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CONTACT the Teacher:

tara.cordy-simpson@burnabyschools.ca    Room B317


Teacher Timetable – Semester #1:

Period 1 – Science 8 (room B317)

Period 2 – Biology 11 (room B317)

Period 3 – Science 8 (room B317)

Period 4 – Science 8 Enriched (room B317)


Will be used in the classroom at the teacher’s direction. It is strictly prohibited to use smartphones for telephone calls, messaging, gaming, or social media during class time.


On the quizlet.com website, students can create online flashcards for self-testing themselves. Self-testing is one of the most time efficient ways to study. Students should set up their own account. If using an iPhone or iPad to access quizlet.com, then students can use the speaker function to dictate the definitions instead of typing it all in. Uploading images/photos is also great for students that enjoy using visuals to learn.



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