Garden Work

 We had a busy afternoon! After our concert practice we went out and put our gardening gloves on. Together we cleaned up our garden tub and filled it with flower bulbs. We talked about what it takes to keep plants healthy. How we can protect the flower bulbs from the frost and snow. We saw critters along the way, and talked about the ways we need to respect their living space. It was nice to get out and enjoy fresh air together! We are excited to watch our bulbs grow!

We hope to plant more once we get closer to spring!

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Winter Magic

Division 11 children have been looking forward to our Winter Magic Concert. They have been practicing and singing their Winter Magic song for quite sometime, so we got inspired to make our own interpretation of Winter Magic.

We first discussed the changes we start seeing around this time of year. 

“There is frost on the ground and car windows” -A

“It gets colder”-P

“All the leaves stay on the ground” -Al

“Animals go into hibernation”-F

“It starts to snow!”-R

We talked about the sky and its changing colours

“The sky has purple and blue in it”-T

We then started painting our backgrounds using sponges and blue, turquoise, purple,pink, as our secondary colours, and white as our top coat. The children grew excited seeing the change their backgrounds took after they added white paint on to it. 

We then used plastic wrap on top of the paint to give it a frosty look,

Afterwards we discussed the activities we like to do in the snow time. A lot of students loved snow ball fights and building snowman. You can now see our finished products out in the hallway! 



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Soapstone Carving Workshop

Buckingham students were lucky to take part in a Soapstone Carving Workshop. Through out this workshop students got to use carving tools and materials to bring their soapstone carving to life. 

Each student from our class got to choose between three images: the heart, a starfish or fish. 

Division 11 students worked very hard on using their carving tools to produce their work. Our experience was made extra special by our parent volunteers. 

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies Kindergarten Curriculum:

  • Make a product using known procedures or through modelling of others
  • Use materials, tools, and technologies in a safe manner in physical environments
  • Decide on how and with whom to share their product
  • Explore the use of simple, available tools and technologies to extend their capabilities


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Our Fire Hall Visit

Buckingham Kindergarten’s were excited to go on their very first adventure together! After discussing and learning about fire safety, we got some hands on learning at our neighbourhood Fire Hall Station. 

Division 11 made a book for the Firefighters. They were very excited to share it with them! 

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Apples Apples Apples!!

In these last couple of weeks we have been tasting, learning and even singing about apples! 

This week we have tried 6 different types of apples:

Macintosh, Granny Smith, Pacific Rose, Gala, Red Delicious and Honey Crisp

Our favourites have been the Gala and the Macintosh

“It is so good I want to eat a 100 of them” – M.

“I liked it so much I want my mommy to buy me them!” -B.

“Yummy!” -H.

Through our tasting we have discovered some important things. 

“The skin seems to give the apple lots of yummy flavours.” -F

“Apples are good for us and it gives us lots of good things for our body!”-O 

Our week together ended perfectly with a nice warm apple crisp. The children were very excited to take part in the making and eating! 

Through our apple inquiry we have continued to discover that different types of food provide different health benefit. We have made exploratory observations using our senses, and have worked respectfully and constructively with others to achieve a common goal.

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Thankful Hearts


This week we got to share our gratitude to our families and friends through visual and oral language.

We were very excited to show our family our first classroom book, and loved hearing and seeing each others entries.


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Making patterns!

During our math centers we explored using different materials to make a pattern. Each table had different materials to use. Throughout the time students were excited to share their patterns with others. Some recreated it through a drawing and some shared their patterns during our circle discussion. One students definition of a pattern was, “a pattern is something that likes to repeat itself on and on and on!”



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Number Sense: how many ways can you show the same number?

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Welcome to Division 11`s blog page!

Hello Division 11 families, 

Welcome to our very own blog page, where we will share our Kindergarten learning journey with you! We are excited to learn and grow together, and we look forward to making wonderful memories together!


Ms. Pastora & Division 11 students 

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