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Kindergarten - Division 16

Backwards Day and Spring Break

Hi families,

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 9th, our school will be hosting “March Mayhem”! We are welcoming students to wear their clothing backwards or even inside out! (This is optional!)

Spring Break Preparations:
Can you please send a plastic bag to school with your child either tomorrow or Friday.
We will be sending home all of their cloakroom belongings (i.e. Clothes, Shoes, Muddy Buddies, etc.) on Friday.
Once school resumes on Monday, March 27th, please send back a complete set.
A complete set includes:
-1 pair of pants
-1 shirt
-1 pair of underwear
-1 pair of socks
-inside shoes (no laces)
-rain pants/muddy buddy -if possible

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring Break!

Mrs. Kovac

Black Excellence Day

Hi families,

We will be observing Black Excellence Day on Monday, January 16th. Your child is encouraged to wear a black shirt on this day.

What is Black Excellence Day?

As a lead up to Black History Month, Black Excellence Day is a day to rejoice Black history and learn about Black stories, Black art and Black people, and a day to stand in solidarity with Black Canadians.

  • Black Excellence Day was created by Ninandotoo Society.
  • January 15th is in honour of the great civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was born on January 15, 1929.
  • The contributions of Black Canadians and the ongoing civil rights struggle of Black Canadians often go unacknowledged in our history books and school curriculum.
  • The term Black Excellence was born out of the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

At the Kindergarten level, we will be reading stories written by black authors and having class discussions.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mrs. Kovac

Family Reading!

Dear Families,

We are welcoming all parents and guardians to participate in our Family Reading time!

Family Reading will be from 8:50am-9:15am, every Friday!

On a Family Reading morning, students will enter the classroom, as they have been, to do their morning jobs. (Hang belongings, change shoes, deliver their mail and other morning activities.)
Once they have completed all their jobs, we are welcoming our families to come and read with us!

What does this look like?

Parents are welcomed into our classroom after the bell (while still allowing students to continue on with their morning jobs). You can find a comfortable spot to read in our classroom in the meantime.  Please note, you are not restricted to reading with your child only.  We want to welcome small groups of families and children reading together.  Younger siblings are welcome. I will signal the end of Family Reading at approximately 9:15am, when families can say goodbye and our class will start our day.

Thank you for your support of Family Reading as promoting literacy both at school and at home is critical to building a lifelong love of reading.

Many thanks,

Mrs. Kovac

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