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March 12, 2021
by Pat Bathurst

See You Later Aligator

We are all sad that Nozomi is leaving our class early this year.  At the same time we are excited for the adventures she will have in Japan over the next 4 months.

Have a wonderful time Nozomi!  We’ll see you in September.

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March 11, 2021
by Pat Bathurst

Term 2 for Div. 2

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of Term 2.  Where does the time go?

Everyday I give thanks for the amazing group of students I get to spend my days with.  We have created a classroom community that is caring, helpful, cooperative and respectful.  At the time of writing this I am looking out at students collaborating together as they spend time on their passion projects.

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This term we have been learning about the very distant past.  In fact we have been all the way back to 13.8 billion years ago when “The Big Bang” took place.  We learned about stars forming and then lighting up, the creation of all the elements of the periodic table and the creation of our solar system, our earth and moon 4.5 million years ago.  We also explored the evolution of our human species, starting with the discovery of Australopithecus dating back to 5 million years ago and move through Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neandertal and  Cro-magnon 10,000 years ago.  Your child’s learning might be the topic for a great discussion!

A wonderful event this term was hearing every student share their speech with the class.  For some this was an experience of stepping well out of their comfort zone.  I am so proud.  I think the students are too, which is the most important thing.  Congratulations to Tyler, Yolanda and Rachel who are our classroom representatives in a speech off with Gilmore students.  Also, congratulations to Chi, our grade 6 rep.

I hope everyone is able to make some family memories over the upcoming Spring Break.  Stay well, stay safe and stay connected.  I look forward to seeing you all rested and ready to take on our last term together, and for many, your last days at Taylor Park.

Be sure to check out your child’s new blog posts.  They love hearing your positive comments!

December 14, 2020
by Pat Bathurst

Div 2’s First Term

This has been an amazing first term. Students seem to be as pleased as I am to be back in the classroom. The days are flying by. So hard to believe that our first term has come to an end.
We began the term developing a classroom contract and building community. For the most part we have a wonderful community because it is filled with community builders.

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While things look different and we are not able to do many of the traditional activities, we have all adjusted quite well and many students are involved in extra-curricular activities where they can show off their leadership and performing skills.
Others are showing leadership by helping their peers and helping around the classroom.
I hope you enjoy visiting your child’s blogfolio to see some of the wonderful work he/she has been doing. I sure your child would appreciate and enjoy comments on their postings.
Thank you to everyone for your support and for the wonderful children you have raised. I am blessed to have this school year with them.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday and the very best in 2021!



March 27, 2020
by Pat Bathurst

Hoping you are all well

Greetings everyone,

I am sure this has not been the Spring Break you were hoping for or imagined.  These are unprecedented times and will no doubt present us with challenges.  I am awaiting instructions on how we can meet up via technology and what “school” will look like in the coming days.  I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have on what you’d like to see take place or what you’d like to learn about.  You can always comment on this blog or e-mail me at

I really hope you are all feeling well and coping well with our new reality.  If you or your family have any needs, please reach out.  You never know, I may be able to help or know of ways you can get support.

I miss you and look forward to our time together soon, whatever that looks like.

Much love,

Mrs. Bathurst

March 11, 2020
by Pat Bathurst

Term 2

This has been a fast paced term and students in Div. 2 have worked hard on their learning.  Much of their learning has been demonstrated through the completion of projects which they have shared with you on their blogs.  Please have a look and ask them to further describe their learning and experience.  I am sure they would love to receive a comment.  I wish you all a wonderful family time together over the Spring Break.

November 29, 2019
by Pat Bathurst

Thank you Mr. Borean

Today we have to say goodbye to our wonderful Student Teacher Mr. Borean.  He has added so much to our classroom and to our learning.  We will miss him but at the same time we are really excited for him as he embarks on his career as a fully qualified teacher.  We wish him the best.  Come visit Mr. Borean.

November 29, 2019
by Pat Bathurst


Div. 2 students have been excellent buddies this term.  They are working with Ms. Chan’s grade 2/3 class.  After

getting to know each other, they supported their buddies with weaving.  

October 21, 2019
by Pat Bathurst

First Steps in Creating Our Classroom Community

Instead of creating rules for the way we wanted our classroom to be, we started our year co-constructing a classroom contract.  The process was as follows:

Deciding what we wanted in our contract

  • In groups, students were given Y charts to fill in 3 categories.    1 section of the Y was for their thoughts on “What an Ideal Classroom Looks Like”, 1 section was for their thoughts on”What an Ideal Classroom Feels Like”, and 1 section was for their thoughts on “What an Ideal Classroom Sounds Like”.

After documenting their brainstorming,  students worked with their group to talk about and decide on the 3 qualities from their brainstorming that they thought were most important in creating an ideal classroom.

  • Each groups 3 most important qualities were gathered together.   Altogether we ended up with 10 qualities. 
  • To keep our contract manageable, students then individually placed a star beside their own 3 choices.  From the five qualities with the most stars, we chose our top 5 to focus on for our contract. In the end, students unanimously agreed that being safe, respectful, inclusive, clean and having fun were the top qualities that make for an ideal classroom.

Creating the contract

  • Students were divided into groups and each group of students worked on describing how we will take responsibility to ensure our classroom community has these qualities. 
  • The framework was:     We believe . . . therefore we will . . .   


  • Sonia and Sophia, our classroom visual display artists, then created this poster                                    
  • Students all signed the poster contract which proudly hangs in our classroom to remind ourselves how we want to be and what our responsibilities are.  

I am so proud of the way your children engaged in this activity and demonstrated their ability to use the core competencies of:

Critical thinking (Analysing the information created by the class in order to make personal judgements about their own values and, articulating their views while considering the views of others)

Communication (Engaging in conversation as listeners and contributors while seeking consensus)

Social Responsibility (collaborating effectively and demonstrating respect for and inclusion of differing perspectives)



Global Awareness – Our class experience

October 21, 2019 by Pat Bathurst | 0 comments

This term, your children have been engaging in curriculum that centers on the theme, Global Awareness.  In Social Studies and Language Arts they have been learning about the world, the declaration of human rights and the discrepancies inherent in the world due to issues like war, economics, government and the environment.  In Science they are participating in activities designed to develop their awareness of the environments around the world and the impacts of human beings on these environments.  The following blog is a window into a hands-on, minds-on activity that took place a week ago.  The activity was designed to create a  realistic outlook of the way in which people live around the world, broaden their perspective of the discrepancies within the right to adequate housing and to develop appreciation for what they have.

The set up:

  • Introduction to the basic human right of adequate housing and shelter.
  • Students were placed in groups with envelopes containing differing amounts of money ranging from $10.00 to $300.00.
  • Students were assigned the task of build a shelter using only the materials offered for sale.
  • Supplies were offered for purchase with the rule that money and materials could not be shared.
Popsicle Sticks $2.00 each
Glue Gun $5.00
Glue Sticks $2.00 each
Tape $ 1.00 (30 cm)
Scissors $3.00
Paper $1.00  (8X11)
  • Students planned their shelter and supplies (according to what they could afford) and began building.
  • After the completion of the buildings each group was given chess pieces to represent the number of people that would inhabit the shelter they built.
  • Following the activity the students engaged in a conversation around the following questions:
    • Did anyone have any specific challenges?
    • How many people live in each of your homes?
    • Which houses appear to be the most stable?
    • Which houses appear to be the most comfortable/spacious?
    • Who had the advantage?
    • What feelings came up for you during this activity?
    • What do you think this activity reveals about the world?


     The fruits of their labour.  A vivid representation of the challenges                                                                                             families face around the world when it comes to adequate housing.

Ask your child to share their experience and learning with you!