Winter Break

A pancake breakfast, a visit from Santa and a school-wide game of BINGO were all wrapped into our last day of school before winter break. As well as, gingerbread making, ornament creating, and apple spice mixes for our lovely parents.  Thank you for the Christmas Party treats and all of the thoughtful presents!

Wishing you all a safe and restful winter break. I hope that you are able to enjoy some time with your family and friends this season. All the best for a wonderful year ahead.

I will see you in 2018! (January 8th).

Grade 1 Math

Dear Families,

We have been busy learning new math concepts at school, home practice is also needed.  This does not consist solely of completing math worksheets or homework from school.  This includes having discussions with your child about math.  Here are a few links to assist you with building math fluency.

This term we have been focusing on these key learning targets,
Patterns Unit
By the end of this unit, your child should be able to:
-explore repeating patterns with multiple elements and attributes.
-identify sorting rule, repeating patterns, letter coding patterns, patterns using visuals, and numerical patterns.

Number Sense Unit

-understand ways to make 10
-demonstrate change in quantity to 20 concretely and verbally
-explore the meaning of equality and inequality



Living vs Non Living

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As part of the Science Curriculum and the “Big Ideas”, we have learning that living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment. Students are expected to know the classification of living or non-living things. I … Continue reading

Forming Reading Buddies with Our Buddy Class

​This week our Grade One students began to practice their reading skills in order to develop the required reading fluency. To compliment reading to self, reading to a peer or to a teacher, they continue to practice their role as reading buddies to our Grade 4-5 students.

​Our students look forward to hosting their reading buddies. Their main goal is to exhibit an increasing love of reading, as well as a pride in their constantly developing reading skills.

​As our Grade One students read and listen to their older readers, they model good reading and listening practices. In addition, their self-esteem increases, as they continue to feel more positive about their ability to read and guide their reading buddies.

Our buddy visits will be ongoing with the hope that our younger and older students form deeper connections with one another and continue to nurture a mutual interest in reading.


Now that our morning tub routines are underway and our behavior expectations are in place. 

Here is a look at our creative thinking skills! (A cube, a Ferris wheel, Olympic rings, a train, a crown, house building, teddy bear patterning.  Stay tuned for more pictures! 

Core Competencies and Creative Thinking

Grade 1-Creative Thinking, I get ideas when I play and explore.  I try a new idea when something doesn’t work.

Hands-On Morning Tubs will benefit you and your students in a multitude of ways, including the following:

– Promotes Socialization

– Gives Students Choice

– Creates a Positive Classroom Environment

– Thinking Outside the Box

– Collaborative Learning

– Provides Opportunities for Play

Show and Tell

Dear Div. 4 students,

Just a reminder we will begin our show and tell this coming Monday!  I am looking forward to everyone’s presentations.  


Welcome Back!

I would like to welcome everyone back from what I hope was an enjoyable yet relaxing summer. I am very much looking forward to teaching GRADE 1 this school year! We are going to have an exciting year where the students will learn many new and interesting things.

Please feel free to contact me at the school or by email if you have any other questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting all of you during the first few weeks of school!

ISKWEW Singers

On Friday afternoon at Stoney Creek Community School we enjoyed a performance by, a Vancouver based Iskwew Singers (pronounced is-kway-yo and meaning woman in the Cree language) create and perform songs in the plains tradition. Their voices join in gorgeous harmonies to present a beautiful repertoire of ancient and new songs set to the heartbeat of mother earth heard from their hand drums. Their songs tell stories of our connection to the earth, to the Creator and to one another.  Their message is one of community and the celebration of culture of their peoples who have survived the impacts of colonization.


December Shenanigans

It was an action packed last few days of school before winter break.  Sing-a-long in the gym + pancake breakfast + gingerbread houses + falling snow = serious excitement!  The gingerbread houses involved a lot of kids and supplies (900 graham crackers), a lot of icing (tub-fulls), a lot of candy (I mean A LOT of candy), a lot of fun and a lot of helping hands (thank you parents for bringing in the supplies and Mr. Lathigee’s class for their helping hands!).  The children enjoyed building forts in the freshly fallen snow!