It’s October!

Hello everyone!
Hard to believe that it’s already October, but here we are! Good news – planners are coming this week! Thanks for your patience! I will be having the students write in them every day, so please check and sign them often. This is my main way of communicating with parents! Your child will also be given a weekly schedule to put in their planner. Please make sure your child has runners at school for PE!

Division 5 has been very busy in the last month adjusting to Gr. 3/4 and new routines. We are working on Habitats in Science and Canada in Socials. Feel free to get books from the library for your child to read about these topics!

I am also asking for donations of empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for our A.D.S.T. time every Wednesday. Students are making marvellous creations with these and we are running out!
Mrs. M :o)