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Happy Fall 2019

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  • Welcome to Div.2 a wonderful, creative, active group of grade 7s at Kitchener Elementary. It was wonderful meeting all your parents and learning about their hopes and dreams for your last year in elementary school.  I look forward to getting to know each one of you and helping you achieve your full potential. 

We have had a great beginning. I will periodically post pictures and information here. Later I will pose questions for you to answer, as we begin to practice safe use of social media. 







Fieldtrip to Burnaby Lake and Pipers Lagoon on Wednesday Oct.9

Please return signed permission slips ASAP

  • Mrs. Cramb

April started with wonderful summer like weather.  We are now getting the expected April showers which will bring May flowers!

We have lots of learning activities planned for term 3.  Watch for a newsletter coming home this week from your teachers outlining some of our highlights. 

Always remember to read everyday.  Reading helps us learn but first we have to learn how to read so we are focusing on continuing to develop our vocabulary and decoding skills with a focus on understanding the meaning of the written word.  One of my favourite authors is Dr. Seuss.  His early stories demonstrate how fun it can be to play with words and make up silly words.  His longer stories have important messages in them.  Try taking a Seuss book out of the library for fun.  Then read it over and over again!  You can click here to find a link to some more fun activities such as games and challenges.  

Dear parents, 

We wrote about spring break today and all of us are going to different places and we are all excited. We have also been doing “Mind Up” and we learned about some parts in our head called neurons. We are getting better at reading and writing. We get better at writing by reading, and get better at reading by writing.  We’ve been calming down our minds with Ms. Morrello.  Everyone loves doing mind up. 

We had” Primary days of Music” on Monday and on Tuesday we had Food Around The World,”.  On Thursday, we had teachers vs grade 7 students in basketball, and the teachers won. We also learned about salmon and the stages of a salmon.  Salmon are very interesting to learn about.  Our  class made arcade games, Anabelle, Suri, Kailey & Milica did a game called ” Spring Ball”.  Joelle, Emma & Levi made a game and its called “Flick  Ball.”

By guest bloggers:  Anabelle and Joelle

We hope everyone does something interesting, is helpful to others and safe during the break!  See you all on April 1st.  We can’t wait to hear everyone’s highlights!

































Happy Valentines Day!

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Thank you parents for all the lovely treats you sent for today. We had a good balance of healthy veg, cheese and crackers, yogurt and of course chocolate in many forms😁. The students had fun sharing  their cards and treats as well as playing some group games for the last hour of our day. 

We have also been treated to a lot of snow this week! Yesterday we took some extra recess time to learn about how we can built things in the snow such as towers, castles and sculptures. It was a great opportunity to use their imaginations and try different things. 

Check back for more snow photos!

Feb. 4, 2019

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Dear Parents and Guardians for Div. 8, 

Happy Chinese New Year! 

We have 2 celebrations coming up. Chinese New Year (Tuesday) and Valentine’s Day (Thursday 14th).  Mrs. W-R will be organizing some Chinese New Year’s activities and I will be organizing for Valentine’s Day. 

On  the afternoon of Thursday Feb 14th, we will exchange valentine cards and share special treats if students wish to bring something. I have attached a list of our students’ names to ensure no one is missed. We have 21 students currently in our class. Please try to include a fruit or vegetable and less sugar if you choose to send something to share. Please do not send drinks as we are encouraging the children to just drink water as it so important for our bodies.  

Many thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions please feel free to drop in or send us an email.

Mrs. Cramb, Mrs. W-R

Maria Jo Darren Suri Kailey
Thalia Emma Levi Chris  
David Aika Abhay Rin  
Eldar Milica Joelle Anabelle  
Nikki Ryan Daniel Luiza  

January 2019

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Hi everyone!  We can’t believe we are approaching the end of the month already! The Christmas break flew by and the children all came back energized and seem to have grown a lot too! Must have been all that sleeping in late 😁.

Today Victoria came and taught us about saving money. Everyone made their own piggy bank. We discussed ways the children get or earn money and how hard it can be to save. Please help your child learn to save by earning money for doing chores around the house and seting a goal for something they would like to buy. When the time comes, just open the piggy bank with a can opener! 

Cardboard Everywhere!

Another highlight this week was some of the students had their cardboard arcade games ready to test. Some are very close to being finished! Amazing how they have turned ideas into reality. Some are still designing planning or just creating – it’s all fine! They have really developed their skills communicating and listening to each other, problem solving and accepting feedback on how to improve their project.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our Salmon eggs last Friday. We will go and visit and peek at them once in awhile to watch them change. We started to learn about the salmon lifecycle today. We are also developing our understanding of the importance of water and the water cycle. This week we discussed how to not waste water such as by turning off the tap while brushing our teeth. Stay tuned for more info!  (more…)

Dear families,
Last night we had our Christmas concert, we were all nervous and scared,but it all was amazing.
Your kids are wonderful in school. They are great helpers in the class. We do language arts and we are leaning about maps. We learned about the world, continents, British Columbia, North America and Burnaby.  I wonder what will we learn next. We have sharing which is called VIP! We have art around the room, like daffodil bulbs and art from the Vancouver art gallery, which was really fun! We all love to do art and write, we do social studies. Some students do Today’s news. I loved talking with you!

written by Anabelle

December is here!

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We have had a very busy November.  We have lots going on. The students have really enjoyed working with DASH and DOT our robots.  As well, they have been learning about different kinds of motion and how to do experiments to learn about how things move. They  are spending more time writing stories and improving their reading skills. In math we have been working on understanding numbers to 1000. This past week we started to better understand estimation and when it is helpful to estimate rather than know exact answers.  Also the children love to spend time with their little buddies.  We usually visit them after lunch on Thursdays to read books or help them with their printing.  The children are also enjoying more tech time.

We have two computers in the classroom which the students have used to watch the bears on Grouse Mtn, while they prepare to hibernate.  You can access the webcam here. 



This month, our VIP sharing is personal choice. Please help your child prepare for his or her day.  

Other notes:
– If it is raining and your child wears boots to school, please ensure they have a pair of runners for using in the gym for their own safety and comfort.
– Thank you for supporting our book fair! I am happy to report Ryan in our class won the draw for free books for him and the class. I will be sharing our new books on Wednesday.
Christmas giving– We know Christmas can be very expensive.  We discussed this with the students and they have decided that rather than each of them giving each other xmas gifts we can help animals who are unable to help themselves.  They would like to donate to a charity for rescuing animals (Caarerescue). Please feel free to donate $1 if you wish, we will also collect old towels as these can be helpful as well.

  • PLEASE NOTE Christmas Concert is Thursday December 13.  1:30 pm and 7:00pm. Please make sure you have requested your tickets for the evening performance if you need them.  


Thank you parents for supporting our trip to the art gallery especially those who accompanied us. The students loved the adventure getting there by translink. All were excited to see the works in the gallery of the artists they had studied.

As well we are very proud of how well the students sat quietly and attentively in our Rembrance Day assembly on Friday. We hope you enjoyed some special family time this weekend.

Watch for a notice coming home about how to support your child’s learning with “Words Their Way”.

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