Home Economics – Course Offerings for 2016-2017

Home Economics- Course Offerings for 2016-2017

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Faculty:    Ms. Pingle and Ms. Rizzo


This half-semester course allows students to explore the area of Foods and Nutrition 8 and Textiles 8.  Students will participate in 21-22 classes in Textiles, where they will be able to hand sew and machine sew 3 projects, understand the properties of clothing fibres and be aware of how colour is a design element in fashion.  In Foods and Nutrition 8, students will learn the basics of food preparation and nutrition along with the basics of safe food handling, sanitation procedures, kitchen basics and understanding the role and functions of ingredients in a recipe.  Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide (2007) will be introduced.


Students will use a variety of cooking methods to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes and simple meals.  The major units of study will include baking, meal preparation for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and nutrition.   Students will learn about safety, sanitation, kitchen basics, the roles of ingredients and various techniques used in food preparation.


Students will construct simple garments, crafts, accessories and household items.  Possible projects include: pyjamas, simple skirts/pants, t-shirts/shirts, basic dresses, bags and craft items.  Students will explore and study career opportunities in the Textile and Fashion Industry, cultural influences on fashion and textile choice, basic sewing terminology, and fabric and fibre basics including production, characteristics and care. 


Students will prepare food items from around the world! This course has an international flavour to it.  We will globe trot from Canada to places such as France, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Mexico, Great Britain, and the Caribbean.   Join us as we prepare nutritious appetizers, soups, salads, sweets and main dishes while learning about planning menus, reading labels and analysing nutrient values.


Students will review basic techniques of garment construction and plan projects to include these new techniques.  Possible projects include:  fly-front zipper pants, unlined jacket, lined skirt, shirts with a collar stand and cuff.

Students will also explore and study fashion, design and marketing.  Their focus will be learning the Canadian Fashion Market and discovering what influences our designers


Students will further enhance their knowledge, skills, talents and techniques in Culinary Arts by preparing healthy, nutritious and appetizing items.  Labs include sweet and savory quickbreads, soups, pastas, vegetables and salads, as well as desserts. Course content will also focus on food marketing practices, environmental and health issues related to the production and consumption of food.  Come and bring an open mind and an adventurous palate.


Students will construct more advanced garments, crafts, accessories and household items.  Possible projects include: lined jackets/coats, pants and skirts, evening wear, dresses, knits and craft items.  Students will explore and study careers in the design, production and marketing of clothing and textiles, historical influences on fashion and textile choices and an advanced study of the properties, selection and care of natural and manufactured fibres and yarns, advanced fabric and sewing terminology and Canadian Fashion Designers.


This course will cover the completion of 2 modules:

  1. Child Development and Parenting- topics include decisions to be a parent, pregnancy and childbirth, infant care (1st year of life) and child care and development (years 1-12). Course content will also examine potential occupations and careers related to child development and parenting.
  2. Adolescence- Transition to the teen years, adolescent development, self-awareness, effective communication skills, issues and challenges in adolescence and how adolescence contribute to society.


Students will learn advanced culinary techniques, meal preparation and food presentation skills. Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide (2007) and basic information on nutrients, additives, label-reading and making healthy choices will be the underlining theme throughout the year. Course content will include occasional modification of recipes to improve nutritional value, critiquing the use of additives in food preparation and present-day food production practices. This course will be an asset to anyone who plans to enter the food, beverage and hospitality industry.

*note:  Food Safe Level 1 will be offered during 2017-2018


Challenging fabrics, challenging techniques and personal design will be emphasized in this course.  Students will construct advanced textile items using challenging fabrics and patterns.  Possible projects include tailored garments, evening and special occasion wear, personal design and swimwear.  Students will explore and study International fashion designers, environmental and global issues in the clothing and textile industry, careers in the production and/or marketing of clothing and textiles, political influences on fashion and textile choices and an advanced fabric study including fibre identification, fabric qualities and the appropriate selection for various garments based on these characteristics.


This course will cover the completion of 2 modules:

  1. Interpersonal and Family Relationships: topics include reasons and the importance of forming relationships, what is a committed relationship, changes in relationships, effective communication skills in interpersonal relationships, wellness and safety in relationships.
  2. Housing and Living Environments: topics include the evolution of housing and the future trends, housing needs and changes as we age, how to establish independent living, the rights and responsibilities of renting, designing our living space, the elements of design, consumerism, house buying and major home purchases.

The course will also examine potential occupations and careers related to interpersonal relationships and careers in housing and design.

BAKING 12- open to both Grade 11 and 12’s

Baking 12 is a practical, hands-on course that enables a student to learn both beginning and advanced techniques in the area of Baking and Pastry.  Emphasis on the course will include time management, creative expression, presentation and cost efficiencies.  Labs will cover cookies, pastry, muffins, scones, cupcakes and more.  Cake decorating included!



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Muffin Mania!

Baking 12:  What are the top 3 flavours of muffins?   give me your answer via…comments to this post.  due:  Fri Mar 1

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Cookie Pops “pop” tomorrow!

In recognition of “friendship” day tomorrow…Baking 12 will be creating beautiful, heart-shaped cookies on a stick.  Our wish is to create these yummy culinary treats and SHARE them with a friend.  Stay tuned….and remember……if you are going to eat anything…may it be HOMEMADE!  🙂                                                                                                                         Valentine-cookie-pops –recipe here