Division 1 -Grade 6/7

Mr. Larsen

Topic ideas for “Sharing an Authentic Moment”

Written By: larsene - Jan• 31•23



Today we shared some class generated topics for our public speaking activity. You can

  1. Overcoming a fear or phobia.
  2. A personal triumph, such as winning a competition or achieving a goal.
  3. A moment of self-discovery or realization.
  4. A meaningful conversation with a loved one.
  5. A transformative experience, such as traveling to a new place.
  6. A moment of kindness shown by a stranger.
  7. A moment of empathy or understanding for someone different.
  8. A moment of forgiveness or reconciliation with someone.
  9. A random act of kindness or generosity.
  10. A moment of humility or understanding one’s own limitations.
  11. A moment of gratitude for the people or things in one’s life.
  12. A moment of inner peace or mindfulness.
  13. A moment of creativity or inspiration.
  14. A moment of overcoming adversity or challenge.
  15. A moment of bonding with friends or family.
  16. A moment of teamwork or collaboration.
  17. A moment of learning or personal growth.
  18. A moment of generosity or selflessness.
  19. A moment of compassion or understanding for others.
  20. A moment of inner strength or resilience.
  21. Breaking a record
  22. A happy memory
  23. Taking part in a team sport or tournament
  24. Working with classmates on a project or activity
  25. A time I volunteered or did fundraising
  26. A Vacation with your family
  27. A moment of generosity

Tackling the Invasive Species of our School Forest

Written By: larsene - Nov• 07•22

Today we are pleased to take part in a workshop to identify different invasive species that have taken root in our school forest area. We will gain a better understanding of the damage done by these plants and how we can safely take action to remove them.

Welcome to Division 1!

Written By: larsene - Sep• 13•22

It was wonderful to meet our new division 1 classroom today! This week we are working together on collaborative activities and getting to know each other to create our grade 6/7 community. I was impressed with the cooperation right from the start of the day.

Notices for today:

Grade 6: an important notice came concerning our trip coming up in April.

Grade 7: Please go over the three notices from Mr. Martin about band as soon as possible.

all: We will have our first library visit next week, please bring a couple of books from home to read for this week.

Mr. Larsen

Class lists for 2022-23 coming soon!

Written By: larsene - Sep• 12•22

Please check with information sent from the school.

Important Dates

Written By: larsene - May• 18•22
Hello Parents,
Here is a note to make you aware of some upcoming dates.  More details and permission forms will follow. We are excited that field trips and regular end-of-year activities may resume!
Friday, May 20: Reading Day – Students may bring blankets, pillows, stuffies, extra snacks and lots of reading material!
Thursday, June 2: Sports Day – Wear your house colour and be prepared for the weather!  This year’s Sports Day will be closer to “normal”, but classes will stick together as they move through the stations. This day also has an early dismissal.
Friday, June 3: Pro-D Day
Wednesday, June 8: Viking for a Day– Grade 7s who are attending Burnaby North next year will be spending the day participating in activities at North. Plan to drop off and pick up from Burnaby North. More details to follow!
Friday, June 17: Loonie Swim – we will be walking to and from Kensington outdoor pool.
Thursday, June 23: Cultus Lake Waterslides for Grade 7s only (permission form to follow).  Grade 6s will remain at school.
Monday, June 27: Playland Field Trip– for whole class.  We will be looking for parent drivers for this one. More details and permission form coming soon!
Wednesday, June 29: Grade 7 Leaving Ceremony (in-person) at 9am – last day for all students.  Each grad will be able to have 2 guests attend in person.  More details to follow.
Thank you,
Mr. Larsen

Student Led Conferences 2022

Written By: larsene - Apr• 19•22

This year students will bring home Portfolios and a Student Led Conference package in the week of April 25th. We will go over and practice the process at school before packages are brought home. This is a time to celebrate the efforts made this year and to set some goals for the final weeks of the school year.

Smart Snack Friday

Written By: larsene - Mar• 09•22

Grad Smartsnack Sale Flyer_Final

Public Speaking Challenge

Written By: larsene - Feb• 07•22

In keeping with Burnaby District tradition, our Grade 6s and 7s will write and present speeches this term.  We will be presenting these speeches beginning Feb 28!  You can help your child prepare by talking about ideas with them, assisting with proofreading, and having them practice at home. Please time the final version of the speech to ensure that it meets the requirements listed below.


TOPIC: Pursuit of Happiness


Possible guiding questions:



  • Describe what happiness means to you.
  • What is something you have experienced, read about, or viewed, that has made you happy, content or joyful? Has bringing joy to someone else in your life increased your happiness? Describe. 
  • Why is happiness important in life? How has this experience enriched your life or made it better? Why is it important to experience joy?
  •  How might this joyful experience impact your future or the future of others close to you?



  • Feb. 7-11: Completing outline and writing draft
  • Feb. 14-18: Conferencing, revising and working on good copy
  • Feb. 22: Good copy due. Practice in class and at home.
  • Feb 28- Mar. 4: Speech presentations in class
  • Week of Mar. 7: Speech finals for school (4 finalists)
  • Grade 7: 3-5 minutes in duration
  • Grade 6: 2-4 minutes in duration
  • Please see criteria sheet attached for details on expectations for content, style/form, delivery (voice) and delivery (body)

Burnaby North Parent Information Night

Written By: larsene - Jan• 25•22

Please see attached info:

Burnaby North Sec Gr 7 Parents’ Information

New Year 2022

Written By: larsene - Jan• 05•22

It’s a New Year, and I look forward to welcoming all Division 1 students back to the classroom soon! Please continue to read e-Mails and notices sent from the school and district for up to date information. Stay safe and warm.