Holidays are almost here!

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday! Hopefully everyone gets lots of sleep – that’s what I’m looking forward to! The best thing you can do with your child is get outdoors for some fresh air and fun and read together. Hit the library and grab as many books as you can – they also have free videos!
For those of you who like to know what we’re up to, this term we will be working on Time and Measurement, Fractions, Decimals and Geometry, Explorers, Thermal Energy, Basketball, Gymnastics and Poetry. I’d suggest getting books from the library on these topics too, as it helps support learning at school.
Finally, we have been working on writing letters and addressing envelopes this week. Please help your child memorize their address and how to spell their first and last name. It would be great if they know their phone number too! They will be mailing letters to themselves soon!
All the best and see you next year!
Mrs. M :o)

December is here?!?

Wow, hard to believe it’s almost the holidays – time is flying by!
Just a note that our concert is this Thursday, (Dec. 13) evening and students need to wear blue and white. They can come to the classroom around 6:15. Thanks!
There is also an afternoon performance at 1:30 if you can’t make the evening one!
Tomorrow students have a Socials test – they need to study their web – they should know what to do by now as they’ve had a week’s notice.
Please send in any empty toilet paper or paper towels rolls for our ADST time, if possible!

Science Test info!

We are having a Science test on Wednesday. Here is the:
Science Test Criteria!
– understand what a food chain is, be able to draw a food chain and know what happens if something is removed from the food chain
– define: herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, biodiversity, consumer, producer
– Know 3 behavioural and 3 structural adaptations of animals
– Know how living things respond to their environment (i.e. plants may grow with heat or die with too much heat)
– understand how Indigenous people used their ecosystems (i.e. knew when, what and how to catch or collect food, respected plants and animals and only took what they needed, never wasted anything)
– understand the importance of things being connected and that we need to take care of the environment

Study Tips:
– re-read all notes in a quiet environment
– write down and/ or highlight important key words and what they mean (i.e. carnivore = meat eater)
– ask someone to quiz you
– re-write or say out loud the facts that you’ve learned
– teach someone else what you’ve learned

Good luck!

The Day Before Halloween!

Hello everyone!
Tomorrow is Halloween and we are having a party! Students can wear a costume if they want (no masks or weapons) in the afternoon and bring food if they like. We will be having a costume parade in the afternoon too!
Thursday is PJ Day so students can bring a favourite book and stuffed animal if they like!

Heads up – next week we will be having a test in LA and students are expected to know: the 4 different types of sentences (question, exclamatory, command and statement), 5 sentence paragraph writing, adjectives and nouns, short and long sentences using connecting words and how to correct sentences (capitals, punctuation).

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. M

Science and A.D.S.T.

Check out these cool food chains students made today! Hands on learning at it’s best! The second last picture shows creativity during A.D.S.T. (Applied Design Skills and Technology) – wow!

It’s October!

Hello everyone!
Hard to believe that it’s already October, but here we are! Good news – planners are coming this week! Thanks for your patience! I will be having the students write in them every day, so please check and sign them often. This is my main way of communicating with parents! Your child will also be given a weekly schedule to put in their planner. Please make sure your child has runners at school for PE!

Division 5 has been very busy in the last month adjusting to Gr. 3/4 and new routines. We are working on Habitats in Science and Canada in Socials. Feel free to get books from the library for your child to read about these topics!

I am also asking for donations of empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for our A.D.S.T. time every Wednesday. Students are making marvellous creations with these and we are running out!
Mrs. M :o)