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The Gingerbread Man

We have started to explore the different versions of  The Gingerbread Man and we are learning to retell a story using the beginning, middle and ending.  I read The Gingerbread Man adapted by Mara Alperin and the students retold it in their own words.  I recorded their retelling and we made a story map of the Gingerbread Man.  They had a great time acting out and repeating the main phrases in the story.  We hope you enjoy our recording of the retelling and the pictures we did to make our story map look like the real story.  Click here to listen!

Please enjoy this YouTube video of the story we read together!

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!

In Division 12 we have been studying patterns.  We have been learning that patterns must have a “core”  that repeats.  A pattern can have two or three or more different parts in the core.  We have discovered that patterns are all around us, in the classroom, on our clothes and in books and songs.  Developing a strong concept of pattern is an essential step in preparing for future learning in many subject areas including literacy and math.  

We strive to help the children discover and make patterns in as many ways as possible.  One day last week, we went on a pattern walk and studied the school ground to see patterns in the outside environment.  The children wanted to say this:

“We are good at finding and making patterns.  How do you like the patterns that we found outside?  All of the patterns that we found are beautiful.   We were looking all around the school ground for patterns that were repeating and they have a core.  We found lots of patterns but we did not find all of them, patterns are all around us.” 

Please take the time to talk about patterns in your environments at home.  Can your child create any patterns with materials you have at home?

Here is a short video that we used at school to introduce pattern ideas to the children.  They enjoy seeing it again, so you can share it at home too!

Thank You!

Division 12 has been thinking about what we are thankful for.  We sang a song called Thank You and we read The Thankful Book by Todd Parr.  Each of us thought about something we are thankful for.

We would like to share our “Thank You” ideas with you:


Here is the song we learned this week.  You can sing it together!



Welcome to Division 12’s blog!

Dear families,

We would like to introduce you to our class blog!  We will use the blog from time to time to share some of our learning stories with you.  It is a super exciting way to let you in on some of the things we do as a class.  When there is a new blog post you will receive a notification and you can go to the blog and read about what has been happening.  As well, we appreciate any comments, words of encouragement or questions that you may have. 🙂 

 Attached to the blog page you will notice a menu item called ePortfolios.  I will be sharing each child’s learning journey this year through a private ePortfolio.  This is very important because it will play a large part in the reporting of student progress this year.  Simply sign in with your email as the username and choose the “Lost my password” option to select a password for the account.   Make sure you remember the password you choose, because it will be the same one you use each time you access your child’s ePortfolio.  As with the blog, you will receive a notification to the email on file when there is a new ePortfolio post for your child.

Username: email currently on file at school    PW: select your own through “lost my password” option.

I encourage you to view both the blogs and ePortfolios with your child.  If you or your child have any comments or questions while viewing the portfolio or blog, please include them in the comment box.  it would be wonderful to see thoughtful conversations about student learning and growth on an  ongoing basis.


Ms. Brnjac