Small Saul The Play

Our school’s yearly play is coming up next week! Div. 5 is part of cast 2, and will be playing a part of the navy. On the day of the dress rehearsal, and the night of the performance, if you could please have your child wear a black & white striped shirt. If you do […]

Skating Lessons start Monday

We will be taking part in skating lessons on Mar. 5, 7, and 16 with Ms. Farina’s class. Please make sure you arrive to school on time, as we will be walking to our lessons an hour before their scheduled starting time. We will return to the school by lunch time. All students must wear […]


Literacy Week

Literacy week is in full swing here at 2nd Street! Division 5 has been participating and having a great time doing it. On Monday, we participated in “Drop Everything And Read”. We carried books with us, and whenever the bell rang, we stopped and read a book. On Tuesday, many of our classmates dressed up […]


Painting the New School Mural

Divison 5, along with the rest of the students of Second Street, had the opportunity to participate in designing and painting our new school mural. We have been working on the design and painting of our new mural for weeks! Using the school’s core competencies, we worked with some professional artists to draw and design […]


The Hip Hop Assembly

On Friday afternoon, Division 5 will be performing as part of our school-wide Hip Hop dance unit. Every group has a theme, and our class (along with Div. 6) has been given an “Avengers” super hero theme. We will be performing on Friday afternoon and parents are welcome to come watch! For our performance, our […]


Dream Gingerbread Bedrooms

As part of our winter and holiday celebrations in class, we designed floor plans for a dream bedroom! Combining Art and ADST, we took some time and used bird’s eye view to create a floor plan for a dream bedroom. Then, we attempted to use these floor plans to build our gingerbread houses on Wednesday. Check […]


Reading with our Little Buddies

At school, Mr. Bhargava’s class has a little buddy class, Ms. Allcock’s class. Last Friday, we visited them, read books together, and coloured a little bit! We love reading, playing, and creating with our little buddies in Grade 1 and 2. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

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