Planner for Oct. 18th


We were furiously working today so we ran out of time.  There assignment was to take an adult onto the blog to check the planner

Photo retakes are on the 20th

Paint is washable, sorry,

Library Wednesday

Spelling Friday

Friday the 22nd is Pro d.

We have started a new online program, Epic Books.  You google the site and then go in with the code npq3945.  Then they find their avatar and do the assigned reading.  It is due Friday.  Thank you.


Vocabulary Part 2

Hi everyone,

I have put the new words under vocabulary tab.  I have given the students their copy in their planner.

If you want another hardcopy, or your child loses theirs they should be able to get another copy from here the website, but if this is challenging please get them to let me know they need a paper copy from me.  This time, a  few students told me they did not have the sheet, and do not know how to get onto my website.  I will show them how this week, as well.

The quiz will be 24 to 37 in 2 weeks, Wednesday October 27th.  Spelling quiz is every Friday.  Unless pro d or sick, then please quiz them.

Thank you

Ms. D

Spelling Words their Way

Hi everyone,

I gave out the spelling words yesterday.  The quiz is October 8th. I will try and do spelling tests every Friday.  If your child is away that day or it is a Pro D day, please quiz them at home and send the quiz to school.

The idea behind WTW is that there are ways to familiarize yourself with the words.  You will notice on the sheet there are combinations that say in bold CVC, CVVC VCV, these are categories.  They stand for, eg. Consonant Vowel Consonant.  Your child should cut the words out, and then sort them under these categories.  They may also have categories that have sounds such as short a and o or long a or o.  Then they will notice that oa may fit under the long o category.  They can sort the words as many ways as they like.  Other suggestions are: define the words if you do not know them, use the words in a sentence just by saying them to a parent, rhyme the words, trace the words on someone’s back or on their back with a finger, see if they can guess them.  The idea is to get them to see patterns, or have a little fun with words,  some children have difficulty memorizing.

In primary, teachers usually set aside time to do this word play during the day.  In intermediate it is a struggle to fit it in, therefore it is the student’s homework.  If you have any questions at all, please let me know.



I have posted the Vocabulary under the vocabulary tab.  The list that was there before was the old Vocab.  A student mentioned their parent had printed it, and I panicked.  Thank goodness he mentioned it!!  Thanks.

Just to be clear, it is the first 11 words, and just read them through a few times.  They will be provided with a word bank, and I will read out the definitions.  Thank you.  We will do the vocab challenge on Thursday September the 23rd.