💕What did your family do together?

Flowers outside Ms Sim’s home

Dear Divison 12,

Life has changed dramatically over the past few weeks and it is hard to believe that we are not in class with all of you and learning together.  We really miss all of you and look forward chatting with each one of you soon.  We as teachers are fiercely learning too and trying to find creative new ways to connect with all of you and also ways for you to connect with each other. 

Even though we cannot be together in our Division 12 classroom at Taylor Park at this time, this third term we will continue our learning journey together.  We have a feeling this term may be one of our most memorable terms yet!! 

The past 2 weeks we have had a lot of family time and we are sure that you all did something special or interesting together with your family. Ms Malito’s family played the card game called ‘Spoons’ a lot (the one Clarissa taught the class🤣) and Ms Sim made her family go on daily walks to admire spring flowers, rain or shine.  Mr D said he took walks in the park, did a few hikes, played scrabble, watched a few documentaries, and even cooked a few new food recipes with his family! Wow!

Please share with the class one activity that you and your family did together during Spring Break.  It would be so great to write and share with each other what we did!😀

Love your teachers,

Mrs Malito & Ms Sim

ps: if you forgot your student login ID and password, please email Ms Sim (Jinny.Sim@burnabyschools.ca).  Reminder: after you log-in, click “Leave a Comment”  which is underneath the blog entry title.  Share your activity and click “post”.


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