How has technology changed our understanding of living things?

Wayyyy back when the first microscope was invented scientists discovered a whole new world!

Today, scanning electron microscopes along with all sorts of interesting new technology are not only letting us take a closer look at cells but also to investigate what’s inside them, how they communicate, how they reproduce, mutate and more! Technology exists to develop artificial cells, grow cell tissue in laboratories and is even blurring the line between living and non living things more than ever!

Use your research skills to find a technology you are interested in that relates to cells and living things. Describe it here and share what makes it innovating and exciting! Next, explore and comment respectfully and inquisitively on your classmates’ posts 🙂

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Unsung Heroes Amongst Us…BACTERIA!

Bacteria are often compared to viruses or sometimes even mistaken as being the same thing- especially when it comes to causing disease. However, there are actually many examples of how bacteria aren’t bad at all, but rather helpful! In fact, there are bacterial superheroes living amongst us, the problem is we just don’t know it.

Your Mission:

-Identify and expose the true identity of one or more super helpful bacteria living in, around or on us!
-Name the bacteria and describe why it is helpful.
-Include the link to where your information has come from (an informal citation)
-Read and comment thoughtfully on 1-3 of your classmates’ posts
-Can any one bacterial species be deemed Super Bacteria of the Year? Let’s vote!

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How Does Artificial Intelligence Challenge us to Think About Life?

In many of my biology classes we begin studying living things by examining, categorising and defining the characteristics of living things.

Such was the case in Science 8H today, however there is new technology that is pushing the current boundaries us humans have created 😉 What issues do you think might arise from the creation of machines designed to respond like humans? We took some time to listen to an interview with Sophia- a robot designed to create relationships.

Should robots designed to think and react like humans be considered living?

Take a read or a listen, meet Sophia and let us know what you think!

Detail of Sophia prior to the meeting.
Joint Meeting of ECOSOC and the Second Committee on ÒThe Future of Everything Ð Sustainable Development in the Age of Rapid Technological ChangeÓ
More info:

Looking forward to hearing your ideas in the comments section below 🙂

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Bio 12s Investigating pH, Buffers & Applications to the Human Body

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Bio 12s Investigating pH, Buffers & Applications to the Human Body

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‘Twas the night before science class

…and all through the lab, the glassware was twitching, measurements just itching to be had!

The safety goggles were hung by the fume hood with care, in hopes that chemical reactions would soon be a-flare!

The students were nestled, all snug in their beds, not realizing just how much biology, chemistry and physics would soon fill their heads!

Welcome back everyone & looking forward to “sciencing” with you all soon!

Though I must say the cartoon below has me thinking…We might just need to start with some buoyancy experiments 😉

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