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tara.cordy-simpson@sd41.bc.ca    Room B304

Instagram:  IgniteTheScienceSpark (i don’t reply to messages to this account

Teacher Timetable – Semester #1:

Period 1 – Biology 11 (room B304)

Period 2 – Biology 11 (room B304)

Period 3 – PREP block (no class) / AVPA Co-ordinator

Period 4 – Science 9 (room B312)


Will be used in the classroom at the teacher’s direction. It is strictly prohibited to use smartphones for telephone calls, messaging, gaming, or social media during class time.


  • Unplanned absences due to illness or emergency MUST be called into the school before 8:30am. Parents must also submit an email to tara.cordy-simpson@ds41.bc.ca detailing the date of their child’s absence. Students are still expected to keep up with the work missed through the website and contact the teacher if necessary by email. Many lessons include inquiry, collaboration, communication and the development of lab skills which you need to consider carefully when deciding to excuse an absence. 
  • Excused absence on a quiz day will mean the quiz is exempted; however, that student will miss that learning opportunity as well as their ability to replace their quiz average with their test score for that unit. 
  • Students excused on a Test day unless the absence is due to a school activity, missed Tests will be written on the following dates after school for each term; Oct 15, Nov 15, Dec 13, Jan 17. An email from the parent to the teacher stating that they are aware that you are missing a test and a reason for the absence must be received as well as advising the school of the absence. If the students are unable to write on those dates, they must speak to the teacher.
  • Planned or Elective Absences –  Please note that this is not recommended and that missing class does impact students progress in achieving course outcomes. Students must advise their teacher and parents must advise the school in advance. Missed formal assessments can be written on the dates listed above, missed quizzes will be exempted and missed assignments will be due upon the students return. 
  • ‚ÄčIf a student is absent for more that 20 classes in the year, excused or unexcused, then they may not be able to meet all of the requirements of the course objectives. The new curriculum competencies require students to participate in ways that can not be assessed or replicated from home. Alternative programming may be suggested. 

Google Classroom

Each student will be given an account within Google Classroom where they can upload their assignments/projects. 


On the quizlet.com website, students can create online flashcards for self-testing themselves. Self-testing is one of the most time efficient ways to study. Students should set up their own account. If using an iPhone or iPad to access quizlet.com, then students can use the speaker function to dictate the definitions instead of typing it all in. Uploading images/photos is also great for students that enjoy using visuals to learn.



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