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Fun with Movements

Over this past week, students in Division 17 have been experimenting with the scientific concepts of push and pull. The students have been experimenting and working with materials and finding different ways that they can move items. Some types of movements are push, roll, bounce, drop and others. They have also been working with marbles, golf balls, string, and a variety of other items. Students are using scientific principles while having fun trying to explore push and pull, and using these forces on different objects. They have created a catapult that they had taken home to explore how to move a pompom and how to move a sheep in a jeep.

Literacy Week at Aubrey

During Literacy Week, Division 17 was excited for some reading, writing, and oral storytelling everyday! We also had the pleasure of listening to many guest speakers do read alouds and we ended the week with PJ day and flashlight reading. This led to many students asking if we could do some science with flashlights. Stay tuned!

Feelings and Zones of Regulation

Over the past few weeks, Div.17 has been learning about Zones of Regulation and feelings. Students learned vocabulary around feelings like excited, angry, scared, guilty, lovely, sad, jealous, and etc. and they put feelings in sentences like “Sometimes I feel ___________”. Through Zones of Regulation, students have become more aware of how they are feeling in certain situations, what each colour zones means, and what they can do when they are in the Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red Zone.



3 Ways to Read a Book

To prepare for our Daily 5 Language Arts Program, students have been practicing on building their STAMINA. We have been practicing “read to self” for 10 minutes everyday! When reading with your child at home, please use the “3 Ways to Read a Book” visual to support their reading at home. A little bit a day can make a big difference!

School-wide Wooden Leaf Project

All students at Aubrey participated in the school-wide wooden leaf project in the month of September. After the leaves are cut and sanded, they will be painted and attached to our chain-linked fence along Stratford Avenue. Our school culture this year focuses on #AUBREYCARES, which includes kindness, community, respect, humility, safety, responsibility, caring, and gratitude.

Butterfly Unit

Our butterfly kits arrived this week! We began having class discussions about what we already know about caterpillars and butterflies. We also began investigating the life cycle of a butterfly and butterfly symmetry. A booklet called “Butterfly, Butterfly” has gone home this week, please read the book with your child and ask, “do you recognize a pattern in this book?” and “what book does this remind you of?”.  Enjoy!

Meeting Constable Frank!

Last week, Division 15 had a great time meeting Constable Frank on Zoom! Constable Frank shared with us details about his job, ways to stay safe, the importance of knowing our home address and our parents’ phone numbers, and so much more. Thank you Constable Frank!

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