Me again already!! Hamlet!

I finally got all the videos uploaded.  They are in teams.  I may try and put a name to each of them so you know which one is which.

Please check back in a day as I will likely upload Nutcracker in its current state.  Still fun to look at.

I put all the videos in the music and dance section on the left hand side.

Ms. D.

Tomorrow at the Park Weather Permitting


We are going to try to go to the park tomorrow afternoon if the weather is ok.  Please bring sunscreen, hats, towel, change of clothes?  If students are sharing snacks, I would like it to be between a couple of friends.  Not having tons of hands in one bag.  They can bring their water guns, but are not to fill them before school, spray anyone before school, and I would prefer they were in a bag that does not show them.

Thank you.


B.C. Lions tickets child free with adult ticket purchase.



Just a few things about tomorrow May 12th.

Assembly please wear sweat pants and if you have long socks or knee socks.  Bring them.  Witches please wear a black shirt preferrably a hoodie.

Swimming is after lunch.  Here are some reminders.

If you have a pass then please bring it.  If you do not then bring 3.15$  they will check passes or need money at the pool.

Bring a plastic bag for wet clothes.  If it is raining dress for the weather.  Do not bring extra money for the vending machines as they will not be able to buy snacks and we do not want to deal with lost money etc.  It is a good idea to bring an extra snack for after the pool as many get hungry.  Thank you.  email me if there are any questions.  I often check my email in the evening, especially with something like this.



The Duolingo idea has not been very successful, sorry about that. Just playing around today to see how I can help. I screen shot this, this should take ypu straight to code. You enter class code: vunyvb.
Try it see if you can work it out.
Im using my phone. Perhaps try from a phone or a tablet?



Today I handed out scripts to groups.  I asked the Hamlet group to be ready for Monday.  I mean for them to be ready for the following Monday, this is April 25th.  Romeo and Juliet will be the 27th, Midsomer’s night dream the 28th, and Macbeth the 29th.

We will have our Spelling quiz on April 22nd, and Table Towers on the 21st.  There will be a French Test on April 25th, which I told them about a week ago.  They need to know their numbers 1 to 40, alphabet, colours, weather and season.  The weather will be a matching game, so will colours, numbers and alphabet will be an oral test.

There is some vocab due for the body systems, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems.  I also sent home math with some students that was due today.  Students should have their words written down and in their backpacks.

Thank you.  Some students are still working to develop respondibility for handing in work on time :).  Please check with your child if he or she has completed everything.