Ideas and Designs

These past couple of weeks we have been looking at creating our bear totem pop-out art project.  I began by showing the class the bear graphic, we coloured using primary colours.  The bear symbolizes strength and leadership.  The artist Clarence Mills is the artist who created the bear graphic.

Then, we cut out the bear.  Once the bear was cut out, we thought about our ideas to make the bear pop out of the plate.  We brainstormed ideas, such as using accordion folds, using pipe cleaners in a spiral shape, pipe cleaners with zigzags, we used a variety of materials to make their pop out.

We had class time to create their bear pop out, we then shared their finished artwork.  Here is a link to a video on Clarence…


Applied Design, Skills and Technologies

In an age of prepackaged toys, it is important to provide opportunities for young children to ‘tinker’ with a variety of materials.

Loose parts, recycled and natural materials and a selection of tools enables the children to problem solve, experience failure, experiment with trial and error, and use their imaginations to create in innovative ways. Tinkering develops spatial and rotational abilities, which are important to both geometry and engineering. More importantly, human beings are natural makers of things. Tinkering provides opportunities for the children to learn to be resourceful and develop confidence as they fix and make things with their hands.

For term 3, we will be focusing on making and creating things with our hands.  The learning focus will be on ideating (forming new ideas or concepts), making, and sharing. We have started the term off with creating walking robots.

St Patrick’s Day Themed Morning Tubs and Slime

During our last week before Spring Break our Morning Tubs focused on creating leprechaun traps, writing a St. Patrick’s Day book, and building a hoop flyer.  Morning tubs is a worksheet free way to engage students in the morning. It is a great way to practice fine motor skills, review previously learned skills, and practice those ever important socialization skills.

We have also been learning about solids, liquids and gases from our Matter unit.  It is useful because of its properties.  These questions to support inquiry with students have been discussed while completing hands on experiments with slime and root beer floats:
o What makes the properties of matter
o How do the properties of materials help
connect to the function of materials? 

Our unit on Community Helpers has also been completed.  A big thank -you to the volunteers that came in and discussed their jobs and how it meets the needs in our community.  Here are a few photos of our Financial Literacy activities, slime making, and piggy bank creating.


This term we conducted our first experiment. We wrote down predictions of what we thought would happen with the bar of soap. Then we placed the soap in the Microwave. We drew pictures and wrote some words. How to make a Cloud Directions: 1) Place a piece of wax paper in the microwave.hen put unwrapped bar of IVORY soap on top. 2) Microwave for 90 seconds. Then remove.

This is what our cloud looked like!



Graphing and Literacy Week

Since returning from the holidays we have begun some new units. Last week we began exploring bar graphs and how to interpret and answer questions about them. Students have been, and will continue to explore, different materials to see what types of graphs they can make.

During our Literacy week we had a special visitor our Aboriginal Resource Teacher come and visit our classroom. There was a lot of excitement, especially after reading the book about the Coast Salish community called, “P’eska and the First Salmon Ceremony”. After reading the story we discussed, the importance of Salmon to this community pre-contact. We then created a mural to compare images/pictures and or descriptions of the Sts’ailes community then and now. Stay tuned for photos of our mural!


Winter Break

A pancake breakfast, a visit from Santa and a school-wide game of BINGO were all wrapped into our last day of school before winter break. As well as, gingerbread making, ornament creating, and apple spice mixes for our lovely parents.  Thank you for the Christmas Party treats and all of the thoughtful presents!

Wishing you all a safe and restful winter break. I hope that you are able to enjoy some time with your family and friends this season. All the best for a wonderful year ahead.

I will see you in 2018! (January 8th).

Grade 1 Math

Dear Families,

We have been busy learning new math concepts at school, home practice is also needed.  This does not consist solely of completing math worksheets or homework from school.  This includes having discussions with your child about math.  Here are a few links to assist you with building math fluency.

This term we have been focusing on these key learning targets,
Patterns Unit
By the end of this unit, your child should be able to:
-explore repeating patterns with multiple elements and attributes.
-identify sorting rule, repeating patterns, letter coding patterns, patterns using visuals, and numerical patterns.

Number Sense Unit

-understand ways to make 10
-demonstrate change in quantity to 20 concretely and verbally
-explore the meaning of equality and inequality



Living vs Non Living

This gallery contains 7 photos.

As part of the Science Curriculum and the “Big Ideas”, we have learning that living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment. Students are expected to know the classification of living or non-living things. I … Continue reading

Forming Reading Buddies with Our Buddy Class

​This week our Grade One students began to practice their reading skills in order to develop the required reading fluency. To compliment reading to self, reading to a peer or to a teacher, they continue to practice their role as reading buddies to our Grade 4-5 students.

​Our students look forward to hosting their reading buddies. Their main goal is to exhibit an increasing love of reading, as well as a pride in their constantly developing reading skills.

​As our Grade One students read and listen to their older readers, they model good reading and listening practices. In addition, their self-esteem increases, as they continue to feel more positive about their ability to read and guide their reading buddies.

Our buddy visits will be ongoing with the hope that our younger and older students form deeper connections with one another and continue to nurture a mutual interest in reading.


Now that our morning tub routines are underway and our behavior expectations are in place. 

Here is a look at our creative thinking skills! (A cube, a Ferris wheel, Olympic rings, a train, a crown, house building, teddy bear patterning.  Stay tuned for more pictures!