Ma8 Ch 2 Ratios and Rates

Math 8 Textbook Ch 2.1 Ratios,   Ch 2.2 Rates,   Ch 2.3 Proportional Reasoning , Ch 2 Review, Ch 2 Practice Test


Oct 10 – Ch2 Get Ready and Ch2.1 Ratios Notes.  Homework is P51 #5-20,

Oct 12 – Scale Diagrams, Rates Notes.

Oct 16 – Went over the Ch 3 Test.  

Oct 18 – More Rates Notes and Proportional Reasoning Stretch #1

Oct 23 – Notes on Proportional Reasoning Stretch #2, Car Assignment, and Fuel Conversion.  Quiz next class!

Oct 25 – We did the Ratios Rates Quest, after going over some notes on Proportions vs Unit Analysis.  Homework is to do the 2013 AMC!


Went over the Powers and Exponents test. Homework is to start preparing for the Term 1 Exam by reviewing your handed back tests, quizzes, homework, and do the chapter reviews.

Nov 23 – More Rates and Proportions Notes.  Homework is the Chapter 2 Review and Proportional Reasoning Stretches

Coming up…  Ch 2 Ratios Quest on Tuesday, N0v 28 and Term 1 Exam on Thursday, Nov 30

Dec 6 – CNML answers and Car Assignment stuff

We’re starting the next chapter on Percents.  Move on to the next chapter!




Last year’s Notes:

CH 2.1 Ratios and Scale Diagrams Notes

– Ch 2.2 Rates Notes

– Car Fuel Calculations

Gas Problem and Currency Exchange

Similar Triangles

Proportional Reasoning Stretch, More Similar Triangles,

Review for Test



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