Mme Matousek & Mme Marto

Bienvenue les amis de division 12

Salmon dissection

As we near the end of our months long salmon unit, today we did a dissection of an adult salmon. Upon cutting the salmon open, the students  were very excited to discover it was a female. There were lots of comments about sushi and caviar. We removed the internal organs, including the eye and the brain, which you can see in the images above. A big thank you to Saskia, my assistant and to Sameera, the photographer.


Visitors from the Urban Safari Rescue Society

This afternoon, Lucky from the Urban Safari Rescue Society came to visit us with some animal friends. The students were mostly fascinated (maybe a little worried) about the critters. The society has a physical location that is currently closed due to a fire but will reopen in the fall.

  Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Some variety of hairy taratula

Leopard Gecko

Bearded dragon

Box turtle

Red footed tortoise

Corn snake

Ball python

Lionhead rabbit

One of the 2 ferrets

We have some new classmates!

We have 2 new friends joining our class: Pierre le poisson positif and Gigi la girafe généreuse.  These 2 responsibility buddies will be on the lookout for students exhibiting great classroom behaviour.  Gigi will looking for students that are demonstrating kind and respectful behaviour (putting up their hands, waiting their turn, sharing, listening while others speak etc.).

Pierre will be looking for students that have a positive attitude about learning (listen attentively, follow directions and take their time to do their best work).  If a student demonstrates these qualities, they may arrive at school in the morning and find one of the buddies sitting on their desk.  They will get to spend the day with the buddy.  The next day, the buddy will be off to visit another deserving student.  We are hoping that this positive behaviour reward system will encourage students to be their best selves.

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