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Grade 7 Graduation Ceremony Tomorrow

Hi families,
Tomorrow at 1pm, Capitol Hill will be celebrating the Grade 7 Graduation on a zoom meeting. The Kindergarten classes have been invited to participate in a very special way! It is customary for the Kindergarten students, our youngest, to hand a flower to a Grade 7, our oldest, as they cross the stage for graduation. You are welcome to tune in with the link below. Thank you for helping your child look sharp for the graduation ceremony!

Below are the instructions for joining the zoom meeting from Mr. Kanno:

Good afternoon everyone,

We will be hosting our Grade 7 Leaving Ceremony tomorrow (Friday, June 24th) at 1pm.  We have invited grade 7 family members (2 members per family) to join us for the assembly in person).  If you would prefer to join us remotely or other have other family members who wish to join us, please see the invitation below to join us via Zoom:

Topic: Capitol Hill Grade 7 Leaving AssemblyTime: Jun 24, 2022 01:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 629 2221 4310Passcode: 489297


Mrs. Kovac

Safe Bodies, Strong Kids

Hi families,

Next week, the Kindergarten classes will be learning about personal awareness and personal safety strategies.  We will be using a program called “Safe Bodies, Strong Kids” that was jointly developed by several school districts in the lower mainland.   Research has shown that children who are taught the correct names of body parts, self-assertive strategies, along with being made aware of how and when to seek an adult’s help, are less likely to be victimized and/or exploited and are more likely to report earlier if they are. (Finkelhor, Asdigian, & Dzuiba-Leatherman, 1995a, 1995b; Rispens, Aleman, & Goudena, 1997; Topping & Barron, 2009; Gibson & Leitenberg, 2000)

Personal safety is one of the learning standards of the Physical and Health Education Curriculum mandated by the Ministry of Education.  Children, throughout their school education, will learn about various topics including personal safety, personal boundaries and how to seek help when needed.

Examples of topics discussed in the program include:

  • Your body belongs to you
  • Safe and respectful reasons for touch
  • What to do when a touch is not safe and respectful
  • Scientific names for private parts of the body
  • The “No, Get Away and Tell” safety rule

Please use this as an opportunity to talk to your child about what they are learning and practice the safety strategies they have been introduced to.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Mrs. Kovac

A Chicken in Kindergarten!

Hi families,

We had an exciting day in Kindergarten! One of our 3 chicks hatched over the weekend!
Here is our little chick!

Farmer Cassandra was able to drop off the habitat for our newly hatched chick. We set up the tub enclosure, watering dish, food and warming light. Farmer Cassandra let us know that the chick will start to gain more strength over the next few days and will continue to get more and more fluffy. The chick will need lots of warmth from the warming light during it’s first few days of life. The chick is still receiving nutrients from the egg yolk that it absorbed in their egg so it may not eat food for the first couple of days.
The students noticed how vocal our chick was as it cheeped throughout the day. We made connections to babies in our lives that also cry and this helped the students understand our chick better.
We are so excited to continue to learn all about chickens!

Did you know that our chicks are called Black Silkies? This is what our chicks will look like when they are fully grown!

We are excited to have our other two chicks hatch as well. We will be looking out for the “pip”, the initial crack during the hatching process. We also learned that chicks will peep while still in the egg and this will signal that they will hatch within the next 24 hours.
We are excited to be care takers for our new chick friends.

Lots of love,
Mrs. Kovac

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