to get through their math games much faster now through daily math reviews and learning through hands-on activities. They are much more comfortable adding up, doing take away, sorting even and odd numbers, etc., with their friends now.

Jan 8-12

Happy new years everyone! It is our very first week back from the winter break and it has been a busy busy week already, but the students are eager and ready to jump right into learning from the very first day! I compiled some math centres for the grade ones to rotate around to review math through hands-on play. These centres are a great way to help the students review what they have learned since September. As for the students that wish to be challenged, they are either learning or competing in checkers and chess while I compile more advanced math centres.

We are starting a new science unit on bodies of water and land formations. Through this unit, the students are also learning about different textures that are around us. They are in the process of creating/drawing landscape and having to use different materials to show the texture of trees, buildings, etc.



We worked out a schedule with another class and are able to squeeze in a computer lab session for division 11, yay! It is the grade 1s’ very first time attending computer lab and they are learning how to log in, how to navigate using a mouse, and learning where the keys are on the keyboard. As for the grade 2s, they are learning how to properly place their hands on the keyboard and learning where the keys are as well.

We will try to have computer lab sessions every other Thursday if possible =)

Dec 18-22

There have been many requests for me to bring chess to the class to be played as a math centre or for early finishers. Once I brought in chess, it has been one of the most popular games amongst the grade 1s and 2s. A small group’s passion for chess has started to spread and influence other students to want to learn how to play this game. Below is a picture of the three initial students to now expanding to roughly about eight students, both boys and girls, playing against each other with support from one another. Now, there is a new request for me to locate Chinese chess. This will be interesting 🙂

This is our last week of school before the winter break, and it has been one festive week! We learned how to make reindeer ornament as well as making Christmas card using nothing but colourful stripes.

We are so happy to have so many parents coming in to help us build our gingerbread houses! Without their help, it would take us much longer to complete the building.

Our gingerbread men came alive once we all worked together to create them! We measured and mixed all the ingredients and plopped them into the oven before we head out for recess. Once we’re back from playing in the snow … our gingerbread men are gone! Good thing they left us many clues to locate them!

In the end, we found them napping in the library hiding under a giant globe :p

We got to go on one last field trip to Burnaby Lake Arena to ice skate. It was so much fun!

On our very last day of school, we had pancake breakfast with all the other divisions. As we wait for our division to be called, we got to read to our stuffies and build forts.

We end the day with a movie party with Ms. Ma’s class as well as some friends from Ms. Li’s class.

It may seem like a lot of snacks, but we have a big audience to feed! What a way to end our last day. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!  🙂

Dec 11-15

What a busy week! We wrapped up our science unit on force and motion with one final experiment. Each student got to make a salt and marble mini jar to take home. The salt and marble jar is to show how friction prevents the marble from reaching the top unless the jar is shaken in a very specific way. When the jar is shaken up and top, gently, all the particles will move up at the same time. The marble is much heavier than the salt particles, so the marble moves upward much faster. This is the same method to take out any cereal prizes without having to dig through the box.

This week we had special guest speakers coming in to explain to the Mandarin program all about Chinese opera. The students and their family members learned about the various coloured masks the opera performers use to express certain emotions, and also all about the traditional outfits.

As a quick review before we move on to learning new vocabulary, we often play a game of adding characters, say the word, and explain the word. Below are most of the words we have learned so far, and we will be building more in the many months to come. Our morning game to remember body movements in Mandarin are coming along nicely! I would say most of the students are now able to remember all the moves 🙂

This week we learned about creating art using different textures. Our snowmen are made using pastel, pencil crayon, and coloured paper to create a more vibrant picture. All done just in time for our Christmas concert!


Below are some of our students waiting patiently for their turn to perform. They are warming up by following Moana’s Yoga.

We went to the Burnaby Heritage Museum where the students got a chance to see what life was like in Burnaby in the 1920s. The tram was a replica of the original tram that ran through Granville street, and the carousel horses were all hand-carved in the 1920s!


Dec 4-8

We wrapped up our tennis this week after learning all about how to properly hold a tennis racket, how to control the ball, gentle swings, and rallying with a partner.

Our Christmas art is now being displayed in front of the school office! Some will be displayed in the gym for our Christmas concert.

For this week’s social study, we covered some professions in our community and we realized that there are many parents and grandparents in our classroom that are or were nurses! So, we are lucky to have many little experts to tell us what their mom, grandma and great grandpa do at work and how they contribute to our community.

Last but not least, we wrapped up our force and motion unit with a BANG! We designed and made Marshmallow Poppers, or air cannons, where we can see how air pushes the marshmallows into the air.

Nov 27 – Dec 1

Our class and division 9 have signed up to decorate the school display in front of the office for this month. This week we learned what a silhouette is and we decided to create a silhouette of a Christmas tree under the starry night. Stay tuned to see the end result!

We are continuing our science unit on friction, gravity, and force and motion. Our focus for this week is force and motion and we got to design how we would carry out a balloon race. We were able to put our scientist goggles on and think like a scientist by asking questions, making predictions (related to our questions), writing down our materials, and carrying out our experiment! We also learned what observation means, but we ran out of time and will have to collect our observation and data next week.

We had our second session of Quilt Art with Jennie and this week we learned about the printmaking process. Here we are using stamps, stencils, and our own painting techniques to create artworks on the fabric that will be sewn together later.

As for Mandarin, we learned all about various body movements – please take a look at the Mandarin page.

That’s it for this week, have a wonderful weekend =)

Nov 20 – 24

This week is all about exploring our 5 senses in nature. We went outdoors to stand still for couple minutes trying to see what is around us. We all closed our eyes and tried to listen to some sounds that we might have not noticed, we sniffed to see if we could catch any natural scent or man-made smell, and we looked afar over rooftops and as far as we could. Lastly, we picked up some small natural elements to feel and to study its texture. This is the first time we’re writing freely based on what we sensed.

This week we also learned about gravity, friction, force, and motion. We also went to Science World to further our learning there. Below are some pictures from our field trip.

Coming up, we might be conducting some experiments ourselves =)

Nov 13 – 17

We wrapped up our unit on different types of clouds by making 2-dimensional  cloud layers to easily understand what type of cloud belongs where in the sky. We also made 3-dimensional clouds, our pet cloud, and placed them in accordance with where they are in the sky: higher above, mid-sky, or low blanket-like cloud. Your child also named his or her pet cloud and wrote a detailed description of what their cloud is like in terms of appearance and placement.

This week the students were introduced to math games on the iPad and computer. The games are available for students to work together or to be solved alone. This is a great opportunity for students to practice typing on the keyboard and recognizing number placement. In some cases, the grade 2 students were able to help the grade 1 students with their puzzles and adding/subtracting games. The grade 2s were also able to help each other reach the next level.

We are very grateful that Deanna offered to teach the class Yoga and we had our very first session this week! Everyone had so much fun being active and participating in various movements and breathing activities. The students were not afraid to try new moves! They were able to build a three people downward dog just by working together! WOW!

We will be having our second Yoga class in December and many more next year =)

Nov 6 – 10

The great thing about having natural elements in the classroom is so that the students can explore what they can do with it, and how they can use the elements as part of their learning. The picture above showed a product of which the students realized that I have changed the whiteboard message and decided to create something together.

With Remembrance Day coming up, as a class, we had extended conversations about World War I and World War II. With the help of picture books, in which some containing black and white photographs of soldiers during the war, we discussed the importance of Remembrance Day as well as what the red Poppy flowers symbolize. Once the students have some understanding of our history, we also talked about how lucky we are to be able to live a rather peaceful life here in Canada. From there, the students were to discuss and brainstorm together what peace looks and feels like to them. Students also learned of what doves symbolize, and that is where they put their peaceful message.

Our classroom routine for early finishers during spelling and writing would be that the students have the option to do extra work, to do a word search, or they could read. Knowing that I have been asking students to read to me on daily bases, most of the students now have been choosing to practice reading to self when they finish their work early!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Oct 30 – Nov 3

In midst of our busy week, I found two students sharing a wonderful learning experience together! Below is a grade 1 reading to a grade 2 student, and the grade 2 student was able to help the grade 1 student sound out some of the words when she needed help.

Everyone worked really hard to get our classroom ready for Halloween. Your child has been busy making bats to hang from our ceiling. All the students were also kind enough to welcome the grade 6/7 students to join our afternoon movie party – Hotel Transylvania.



This week, we learned about the salmon’s life cycle prior to our short trip to Stoney Creek. Below are some photographs of our class trip to see the Salmon return. Unfortunately, we were a bit late so there weren’t many salmons around. Luckily, it wasn’t raining or snowing and we did get a glimpse of two large salmons swimming upstream, and everyone had a lovely time strolling through the park.


We returned with some time left over so some of the students gathered around the computer to sing along to some Mandarin songs.

We had our very first spelling test which included some Mandarin characters this week, and I have to say everyone did really well and really tried their best! So, keep up the good work and we will continue our Friday spelling test in this format.

Oct 23-27

I would like to point out how hard the grade 1s have been working to learn to read. They have been trying their hardest to read a book all by themselves and taking turns reading to each other. Not only are they trying to sound out the beginning, middle, and ending sound of each word, they are also using the pictures and their own background knowledge to piece together enough information to read the book! 🙂

The grade 1s and 2s have been working really hard to develop a creative story on how they would save a turkey from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Having only been through a short story workshop, they were able to write such an interesting and comical storyline.

Below are some pictures of our grade 1s and 2s hard at work during Language Arts. The grades 1s are working through their phonic booklet as well as short vowels worksheet. As for the grade 2s, they learned a new term this week: compound words. The grade 2s  have been occupied with finding compound words to piece together or take apart!

One interesting thing I noticed with the new implementation of technology in the classroom is that everyone seems more interested in listening and watching Mandarin nursery and storytelling compared to English videos. Soon, we will start taking turns using the computer and iPad to gain access to math activities and Mandarin videos. The grade 2s will soon be using computer and iPad to do research for social studies.

Last but not least, everyone got their hands dirty by working together to carve our pumpkins! Thanks to our parent volunteer, we are able to group the students into three groups and have the students sort out what to do from beginning to end!


Our parent volunteer was able to help us bake the pumpkin seeds and they are delicious! All the pumpkin seeds swooped up within the hour!

A healthy snack before Monster Mash 🙂


Oct 16-20th

We are very fortunate to have Jennie Johnston here to teach us all about quilt art! Look at how all the students listen intently to Jennie as she explains how art and craft go hand in hand.

Jennie also went into detail on how to create quilt art and the many layers she used to create this delicate artwork.

After the students familiarize themselves with the process, they could not wait to jump into creating a pattern themselves.

As we near the end of our Art Card creation, we got to experiment with various colouring techniques. Some students experimented with watercolour while others combined markers and pencil crayons to create a different effect.

Apparently, your child thinks that my Halloween decoration is not scary enough. So, they took the matter into their own hands as they creatively drawn, cut, and put together various monsters to make our classroom scarier!

Oh, I sincerely hope it’s not too scary now! 

Oct 9-13th

Every morning during calendar we work on our grammar – punctuation, capitalization, and periods. With the grade 2 modeling what to do, now the grade 1 students are all eager to participate and make corrections with confidence!

I asked for volunteers to read out their Chinese sentence to be posted online. Believe it or not, almost everyone wants to be recorded. I ended up having to pick two names from our name jar.

Here is a grade 1 student reading out 这是我的弟弟 (this is my younger brother):


Here is a grade 2 student reading out 这是我的妈妈 (this is my mother):


Our class is taking part in creating holiday cards for school fundraising. Below are our students hard at work. Stay tuned to see the final presentation 🙂



















Oct 2-6th

Your child has been a busy bee this entire week! They’ve accomplished many tasks and many projects.

First and foremost, our wonder table has been a popular area for your child! This table is either being used as individual quiet working area or most commonly being used as group working area. Your child has been voluntarily bringing in unique and beautiful natural elements for others to touch and observe. I would like to remind everyone to please only bring in elements that are found on the ground and to avoid picking fresh flowers or leaves.

For two weeks we worked on our understanding of school ground rules and boundaries, rules for inside the classroom and on the playground. We also worked on our social responsibilities and how to help ourselves and others. Your child should now be fully aware of what to do when he/she gets hurt or if they encounter inappropriate activities.

After reading How Full Is Your Bucket by Maurie Manning, we decided to brainstorm together to figure out how we could fill our own buckets, and what could we do to help other people fill their buckets. You are more than welcome to stop by to read what they have to say!







To wrap up our water cycle unit, your child showed their understanding of how the water cycle works by creating their own water cycle poster. These are posted in the hallway right across from my classroom.

There is a new term that your child should be familiar with now and that is – Acrostic Poem!

Your child created an acrostic poem using their name and relating it to things or animals that they love very much. They also cut out the poem and glued it onto a red or orange background to create a nice autumn atmosphere for the classroom.

Last but not least, we spent couple days talking about what we are thankful for. Your child is able to think about the joy of spending time with their family, having warm meals on their table, and a comfy bed to sleep in.








Like I said, your child has been a super busy bee this week!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving =)

Sept 25-29th

Last week we learned all about the importance of water, and how the water cycle works. The students were excited to create their own miniature water cycle.

In order to fully understand how precipitation works, we did an experiment using shaving cream and food colouring!   The shaving cream acts as the clouds in the sky, and the food colouring acts as the evaporated water being collected. The cloud gets heavier and down comes the rain!