Our focus on Remembrance Day. What Peace means to us.

Division 7 students have been learning about Remembrance Day and the many reasons why we acknowledge the day.

Are learning began by talking about what we know about Remembrance Day:

“On Remembrance Day we remember the soldiers that fought for Peace.”

“It is always on the same day each year.”

“Why is it important to remember?”

“Because we want peace.”

“They fought for us and had to leave their families behind.”

“It is important to remember people who cared about uys

The next day we discussed what peace meant to us. We collaborated and made a poem with our ideas:

Peace is love.

Peace is listening to quite music.

Peace is sleeping.

Pease is pictures.

Peace is getting along with each other.

Peace is a good life.

Peace is drinking clean water.

Peace is home.

Peace is family.

Peace is quiet.

Peace is freedom.

Peace is quietness.

Peace is friends.

Peace is kindness.

Peace is eating.

Peace is calm.

Peace is home with family.

Peace is hugging friends.

Peace is teachers.

Peace is colouring.

Peace is community.

Peace is peace.


 We captured peace through the use of different art materials. Here are some of the fascinating creations:

  Some students worked together to bridge their understandings:

Peace is friendship.

“We actually made a town of love”

“We joined them together”

Some of us got inspired to write a story:

“Mine is where there is someone that dropped his shield and his gun and said, “Do you want to be friends? “And the other person is facing his gun downwards. And then there is a poppy on a hill, and then there is a hole where they stayed in.”

We then read, What Does Peace Feel Like?  by  Vladimir Radunsky. The poems featured in the book were made by children ages 7-10. We got inspired by the beautiful poems, and used similes and imagery to create our own poems. 

The children came up with extraordinary poems, true to themselves and their personal values and interests.

Please make sure to read their beautiful poems!


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Our visit with Constable Frank

We had a wonderful visit with Constable Frank. He went through the important role police officers play in our community. We got to ask some questions, and even got to go into his police car!

Thank you for your visit Constable Frank! We appreciate all you do to help and serve our community! 

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Pumpkin Patch Fun

We had a wonderful time at the Pumpkin Patch. Thanks for all the wonderful families that came out to enjoy the day with us! You made our trip extra special.

Here are some pictures from our day!

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Welcome to Division 7`s blog page!

Hello Division 7 families, 

Welcome to our very own blog page, where we will share our  learning journey with you! We are excited to learn and grow together, and we look forward to making wonderful memories together!


Ms. Pastora & Division 7 students 

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