Novel Study!

This term we will be reading The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Clearly.  Students will be reading 2 chapters a week (on Mondays and Thursdays) and completing written tasks after reading.  They will be focusing on summarising the chapters in a journal format, writing as the main character Keith.  If they don’t finish in class, they may need help completing work at home.  Please consider re-reading the chapters with your child as well.  This is a really fun book to read as a family!


Check Your Mailbox! (not inbox!)

Students have been working on learning how to address an envelope and now are going to be receiving mail!  There should be something arriving in your mailbox this week addressed to your child.  Please have them memorize their address if they haven’t already!

We have also been working on learning “home row” in our computer time.  Students practised typing all the home row letters and symbols, as well as “bonus letters” g and h.  If possible, have them show you how well they can do this at home!  

Your child should be able to tell time soon as well!  We have begun our time lessons and most are quite comfortable telling time on an analogue clock.  They know how to count by 5’s and then “add on” to get to the exact time.  We are still learning to be familiar with “quarter after” and “quarter to” the hour but this shouldn’t take long to learn.  If your child has a watch, encourage them to wear it!  

In Writing, among other things, we are learning contractions and the difference between to, too and two, your, you’re and they’re, there and their.  Quiz your child on these if you’d like to have them review more at home.  One of our favourite contractions is “shan’t”.  See if they remember what two words make this contraction! 

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs. M :o)

Happy New Year!

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a restful break – I did!

We are kick starting the year off with letter writing and envelope addressing – something that is still a life skill!  Please help your child memorize their address (and phone number) if they don’t know it already as they will be mailing themselves letters soon! 

Another fun activity will be “Teaching Time”.  This will be an oral language opportunity for students who want to teach the class something.  It can be anything (academic, craft, etc.).  Today we had a lesson in division!  Students who don’t want to teach, can instead tell us about something they are interested in.

This term in Science we are learning about Habitats and how living things sense and respond to their environment. We are also learning that living things are diverse, can be grouped and how they interact in their ecosystems.  If your child has a pet, it would be interesting to ask them how it reacts to it’s environment and how and why this changes.  Or perhaps, if you don’t have a pet, discuss how animals act in the wild, or in zoos and how this differs and why.  



Self Regulation!?!

Do you have a child that self regulates?  Can they monitor and control their own behaviour?  It’s definitely a challenge for children at the Grade 3/4 age range to self regulate consistently and well.  They are often excited about everything around them, so it does take practice!  We are working on this in our class.  Several ideas we came up with to help us calm down and “self regulate” are:

  • take a few deep breaths
  • wiggle or squeeze hands/fingers
  • count to 10 forwards and backwards
  • put distracting things away
  • have a drink of water
  • go for a quick walk

These things are easy to do for children who can recognise that they are not regulated.  Imagine how difficult these things are for children who have no idea they are being too silly!  Behaviours we are trying to work on as a class are: calling out, running in the class, rolling around and wrestling with others, and using a “talking voice” instead of a loud, shouting voice, especially at lunch time. 

If you have time, ask your child how they are doing and if they need to work on this, practice at home!  I think the results will be amazing!

Tests and Studying!

Happy Weekend (almost!)
Today the class and I discussed the idea of studying for tests since they will be  having a Science test on Energy next Thursday.   It’s important to begin studying well ahead of time and not leave it to the last minute (I try and give 1 week’s notice for tests).  We made a list of how to study.  Here were our ideas!

How to Study:

  1.  Find a quiet spot to study where you won’t be disturbed by noise and other people.
  2.  Memorize your notes (read and then re-write your notes, write down questions and answers on little pieces of paper or index cards and try and match each, cover and say – for instance when studying a map).
  3. Ask your parents, etc. to ask you questions.
  4. Use the computer to do some research or watch a video on what you’ve learned.
  5. Make up sentences or write a short story about what you’ve learned.  
  6. Pretend to be a teacher and teach someone else what you’ve learned!

Students will also be expected to know all 13 provinces and territories and place them on a map of Canada in about 2 weeks.  

Enjoy the long weekend!

What’s New!

Hello everyone!

Just an update on what we are working on in class!  Students will be giving oral presentations in the next few weeks (show and tell)!  Please help your child choose a favourite item to talk about (at least 5 sentences) and practice at home.  The focus will be on whether they are audible or not!  Check planners for when their day is.

We are having a Halloween party next Tuesday!  Students may bring treats to share if they want!  

We are learning about thermal energy in Science this term and Canada/ Resources in Social Studies.  If you go to a local library, encourage your child to look for books on these topics!

We still need empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls for our Inquiry time – please send them to school if possible – thanks!

Mrs. M :o)


Back to School!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you all over the last few days!  I look forward to teaching your children and can’t wait to share with you all that we do!  I will try and update this blog every Monday with pictures and/or updates/information.  Please get in touch anytime if you have a question.  I will be sending home a schedule of the week so you know what we are doing every day.  As well, located on my blog, you can see what topics we are working on each term in each subject area. 

Request: We will be having an “inquiry” block each week and I could use any empty toilet paper/ paper towel rolls that you may have kicking around – lol!  The students will be building marble drops in the next few weeks!

Note: Science title page on Energy is due next Wed. 

Criteria: large title, at least 5 pictures, some colour, a border and neat (no scribbling) 


Mrs. M