This was a directed drawing art project we worked on for Thanksgiving. We used crayons and watercolours to create the turkeys. The class created unique turkeys using different background colours and designs for the body and feathers.





Feathers of Hope and Orange Shirt

National Truth and Reconciliation day is on September 30th.  We read the story “You Hold Me Up” by Monique Grey Smith and Danielle Daniels.  As a class we discussed how different people in our lives hold us up. The class came up with different words about how we should feel (e.g. loved, gratitude, and hopeful).  The students at school created “Feathers of Hope” as part of our journey towards reconciliation. The feathers are displayed in the classrooms and hallways.



Div. 12 also created their own orange shirt design in honour of children who attended residential schools. We read numerous books and had many discussions about residential schools. The students made connections to the stories and drew pictures of children wearing colourful clothes, playing with each other, being able to grow long hair, and living in safe homes.

STEM challenge


Check out our first STEM challenge!

Students were given red cups, string, rubber bands, and pompoms. Their goal was to work together to create a tall tower without touching the cups with their hands. When they were done, they had to place a pompom on top. Division 12 had a lot of fun coming up with different ways to build a tower without touching the cups.



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