Literacy Week

Literacy week is in full swing here at 2nd Street! Division 5 has been participating and having a great time doing it.

On Monday, we participated in “Drop Everything And Read”. We carried books with us, and whenever the bell rang, we stopped and read a book.

On Tuesday, many of our classmates dressed up as a character from a book. In our class we some famous characters such as Hermione Granger and a Hogwarts student from the Harry Potter series, Junie B. Jones from the popular books, as well as a few other characters. We also had the luck of getting 3 different guest readers! Ms. Sanders from the office, and two Cariboo students came to read different stories to us.

Today we participated in the reading picnic with our buddy class, Division 12. We have some pictures below! Everybody chose a book, and either got cozy and read beside a buddy, or read a book together. 

Tomorrow is “Poem in your pocket” day. Every student will get a poem, and throughout the day they will share that poem with different students from around the school.

Finally, on Friday, students are going to get a chance to bring home a book with Second Street’s famous Book Swap. We have been collecting donations of books that we are done with and no longer reading for the past week. These books will be set up in a “swap” where they will find a new home with a new student. We are still accepting donations, so please send us any books that could find a new home!  Friday is also “Wear some words” day. Please try your best to wear clothing that has some words on them!

Check out pics from our reading picnic!


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