What an exciting week!!

Hello Friends and Families of Div.14!

We had so many exciting events going on this week the week just flew by!

This week we found out if Phil the groundhog saw his shadow and if we would have more winter! We also decorated our classroom to help celebrate Lunar new year! We found out that our class was born in the year of the dragon and made dragon masks to honour that. On Wednesday we participated in Global Play day. This day was AMAZING! I was blown away by the amount of learning I saw throughout the day. I was really impressed with the in-depth conversations I over heard between students, this helps to remind adults that we need to slow down sometimes because students really need time to dig deeper !

Next Thursday is Valentine’s Day! Please remember, if your child chooses to bring Valentines to school please make sure that you have one for each child to avoid hurt feelings. There is absolutely no pressure to bring anything! A notice will be sent home Monday with all of our friends’ names if you would like to write them on your valentines.

Next week is “Real Acts of Caring Week” help your child think of things they could do to make the world a better place!

Remember to return:

-Young Actors form and money

-report-card envelopes

-Getting to know your child forms sent home in January


Next week in Div. 14!

Sight word of the week- to, my

Math strategy of the week-part-part-whole (as in part plus part equals whole)


Monday -Jocelyn from Vancity to visit to teach us about money!

-gym-please wear runners

Tuesday -library with Ms. Vlaskic 


Wednesday -music with Mr. TDS

-Valentine’s Day art

Thursday -Valentine’s Day! wear red, white and pink!

-library book exchange

-gym- please wear runners

Friday -Friday family reading- Everyone welcome!

-math- part-part-whole

-Music with Mr. TDS

-Popcorn Friday!

Have a snowy weekend everyone!

Welcome February!

Hello Friends and Families of Div.14!

I can’t believe that it is February all ready! February is going to be a busy month so get ready!

Wednesday we will be participating in Global Play Day! This is a fantastic initiative to remind the world of the importance of play. In our busy lives children have less and less time to have unstructured play and research is showing that this is having negative effect on children’s mental health. So we are doing our part to bring back play! If you are interested in watching a very interesting TED talk on this subject click here!

I am looking for volunteers to make some play dough at home! Each month I like to have fresh (and germ free!) play dough in the class for us to use to play and learn. If you can help please let me know!

Sight word of the week-to, a

Math strategy of the week- using a 10 frame to add

 Next week in Div. 14…

Monday -gym-please wear runners

-Did the groundhog see its shadow??

-Art-paper lanterns

Tuesday -library with Ms. Vlaskic 

-Chinese new year!

Wednesday -Global day of play! Play all day!

-music with Mr. TDS

Thursday -library book exchange

-gym- please wear runners

Friday -Friday family reading- Everyone welcome!

-Music with Mr. TDS

-popcorn Friday!


-please return report card envelopes!

Literacy week was a blast!

Hello Friends and Families of Div. 14!

Thank you for sticking with me while I got our class site up and running this week! Please subscribe to make sure you know when I post an update! I will be posting a least once a week with information about what we did in the last week and what is coming up the following week. If you ever have any questions about what I’ve posted feel free to email me or catch me at the classroom door!

We had so much fun celebrating literacy week this week! We shared poems, did drop everything and read, had a guest reader, and a reading picnic! We also got to meet Alison Gear the author of Tann’s Moons and learn all about how she was inspired to write her story as well as how the felt images were created. We also got to take a piece of wool home!

Today you might have noticed that your child has brought home a coloured traffic light! This is a tool we use at school to support students being socially responsible members of our class!

Green-go behaviour! This is when children are doing exactly what they should be. They are rockn’ the class rules and being kind to their friends!

Red-stop behaviour! This is when the child is making a choice that hurts someone’s body, hart, or stops others from learning. This behaviour needs to stop right away.

Yellow-slow down behaviour! This is the reminder for student to stop and think about what they are doing. Are the helping or hurting the class. The student then gets to choose, am I going to change my behaviour to green light or continue and make a red light choice.

Blue ribbon-wow behaviour! This is extra special! Blue ribbon is when someone goes above and beyond the call of duty. This might look like helping out a friend in need or cleaning up without being asked!

If you have any questions about our traffic light system please let me know!

Next week in Div. 14…

Sight word of the week-for

Math strategy of the week-addition using tally marks


Monday NO SCHOOL-Pro-d day
Tuesday -library with Ms. Vlasick


Wednesday -music with Mr. TDS

-art project

Thursday – Beach day -spirit day!

-library book exchange

-school assembly in the afternoon

Friday -Friday family reading- Everyone welcome!

-music with Mr. TDS

-star of the week-almost done!


  • please return your report card envelops, we will need them again for next term
  • communication envelopes- please return these each day to help students stay organized with their papers. If yours is completely lost please let me know and I will make you a new one!

Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend!!


Congratulations! You have found our class website!! Please subscribe to ensure you have the most up to date information about what is happening in our class and school!

Literacy week!

*Remember* Friday is wear a word day! Please have your children wear as much clothing with words on them as possible! Also, children are allowed to bring a stuffed animal to do some reading with!

Please return your literacy week bingo cards by Friday!!

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