Oh Sew Fine!!!

I am quite amazed at how our class has embraced this sewing project for our Fractured Fairy Tale unit.  Your child has brought home their sewing project to work on at home over spring break.  They may need some help bringing their ideas to life as they sew clothes and accessories.  Oh & did you hear about the double wedding happening some time after spring break with Mrs. Scott’s class?

Thank you to all the parent helpers and Grandma’s who came in to help with our sewing project this term, a big thank you and appreciation to Labib, Tadashi, & Lorenzo for sharing your mom’s sewing expertise with us every week as well as Erick’s mom for all the prep work and cutting.


Please remember to bring your doll back to school after the break and all your items you wish to sell at ‘DollMart’.

We wish Christy all the best in her new home and new school, we will miss you Christy!


Pysanky Ukrainian Egg Decorating!


WOW!  Those were some amazing eggs you decorated today.  It seemed so simple until you tried it and realized the technique was more difficult than it looked.



Thank you so much to Mrs. Sware for teaching us her culture and the importance of passing down traditions and language to our children.  Another big thank you to Matthew’s mom, Kerri, for all her help today and to Alan’s mom for popping by.  A reminder…DO NOT EAT THESE EGGS & BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP THEM AS THEY ARE RAW!!!!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Years, only 3 more days of holiday and then back to school on Monday.  I am very excited to be planning our next thematic unit of Fractured Fairy Tales where we will read, make connections, analyze, creative write, and bring our very own character to life using sewing skills for ADST (Applied Design).  Speaking of which… I am looking for parent/grandparent volunteers to come in next Friday to help get us started with our sewing project.  So if any of your parents can help out even for a short time, I would really appreciate extra hands on Friday Jan. 12th. over the lunch break 11:45 – 12:20.  If they want to stay longer into the afternoon they are welcome to stay and help all of you practice your stitching technique.  Please ask your parents and let me know who I can expect.

Many thanks!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas holiday!

Mrs. McDonald

Elves are watching!

Thanks for letting me watch that funny movie with you, I loved Hoodwinked.  Granny was my favourite.  Did you guys like the movie?  Ohhh…I thought I saw your teacher write in her dayplan for next week something about a POP QUIZ on medieval times????  Wonder what that’s about?  Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

Love, Lutan

Elves are watching!

I can’t believe you guys earned a class party, that should be super fun.  I think Mrs. McDonald thought she would beat you and you would never get to 25 points.  I love that you proved her wrong 🙂 Are you watching a movie? I wonder what movie it will be? If you are, can I watch it with you?

PS. By the way, your kingdoms are looking EPIC!  Don’t say anything but I think they just might beat Mrs. Scott’s class in a medieval battle.

Love, Lutan

Elves are watching!

I have to admit I was super disappointed that only 2 people commented on my post, I thought I was very clever having figured out how to hack into Mrs. McDonald’s blog…lol.  She had no idea!  If you do your homework you will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow morning, I promise 🙂   I think Mrs. McDonald is so smart since she figured out how to blog in very little time 😉

PS. I am dreaming of my beach vacation with Lucia, wouldn’t it be cool to meet this crew?

Love, Lutan


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Mrs. S. McDonald