Speech “body” due Monday

Finish drafting your persuasive speech for Monday. Don’t forget to use Arial 14 and double space your work to leave room for revisions and editing.

Come to our Zumba Performance

Starts at 1:30 PM. All welcome!

Reminder–French Quiz tomorrow!

Know your colours in French. Spelling and comprehension counts!

A time of reflection…

First 3 students with a different quote from King to share with the class gets a pick of the prize box.

  • Kristina is the first and only to deliver a quote today.
  • Camille and Ira are the second and third winners.
  • Click on Kidz stuff to learn which quotes they sent.

See me tomorrow to claim your prizes.

Practicing the “Writing Process”

We are in the midst of drafting and revising our introduction to our speeches for the speech competition. Our class is learning about the importance of revising our work to make improvements in our writing.

Guess who’s using Inquiry-Based Learning?

The Burnaby District Speech Competition is coming!

This year’s topic is HEROISM.  Grade 7’s will be competing on a district-wide level. Our class will be competing in class this month and finals will be in the gym in February. All parents are welcome to watch and support our speakers.

Grade 6 Math test Monday

Math 6 Quiz Tomorrow

Grade 6 Quiz on Show What You Know; study p 188-189 at home

Dance Lessons Start Soon!

Please pay $5 on-line or by cheque. The exact amount in cash will be accepted. Thank you for your cooperation.