Amazing potato plants!🌱


Potato plants after Spring Break -Mar 26

Potato plants one week later outside Ms Sim’s house -April 2

Potato plants on April 9

Dear Division 12,
You will not believe how much our potato plants have grown!  Please take a look at the two photos.  The first photo was taken when I loaded the potato plants into my car right after Spring Break. The second photo was taken just 1 week after being outside in my yard.

Please estimate (smart guess) how many centimeters (cm) tall our tallest potato stem has grown in the second picture and respond in the comment section by Wednesday, April 15th. You will not be able to see anyone’s estimates until Wednesday!  I will announce which student’s estimate is the closest and they will receive a virtual star.🌟

Ms Sim

🏆ANNOUNCEMENT: Clarissa is our virtual star winner!🌟 Way to go for having the closest estimate!

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