Drivers needed!

Just a reminder that we are going swimming on Thursday, June 21. It’s an all day event so students need to bring a bathing suit, towel and plastic bag to put wet things in. They will also need their lunch, snacks and a water bottle. We are short drivers so if you can help out dropping off and picking up, please get in touch!
As well, Grade 4 students will be attending a movie and all forms need to be returned as soon as possible.
On that note, please send any textbooks or library books you may have at home back to school next week.
Thanks so much and enjoy the sun!

Party and Swimming!

Well, we have lots to celebrate at this time of year!
Our class raised over $250 for Jump Rope for Heart and over $150 from our very successful craft fair! So we will be having a pizza/ PJ party this Friday to spend some of the craft fair money. We are also making a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Our school raised over $5500 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation as well, which is amazing! Thank you for your support.

We need a few more drivers for our swimming field trip on the 21st, so please get in touch if you are available.

Thanks, everyone!

Jump Rope for Heart!

Tomorrow is Jump Rope for Heart! Students have been asked to return their fundraising envelopes tomorrow. Our school goal is to raise $5000 and all money goes to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Our class has made a goal to raise $250!
We will be jumping at 1:45 outside on the playground. Division 5 will be running various “jump stations” for the other students! Students who own their own skipping rope are asked to bring it tomorrow as well.
Happy jumping everyone!


Happy May everyone!
It’s hard to believe we are almost done the school year!
Students, make sure you are making crafts for our fair in June. I’m looking forward to seeing your creations!
We are working on our last math units now. Students will need to practice their math facts (times tables) for this unit and recognize patterns. For example, 1×3, 10×3, 100×3. Please use flash cards, the internet and/or worksheets at home to practice.
In Science we are now learning about the earth and moon and how they interact. The Big Idea is: “The motions of Earth and the moon cause observable patterns that affect living and non-living things.” You may want to get some books from the library with your child to learn more about this. Students have been asking many questions that they would love answers to! (You may be wondering what an “observable pattern” is. Trees losing leaves in the fall is an example of this!)
We are doing mapping in Socials. Students are creating their own maps that include a name, legend, compass and scale. This will be due next Monday.
Jump Rope for Heart is in 2 weeks on Friday, May 18th from 1:45-2:45! Envelopes have been sent home and students have been asked to collect money from family and friends only. All money goes to the Heart and Stroke Association. Thanks for your support!
Enjoy the sun – go outside and jump rope!

Craft Fair/ Student Led Conferences!

Hello everyone!

We have a LOT going on these days!  Two things to be aware of in the next week and month!

Next Thursday will be our Student Led Conferences!  This is a drop-in style event that will take place between 2 – 6pm,  Students will lead you around the classroom showing off their work – I hope you can make it!

Division 5 will be putting on a Craft Fair on Friday, June 1 as part of our Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum.  It will be open to other students who will sign up to come visit our class throughout the morning from 9:30-11:30 approx.  Parents are also welcome to attend!

Please talk to your child about what they may want to make.  As it is a craft fair, all students will be expected to primarily make crafts, not baking.  (Baking is fine, as long as there is also a craft for sale!)  Students may make as many things as they like, with a minimum of 5 crafts. 

Students will have approximately an hour a week to work on their craft in school but may need to bring supplies, depending on what they want to do.  This may be as simple as a homemade drawing or painting! 

Crafts will be sold for up to $2 each (students will decide on pricing) and all proceeds will go towards something the class decides on!

Thank you – your support is much appreciated!

Craft ideas: friendship bracelets, painted plant pots, key chains, coasters, tin can pencil holders, paper flowers, paintings, drawings, decorated pencils, paintings, book marks, stress balls, slime, origami, melty beads, magnets, yarn ornaments, puppets, pet rocks, duct tape rings/wallets, wreaths, glitter bottles

Socials Test!

Hi there!  Just curious to see who remembers to look here for Socials Test info!  Please leave me a message if you do!  Hope this helps you study!

Socials Test Criteria/ Study Notes

  1. Why did the Europeans start exploring? – to find new land, more resources such as fish and fur, for fame, to find silk and spice
  2. What is a Captain’s log? (journal)  Compass (instrument to tell direction)  Lead line (a way to tell depth of water)  Log line (a way to see how fast a ship was moving – they counted knots!), Sand glass (way to tell time)
  3. Facts about life on a ship – food was biscuits, pottage (soup with boiled fish and peas), salted fish and meat, dried peas, beer (!) because it was difficult to keep clean drinking water, and the food often had weevils (!), special jobs they worked at 4 hours on and 4 hours off (carpenter, sail maker, navigator) and they also had to scrub the decks, check for leaks, repair ropes and sails, ships often had a cat to keep the rats away!,  sailors usually slept on deck but the Captain had his own room
  4. Differences between First Nations and Europeans: government (elders in charge vs. king/queen), beliefs that animals and plants had spirits (vs. religion), art made from nature (vs. objects made for homes)
  5. Similarities: children usually learned at home, basic needs were met from using natural resources, traded or exchange goods with others
  6. The resources Europeans most wanted were fur and cod (fish) when they first came to Canada.
  7. A luxury item Europeans most wanted was (beaver fur to make) felt hats.
  8. A trading post was a place where people met to trade and barter.
  9. Items traded were fur, blankets, cloth, beads, copper pots, axe heads, sewing needles, and knives



Students will be having a Socials test next Monday.  Study notes and criteria sheet is being sent home today! 

On a fun note, we have been learning about bartering in class and students will have an opportunity to barter this Friday at lunch.  Any small item (book, toy…) can be traded.  This is optional and students who participate are aware that they should only bring things to school that they are happy to part with!  It will be up to students to decide what a fair barter is! 

We are also working on Power Point projects in Science.  Students may work on their projects at home but please make sure they are doing the work independently.  They may also want to bring in a memory stick to keep their work on.  This needs to go back and forth so students can work on their projects here too!


Mrs. M

Science Test next Wednesday!

Since this week is so short, students have an extra day to study for their Science test on Habitats next week.  (the criteria/study sheet is in their planner)

At this age, students usually haven’t had to study for tests very much.  Here is a great website to share with your child.  It has great tips!  (Believe it or not, one of them to is review test material just before bed when you’re sleepy!)

Making sure your child has a quiet, tidy space to work is also important.  Sometimes the kitchen table is the best spot!

Please ask them to tell you what they know and help them complete their study sheet if necessary.  Thanks!

Long Weekend!

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and enjoys Family Day!

Just a heads up that both grades will be having Unit 4 tests in Math next Tuesday. 

Students also have an Imaginary animal due next Wed. (showing 5 physical or behavioural adaptations).  

I need shoeboxes!  If you have any, please send them to school!


Novel Study!

This term we will be reading The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Clearly.  Students will be reading 2 chapters a week (on Mondays and Thursdays) and completing written tasks after reading.  They will be focusing on summarising the chapters in a journal format, writing as the main character Keith.  If they don’t finish in class, they may need help completing work at home.  Please consider re-reading the chapters with your child as well.  This is a really fun book to read as a family!