The Many Reasons to go play Outside

Although it often seems so much easier and warmer and more comfortable to stay inside, there are so many reasons to play outside.  It has been reported that in today’s society children spend an average of 4-7 minutes playing outside per day and over 6 hours in front of a screen (I Pad, T.V. Phone etc).

Research has shown that children who spend time playing outside are happier, better at paying attention,  smarter and less anxious.  Spending time in nature builds a child’s confidence, and encourages creativity and imagination.  When children play outside they have lots of room to run and exercise.  Exercise creates greater focus and less stress.   Being outside even sparks a sense of curiosity and wonder that makes a child think in different ways.

I hope this encourages you to put on your warm jacket, mittens and toque and go play outside!

Stay tuned for some fun challenges to encourage connections to the outdoors.



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