Notes for the Last Week

It is hard to believe that it is already that time of year. With the year end celebrations beginning, I wanted to pass along a couple of reminders:
– The Year End Assembly will be taking place on Tuesday morning at 9:05 (There is no parent reading). During this assembly, Division 5 will be singing the Kindergarten Graduation Song, to celebrate the completion of their first year at Lyndhurst!
– Thursday is the Grade 7 leaving assembly, followed by an early dismissal at 10 am.

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Boats and Fairy Tales

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been reading different Fairy Tales in class. This built to an activity based on the Three Little Pigs. After reading the story, students coloured characters and the houses for the pigs. Then students re-enacted the story, using the characters and houses as props. Some students chose to work with a partner, while some performed on their own. After some practice, the class was split into two groups, and students had the chance to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs to their peers. Tomorrow, we will begin working on Little Red Riding Hood.

Today, our class got to watch video of our big buddies taking part in the Float Your Boat event. This served as inspiration as students worked on creating and modifying their boats, to transport an animal across the water table. There was lots of success, and also some wet animals. A few of the boats are pictured below.

Please don’t forget, tomorrow we are going to Cameron Park in the afternoon. If your child would like to go in the water park, please ensure they have a bathing suit and towel. They will get changed into their bathing suit at school, and then we will walk over to the park.

With the end of the year drawing near, we have also concluded our home reading program. No new books will be sent home, allowing me to do inventory on all of the books.

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Board Games and Butterflies

Yesterday was full of excitement, as we released most of our butterflies! Students also completed their Diary of a Butterfly, writing their final entry about being free. It has been an incredible learning opportunity and experience for the class, as in one short month they watched the caterpillars grow into these beautiful butterflies.

We were also fortunate enough to have a guest from the UME Academy come to join us. UME Academy focuses on teaching design skills, which involved our class learning about and designing a board game. We began by discussing what board games need – an objective, rules, fair for everyone, etc. Then we talked about some board games that we know, like Snakes and Ladders. Together, a couple of board games were invented on the whiteboard, before the class got to create their own board games. They tested the games, to ensure that they made sense and were fun to play, and they then got to play each others’ games. Have a look at the different designs, and ask your child about the special rules in their game.

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There was a lot of excitement this morning because there was the discovery of three butterflies! When we looked later there were five, and then eight! At last count it was up to eleven!

The class wrote in their butterfly diaries again today, imagining what it would be like to be leaving their cocoons and becoming butterflies! Here were their ideas:
– “Today I get out the net. My mom happy. My mom says, ‘Look, you are a butterfly now.’”
– “I am thinking about I am good at swimming pool.”
– “I am playing Pokémon.”
– “Today I will hatch out of my cocoon.”
– “I would fly and be happy.”
– “Today I am going to eat lots of food to be like that big, big guy.”
– “I hope I can be the coolest butterfly.”
– “I hope that I find a private jet in the dirt.”
– “Today I am beautiful!”
– “I goed to the park with my dad and my sister and my mom.”
– “I am happy that. Turned into a butterfly.”
– “Today I got out of my cocoon and I learned how to fly.”
– “I am a butterfly and I got out of my cocoon today.”
– “I am a butterfly now. I play with my friends and eat oranges.”
– “I am a butterfly and I would play in my friends beautiful flower garden.”
– “If I got out of my cocoon, I would use my magical powers to make the world rainbow.”
– “I am going to use my magic to make the whole world rainbow.”
– “I would play with a lot of butterflies.”
– “I want to eat oranges.”

The hope is that the weather will cooperate and we will be able to release them on Monday afternoon (2:30 pm), if you would like to join us. If this is not going to be possible, I will make a post on this blog before 9 am on Monday morning. You are also welcome to check with me in the morning on Monday. We will need to ensure that it is warm enough and not raining, so that our butterflies can fly away.

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With so much going on at this time of year, here are a few reminders about the upcoming weeks:
– Scholastic orders are due tomorrow. This is the last order of the year.
– As a thank you for all of your hard work and support, Wednesday is the Volunteer Tea. Hopefully I will see you there.
– Thursday is our second trip to the Inspiration Garden. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately.
– Lyndhurst Library books are due at the end of the week. Please ensure they are back by June 11th to avoid receiving a late notice.
– Friday, June 15th we are going to Cameron Park for the afternoon. A notice is coming home with students today.
– We had our final visit of the year to the Cameron Library last week. Please don’t forget to return the books by June 21st to avoid paying late fees.

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Science News!

There has been some very exciting Science news during the past several days. Coming back from the weekend, we discovered that many of our caterpillars have transformed and have entered their next stage (Chrysalis). This led to a lot of excitement in the class, and prompted us to write our next diary entry in our Diary of a Butterfly. Some of the entries today included:
– “I am going to sleep for the rest of my life.”
– “Today I hope I turn into a butterfly before the sunset rises.”
– “I am going to sleep for the rest of my life.”
– “Today I turned into a chrysalis.”
– “I want to turn into a butterfly now.”
– “I am making a cocoon.”
– “Today I grow up. My mom says, ‘Maybe you grow up, up, up. I Maybe you be a butterfly.’”

We also received the results back from our Tomatosphere project. Our letter J seeds germinated at a success rate of 90% (30/33), while the rest of Canada saw a germination rate of 76% (28153/37028). Our letter K seeds had a germination rate of 93% (30/32), while the rest of Canada had a rate of 75% (28485/37742). We also learned that the letter J seeds were the control seeds for the experiment. Our letter K seeds on the other hand, spent approximately 6 weeks on the International Space Station! These tomato plants will be coming home this week. Take care of them and enjoy the tomatoes!

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Egg Drop

After weeks of hard work and testing, yesterday was our long awaited egg drop experiment. Students began this experiment by testing different structures that could keep an alien safe. Once these structures were created, the next task was exploring different materials that would help slow their structure down, as it fell. The class concluded that a parachute was needed, which students designed, then tested parachute people to see what was needed to design an effective parachute, then they altered and improved their parachutes.

After many weeks of testing and altering their designs, yesterday an egg was added to the structure. With the eggs in place, we went out to the playground to test them. Most eggs survived the original drop from the low end of the playground. Then it was up to the top of the playground for the final challenge. Several eggs survived this drop, while we also enjoyed watching some of the eggs break.

A video will hopefully be available at a later date (hoping for the next Celebration of Learning, June 8th), but in the meantime here are a few screenshots of the egg drop.

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Thank You

As a follow up to our class meeting today, it is with mixed emotions that I confirm that I will not be back at Lyndhurst next year. It is an incredible school, with great staff and students, which I will miss so much. I thank all of the parents for their support, especially during what has been a very difficult year. At this time, the decision to change school districts was made in the best interest of my family.

As always, the class is always open, please feel free to come by with any questions or concerns.

I wish you and your children all the best in the their learning journey.
– Nathan

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New Additions to our Class

Today we welcomed some new additions to our class…


We will be tracking their growth and development on their journey to becoming butterflies. With the arrival of our caterpillars, students also began their Diary of a Butterfly. These are a take on the Doreen Cronin books (Diary of a Worm, Spider and Fly). Taking on the role of a caterpillar today, students thought about what they would say.

Here were some of the diary entries:
– “I am reading a book.”
– “Today I wish I was a butterfly.”
– “Today was a great day. I getted to stay home for the whole day.”
– “I will eat 28 cookies.”
– “I am going to paint the piano.”
– “Today I went to school.”

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Symmetry, Paint and Imagination

A few updates on the learning that has been taking place in Division 5 during the last week. Our exploration of shapes has continued, and students naturally began using symmetry when building with the different shapes. As an extension of this activity, they worked with partners to try to copy what their partner had created. You can see some of these designs and scenes below.

Today, students got outside to explore our school grounds, as well as their imaginations as they created some outdoor art. In place of our Nature Walk, we spent the morning outside at school, reading It Looked Like Spilt Milk And Little Cloud. These books inspired our outdoor art, as students painted pictures of the clouds or the landscape. They also used different materials, like sand and grass, mixed into their paint, to add texture to their paintings.

When we came back inside, we watched the Oreo Wonderfilled commercial. It is about all the things that could happen if someone or something was given an Oreo. Then it was the class’ turn to imagine, how would things change if they were given an Oreo. Our afternoon was spent beginning to construct the structures that will hopefully keep our eggs safe, when we get to our egg drop experiment. We plan on continuing to develop our safe structures and the parachutes that will hopefully slow down our egg, over the coming days.

A few reminders:
– Sports Day is Friday, with all students being encouraged to wear their team colours (Red, Blue or Green). Students will also be dismissed at 12:15 pm.
– The Lyndhurst Fun Fair is also right around the corner. It will take place on May 25th.

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