The Hip Hop Assembly

On Friday afternoon, Division 5 will be performing as part of our school-wide Hip Hop dance unit. Every group has a theme, and our class (along with Div. 6) has been given an “Avengers” super hero theme. We will be performing on Friday afternoon and parents are welcome to come watch! For our performance, our class needs to dress in blue, green, or red tops with dark bottoms. Students have also been given permission to wear t-shirts that have Avengers on them (e.g. Thor, Capt. America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man) or Avengers costumes. Masks and weapons are not permitted for the performance, as they pose a safety risk while the students are dancing. All students must also wear runners. Please DO NOT purchase items if you do not have them at home. Send a note to Mr. Bhargava, and he will have a look to see, as we do have a few coloured t-shirts around the school for student use. Thank you for your help, and see you on Friday!


  • red, blue, or green top
  • dark bottoms
  • runners
  • Avengers t-shirts
  • Avengers costumes

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