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Welcome to my Aubrey families!

Good Luck to our Grads!

Leaving elementary school and heading off to high school is a big step! Thank you for being the leaders, the change makers, and the wonderful human beings that you are – we will miss you next year at Aubrey! For a trip down memory lane, here is a link below to the Lion King Jr. to which you all made huge contributions. Continue to find what makes you truly happy – in the process you will change the lives of others around you in a positive way. Hakuna matata, my friends!


Lion King – March 12.mp4

VSO Live Q&A with Maestro Tausk!

Through our school’s partnership with the Vancouver Symphony’s VSO Connects program, the school has enjoyed access to the VSO Virtual Learning Hub. As part of the Meet the Maestro learning module, all students are invited to participate in the Virtual Live Question & Answer period with Maestro Otto Tausk, who will be joining us from his home in the Netherlands!

When: Monday June 15th from 11AM-12PM.

How: This will be on the Zoom platform.

Participation in this special event is intended to be feasible for in-class groups, as well as for individuals/families at home. Participants will need to have the free Zoom download on their computer, phone, or tablet, and register in advance.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Students are encouraged to first view Maestro Tausk’s Meet the Maestro video, here:

Connects All Modules Link:

Password: VSOAf4r6

Week 10: Flight of the Hummingbird

Flight of the Hummingbird

Remember the amazing opera production about “dukduktiya” (the hummingbird) that came to our school in January?! Vancouver Opera has recorded their show and has sent us a link so we can watch it again and take part in some activities that we can try at home. There is a “sound walking” activity to try on a beautiful day, drama activities, and also the short film “Haida Manga” to review, that we enjoyed together, about each one of us doing our part.

Week 9: Back to School!

To my Music students.

Posted by Susan Kiddie on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Well my friends, it’s time for me to head back to Aubrey as we slowly make our way back to our “new normal”! Together we will figure out the best way to move forward with music, as we must have music in our lives! We will continue to play, create, explore and express ourselves in new and familiar ways. I’ve missed you and it will be wonderful to slowly bring our community back together! If you have decided to stay home this month, please continue to enjoy the activities from any of the past 9 weeks on my blog, and I will endeavour to find new activities to post.  Stay well! 🙂

Week 8: Kahoot!

Let’s play Kahoot!

This is a self-paced challenge to answer 20 questions based on ideas we have been exploring since January – music notation, note names, rhythmic values, and instruments of the orchestra. You have until Friday, May 29th noon to play, and you can play as many times as you like to improve your score. It is not a timed game, but you do earn points for speed as well as accuracy. You can use your own name or create a musical nickname for yourself so only you know who you are! You can play on any device such as computers, tablets, iPads or smartphones.

See how many points you can win by testing your knowledge of note names, rhythms, instruments of the orchestra, and more!  Click here to play Kahoot:


Here’s another activity that I think you’ll enjoy and find super easy. I had lots of fun playing with it myself!

Type Drummer

            Go to

Basically the letters on your keyboard create percussion sounds. Type words to create interesting patterns of sounds. See further instructions under grade tabs 2 – 7 🙂

Week 7: VSO Connects

I hope you had a chance to enjoy some of the virtual field trips with Maestro Andrew and the VSO this week. As I mentioned in my last post, Aubrey Elementary has been given special access to its VSO Connects program, since this was to be our special project this Spring. Under your grade tab are suggested activities – enjoy!

Meanwhile, here is a new song from Olaf and our friends at Disney which sums up how we all feel right now…

Week 6: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Thank you for submitting so many awesome verses to our school song! Click here to add a verse, make changes, or sing what others have written! You are all so creative with your lyrics and how you have been spending your time…

PowerPoint:  We Can Make a Difference!

VSO Virtual Learning Hub

Back in September I arranged for our school to be part of a very special project with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. We started to delve into this project with our primary classes in February and March with a unit on the orchestra which led up to our field trip to the Orpheum Theatre. After Spring Break the rest of Aubrey Elementary was to join in a special program called VSO Connects. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, this program has had to make changes to accommodate for learning at home. However, the VSO has done a fabulous job creating a Virtual Fieldtrip in the meantime. Assistant Conductor Andrew Crust takes us on a musical adventure! Check week 6 activities under your grade tab for further links and activities.

The VSO Connects program has a cost to it, but because Aubrey was chosen as the only Burnaby school to participate, we all have free access! Stay tuned as further details along with passwords to access this program will be ready for us next week!

Week 5: Star Wars – May the Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars Theme using the Chrome Music Lab Songmaker

If you haven’t had a chance to try SongMaker, which is part of the Chrome Music Lab, here’s a fun activity! The Songmaker allows you to click on a grid to add melodic or rhythmic sounds. Press the play button to hear your creation.
In these Star Wars activities, you will create your own version of the main Star Wars Theme by John Williams, using the Chrome Music Lab Songmaker. You can save your work, then send it to me!
There are levels to work through to become a jedi master… May the Fourth be with you!

To my K/1s… I have other fun activities for you under your grade tab for week 5, but feel free to try this too (check under the grade 2/3 tab) 😉

Please keep your song lyrics for “We Can Make a Difference” coming in! I’ve received some excellent verses so far and can’t wait to compile many more! To add your verse or see the verses that have already been written, click here:

School Song PowerPoint 

Keep those verses coming! 🙂

Music Monday Today – Sing along…

Remember last year we learned Oscar Peterson’s “Hymn to Freedom” for Music Monday? It’s the same song this year, so sing along with some of our wonderful music teachers from Burnaby…

“We Can Make a Difference” School Song

Wow! I am so impressed by all the verses you have been coming up with for our song!

Below is a PowerPoint. Click on it and choose one empty slide to add your ideas. Put your name at the top and your verse on the bottom half. Feel free to add a picture or customize as you like. You’ll be able to see everyone’s contributions so far! As this is a live document there is no need to “Save”.

Can’t wait to sing the whole thing with you one day! 🙂

PowerPoint:  We Can Make a Difference!

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