Division 5 Update

Since the last blog post, the students in Division 5 have been up to so many new and different things. There have been dance lessons, morning reading days, activities for Earth Day and a new project.

The dance lessons have run all this week, and will finish tomorrow. Students have been having such a fun and positive experience with Brooke. They have enjoyed it so much, that many students felt compelled to make Brooke a thank you card during their explorations today. With Brooke, they have learned dances from different parts of the world, and different time periods. This will all culminate tomorrow in the dance performance taking place at 2:00 pm.

Thank you to all the family members who have joined us for our first two morning reading days. The students have loved reading with you. Thank you for taking the time and being so inviting to students who may not have a family member in attendance.

With Earth Day coming up, students have also been thinking a lot about our environment. They thought about what animals and plants need, and ways that they can help the planet, or a particular plant or animal. We have read several different books as well, including Milo and the Magic Stones and The Lorax. Their Lorax inspired artwork is included in the photo gallery below.

Lastly, the class has embarked on a new project. Over the last couple of weeks, students have planned, designed and tested different structures to help their alien get to the ground as softly as possible. It began with many students adding cushioning in some sort of structure, before the addition of parachutes to try to slow down the fall. Learning how to accomplish both of these tasks will be important as we intend on replacing our aliens with eggs! Check back in the coming weeks to see if we can protect our eggs. Until then, enjoy the pictures of what we have been working on.

  • The materials for making our alien drop structures.
  • An alien basket.
  • A lid to keep the alien from falling out.
  • Cushioning the interior of the basket.
  • Looking at how a Parachute Person’s parachute works.
  • Looking at a parachute.
  • Designing a parachute.
  • Lorax inspired artwork.

A few reminders:
– No school Monday, as it is a Pro D Day.
– Student Led Conferences are next Thursday, April 26th.
– April 27th is We Are Silent Day at school.
– Please return consent forms for the Field Trips to the Inspiration Garden.

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Chocolate Eggs!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Spring Breaks, whether it involved travel to another place, hosting visitors or play dates, or spending some quality family time. A highlight for many students was their hunt for Easter Eggs. This theme was also part of our lead up to Spring Break, and culminated with our Easter Egg hunt today.

Prior to the Easter Egg hunt, students made a basket, as well as an intricate Easter Egg. Their first job was to design their egg, which they then outlined using a glue gun. The glue was used to add texture, and to repel the water colour paint, which was the last step to these intricate and creative eggs!

  • Carefully crafted Easter Eggs.
  • Pencil outlines.
  • Carefully using the glue gun.
  • Can you spot all of the eggs?

A few reminders:
– Please return report card envelopes back to me as soon as possible. They will be reused at the end of the year.
— Thursday we will be returning to the Cameron Public Library. Please don’t forget to send your child’s books (if they have not already been returned) and their library card.

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Creating a Community

During the months of February and March, the students of Division 5 have been exploring the theme of community. This has included: What makes a community? Who is in a community? And, what does a community need?

To put this learning together, our class worked on creating our very own community. It began with each student creating a house to live in. With a house to live in, we then began thinking about what else our community needed. The first additions included a school (our very own Lyndhurst), roads, three hospitals, a couple of gyms and a restaurant. Through discussions, students made their thinking visible, and placed each building into the community. The three hospitals for example, were spread out, as students said that everyone needed to be close to a hospital in case they were to get hurt. These discussions also led to the future placement of a bank, gas station, fire hall, police station, ice cream shop, parks and a Costco.

This project demonstrated students’ understanding of communities and what they need, and it became a collaborative project that every student participated in making and organizing. It seems like a pretty amazing community to me!

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How strong is spaghetti?

After a great outdoor adventure yesterday (in the sunshine), we returned to our classroom for another building challenge. Today students were using just two materials, masking tape and spaghetti noodles. With these two materials, they were challenged to think creatively, to design a structure that could hold Keva Blocks or our large wood blocks. The challenge was to see, how much weight could the noodles hold? Check out the structures below.

We will expand on this building next week, when we return to our noodle and tape constructions. Next time, students will be challenged to think critically, reassessing their plans, as the number of noodles they can use will be limited.

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Reminder: Nature Walk Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder, tomorrow will be our first nature walk down to the Stoney Creek Ravine. The weather is supposed to cooperate for us, but please ensure your child has a jacket and a change of clothes, just in case! The trails and forest will likely be muddy, so please send boots or an extra pair of runners for your child.

In preparation for our nature walk, students have been generating questions about the Stoney Creek Ravine and nature. Here are some of their questions:
“How do trees grow?”
“Where does water come from?”
“How does water grow?”
“I wonder where zebras come from?”
“How do animals stay alive?”
“How do carrots grow?”
“How are there lakes?”
“Where do spiders come from?”
“How is the shark?”
“How do spiders live?”
“Where does fox come from?”
“How does it rain?”
“How do panda bears climb without falling off?”
“I wonder what I can see in nature when I am a cat?”
“How can butterflies grow?”
“How can trees grow?”

Hopefully our walks will generate more questions, as well as some answers!

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Pink Day!

It was so great to see so many students in pink today! We have been reading books all week about how to treat each other and about bullying. The books included Pink! and The Invisible Boy, which served as great conversation starters for our class.

Students also made their own Patrick the Penguin, and they completed a writing entry today thinking about what they were doing for Pink Shirt Day. One student summarized Pink Day by saying, “I am using my special powers to show the bullies that Pink Day is to be friends.” A great message for us to all remember!

One reminder, please do not forget that we are visiting Cameron Library again tomorrow. If you have not returned your books, please ensure your child returns them to school tomorrow.

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Marshmallows and Toothpicks

What could you make with toothpicks and marshmallows? Could you make a person or a porcupine or a building?

With a little creativity, hard work and perseverance, these were some of the structures that students were able to create today.

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The Boys’ And Girls’ Club

Today was a busy day for Division 5. We were lucky enough to have a special guest come and visit us and our medium buddies from Ms. Chin’s class. Our guest, Jordan Herdman, is a linebacker for the BC Lions. He came and read us a story, we saw some highlites from his career, he told us about his journey to the CFL and answered questions. It was great to hear his message about making good choices and how hard work brought him to Simon Fraser University, and then to professional football.

Over the last couple of weeks, students have been constructing different forts. These forts began in the classroom with the use of blankets and pillows, and then extended outside today. We shortened our outdoor experience due to the cold, skipping the walk, and instead choosing to stay at our school. The cold did not deter students from getting outside for an hour, exploring the ice and attempting to make a fort using tarps. Have a look at a few of the photos from our day.

  • A pillow and blanket fort.
  • Extending the size of the fort.
  • The evolution of an outdoor fort.
  • Adding walls.
  • The Boys' and Girls' Club.
  • Always fun to break the ice!
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Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year

Students have been busy doing both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year related activities over the last two weeks.

Valentine’s Day activities over the past two weeks have included making bags for Valentines, making sugar cookies, and a carnival. Students were very excited to make their bags last week, and they were even more excited to open them up yesterday! The sugar cookies were made on Tuesday, with students adding and mixing all of the ingredients. Then they got to ice them on Valentine’s Day, adding sprinkles and frosting. Students were also inspired by Monday Hearts for Madalene. They made hearts outside on the school grounds and, “Put love out into the world,” using different materials. The carnival was also a hit, as there were numerous different stations. The favourites included the bow and arrow challenge, the cookie walk and face painting.

To learn about Chinese New Year, we read the book Cleversticks with Mrs. Good. This story is about a boy (Ling Sung) who moves to a new school and struggles with some of the things that other children are able to do. The class then discovers that Ling Sung is very good at using chopsticks. When the students try, they have difficulty and look to Ling Sung to help them. After reading this book, our class had the opportunity to try to fill their bowls with different items, while only using chopsticks. The pictures will show some of the things that students were able to pick up. Students also learned about the Chinese Zodiac, including the story of The Great Race, and learning about the Year of the Dog. After hearing the story of The Great Race, students coloured and re-enacted the story, or tried to come up with a creative way to get across the river.

  • The Zodiac.
  • To get across the river...We would build a wall and jump across.
  • To get across the river...We would take a boat across.
  • The Zodiac animals.
  • To get across the river...Hop on the logs between the rocks.

A few reminders, next week is our first outdoor walk. Please return your permission forms for this activity by Tuesday. Scholastic orders are also due on Tuesday. Lastly, don’t forget, tomorrow (Friday) is a Pro-D Day. There is no school for students tomorrow.

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Cameron Library Visit

This week Division 5 took part in two outings. On Wednesday, we attended a performance at Stoney Creek by the Emergency Preparedness Squad. During this presentation, students were encouraged to interact and share their ideas about potential emergencies and things that can be done if there is an emergency. You may hear the I am ready song or see Superhero breathing as a result.

Today we visited the Cameron Public Library. At the library we met one of the librarians (Jennifer) and many students took advantage of the opportunity to borrow up to 2 books from the library. If your child borrowed books today, these books are due back on March 1st. This coincides with out next trip to the library, allowing your child to return the books to school on March 1st (our next visit) or you can return them (and borrow other books) at a convenient time for you.

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