Ducklings 2021

Hi Division 7,

It is Saturday, June 12th  in the morning. I just wanted to let you know that nothing has happened yet with our Eggs.  I will let you know as soon as something does.  Stay tuned!

Last Week of School

Hello Division 8 Students and Parents,

Sunday, was not only Father’s Day and the first full day of summer but it was also National Indigenous Day.  June is actually national Indigenous month.  In class, we work from a First People’s Perspective and continue to recognize that we acknowledge and thank the Coast Salish Nations of Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish on whose traditional territories we teach, learn and live.

The final day for in-class students will be Tuesday, June 23.  In-class students will be taking home their supplies and report cards that afternoon.

There will be no class meeting or office meetings this week .

On Wednesday, June 24 from 8:40- 3:00, families from Division 8 that have been working at home, will have an opportunity to pick up bagged supplies and report cards from outside of the classroom at a time scheduled via email. If you have not scheduled a time already, please email us to set a time ASAP.  The bags will be labelled and placed along the outside wall of the classroom.  Please remember social distancing if a few of you arrive at the same time.  Ms Sharma and Ms Silva will both be at the school to wish you a Wonderful Summer!

We wish everyone has a restful, and adventurous Summer enjoying and exploring our beautiful  city and Province we live in.  We are looking forward to hearing about all of it in the Fall when school resumes on Sept. 8th, 2020.


Ms. Silva & Ms. Sharma

“The New Normal” – what will be happening in June?

Dear Division 8 Families,

As you are already aware, some students are voluntarily returning to school on a part-time basis starting June 1.  Ms. Sharma and I would like to inform you of the schedule that will take place for the month of June to accommodate online and in class learning.  All students, whether online or at school, will be working on the same assignments.  Our focus will continue to be on literacy, numeracy and Social Emotional Learning.  Ms. Silva will be teaching students at school on Monday’s and Ms. Sharma will be teaching students at school on Tuesday’s.

Online learning will continue to be the same, we will still be posting Weekly assignments on the blog under Shape of the Week by 8pm Sunday and will upload the assignments to Fresh Grade.  Office hours on Zoom and Zoom Class Meetings will be the same. Ms. Silva will continue regular office hours on Zoom, on Tuesday’s from 1:30 -3:00 and Ms. Sharma will continue regular office hours on Zoom, on Thursday’s from 10:30 – 12:00.  We will continue to have our Zoom Class meeting on Wednesday’s at 11am. Meeting ID’s and passwords are the same.

Please continue to email both of us if you have any questions and we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Below we have added a URL to  a Social Story about this “new normal”. You may want to share this with your child to help them understand some of the changes that are happening to keep everyone safe as some students return to school and others continue to work online.

Thank you for your flexibility and continued patience as we adapt to the changes that are occurring.  We would also like to take this time to thank you for all your continued support and hard work with your children during the past few months.


Ms. Silva & Ms. Sharma

Good Bye Chicks: The Chicks have been taken to their permanent home!

A Temporary home for the 6 baby chicks to grow a little bigger

I am happy to announce that on Friday evening (May 22nd)  I took the chicks to the farm.  Our six  sweet little chicks are now reunited with their mother.  They are  also with the 4 other chicks, Ellie, Billy, Chips and Tuffo, plus the 7 chicks that Ms. Edward’s had.  I was able to take some photo’s to show you their happy home.

Ellie, Billy, Chips, Tuffo and Ms. Edward’s chicks are now outside in a pen with a shelter until they are big enough to be on the grounds with the full size Chickens and Rooster.
This is Cesar and Alice who take care of the Chickens

Hatching of Chick #8

This is the fifth chick to hatch. This video is 16 minutes long but if you fast forward to 7 minutes that is when things start to really happen. Let me know what you think.

This is all 7 chicks today. They are 3 days old and sleeping right now…..

Today is Day 20 of the Chicks

Today our chick will begin to show its internal and external pip.

The internal pip is when the chick has finally, through a lot of hard work, made that initial break into the air cell with it’s beak.

The external pip is the first visible sign of the hatch. That little “bump” in the shell. The little crack that you aren’t sure you are seeing. That first hole. The chick’s attempt to make a connection with the outside world.

Look at what is happening today:

Image preview Can you see the pips?  Look at 10,9,8,4 and 2


Today is Day 19 of the Chicks

Today our chick will begin to draw the yolk sac into the abdomen.

The yolk sac provides all the nutrients the embryo needs and produces blood cells until the embryo fully forms.


Today the yellow rotator will be removed and a mesh bottom will be put into the incubator.  The eggs will be put ontop of the mesh, in the incubator.

Water will be added to one of the other troughs.  This will increase the humidity in the incubator.

These eggs are close to hatching.  3 more Days!!!!!