Painting the New School Mural

Divison 5, along with the rest of the students of Second Street, had the opportunity to participate in designing and painting our new school mural. We have been working on the design and painting of our new mural for weeks! Using the school’s core competencies, we worked with some professional artists to draw and design images that represent our school. We used core competency ideas such as:

  • “We are a family; we care for each other, our community and our world”
  • “I value myself for who I am and appreciate others for who they are”
  • “I am responsible for my health and learning”
  • “I can express my ideas and listen to others”
  • “I will think first and then make good decisions”
  • “I can be creative”

Come see our new mural when you have the chance. It is located on the first floor. Enter through the main doors, turn right, and go down the ramp, and there you go!

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